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Need help with Xbox live connectivity issues

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  • Need help with Xbox live connectivity issues

    Right I'm not afraid to admit that im completely clueless when it comes to computers, wireless networks etc etc which makes my current problem pretty damn hard to fix.
    Basically im currently living in my uni accomodation (off campus since its my second year) and we have a virgin wireless routert (thats all i know about it....) which has done a great job running the internet on my laptop. However when it comes to my xbox live connection, its a completely different story. The internet was working fine for two weeks, then suddenly it stopped working. I could connect to the wireless server but for some reason it wouldnt connect to the internet at all. I could take my xbox back to my parents place anmd it would connect to their internet fine, but not my uni internet, oh no, it seems to have an issue with that server that i just cant figure out. t5his went on for a further 3 weeks when it started to work again for another two weeks, only to stop working again. I have no idea why this keeps happening, ive gone through all of the suggested actions on and nothing has worked at all. it doesnt make any sense to me, my laptop has never had any issue with connecting to the internet the whole time ive been living with in my new place.

    If you guys could shed any light on to my current situation id greatly appreciate it.

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    Automatic vs Manual settings on for your IP and DNS settings on the 360, maybe?

    Might want to check that your 360 gets an IP handed to it by the Uni router and that it's within the same range as what your laptop's assigned and such. (Can see this info in the Settings -> network settings on the 360 and by running cmd in Windows and typing "ipconfig" there)

    Alternatively, you could just setup a network bridge on your laptop/PC, bridging your laptop's WiFi adapter to the network card on your laptop and hook up a cross cable between your 360 and laptop. That's how I did things when I brought my 360 and Wii with me to all sorts of places with fancy/dodge/stupid/secure network setups.


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      ive messed around with the automatic and manual setting on the xbox and Ive tried the cmd thing.

      How would i set up this bridge? the router is set up in one of my housemates room because that was the only place we could set it up.

      also cheers for your help, ive been pulling my hair out with this.


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        Don't worry, so long as you get a signal down there you should be fine.