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Alyson Court and Paul Mercier reunite?

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  • Alyson Court and Paul Mercier reunite?

    From Alyson's twitter:

    Back in T.O. safe & sound- lovely time with folks in Herkimer this weekend. Now prepping 4 work w/ the illustrious Paul Mercier- can't wait!
    My first impression was that it had to do with Operation: Raccoon City, but wasn't there some doubt that Paul was returning for Leon in that one? I'd also think that the voice recording for that game would be over by now.

    So then what project could it be? Kind of ironic that they'd pull a voice actor from L.A. and a voice actress from Toronto in a project since they've worked together on Degeneration and Darkside Chronicles as Claire and Leon.

    I have a few guesses.

    1. Paul is in ORC and it has to do with some type of ADR. Perhaps planned DLC or unfinished lines for the game itself.

    2. Damnation which could mean the return of Claire.

    3. RE6 because why not?

    I'd be bummed out if this was some entirely different project. I hope it's RE related.

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    Damnation or RE6. But more likely RE6, cuz all those recent news with voice actor revealed theirs roles.


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      I think it could be RE6, but I think the voice work is done by now, with all those actors listing it already. My guess is either unfinished lines for ORC, some kind of DLC or extra content for ORC or Damnation.


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        Involvement in Damnation discarded:!/acourtroom/sta...74993345478656


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          I sent Alyson a twit and she replied:!/acourtroom/sta...79146310402049

          @MrR0d Nope, not RE. Greetings! :-)


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            Loads blown over nothing, as usual.
            See you in hell.


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              Eh, no one got that excited this time. And it's still kinda cool to have those two working together.


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                Originally posted by Mr. Rod View Post
                I sent Alyson a twit and she replied:!/acourtroom/sta...79146310402049

                @MrR0d Nope, not RE. Greetings! :-)
                Well according to some, RE4 and RE5 weren't actual RE games. Thus it could be RE6!

                I kid. I wonder what project they're working on... maybe its a Comfy couch remake?

                BTW, does Paul Mercier do the Twitter thang as well?
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                  He hasn't updated his in a long time.