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The Berserk movie trilogy....

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  • The Berserk movie trilogy....

    Loved the manga, the tv series was pretty good, even though they only went with the first major story arc. Berserk is such an epic tragedy and revenge story though, I cant not want to see this.

    The movies however condensed they may be as they're going over chunks of the manga are fucking beautiful. I cant wait to see this film.

    Hope you guys know some Japanese because there are no English subs.

    First film hits Japan next month/ a few weeks.

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    Berserk is my all time favorite manga. I'm so freaking excited for these movies! They do indeed look absolutely gorgeous. I hope Gut's voice actor is the same one from the anime and games. I can't imagine hearing him any other way.


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      Isn't the same voice actor I"m afraid, they got Gackt doing Gutts voice I believe. I don't think that there are any returning voice actors from the tv series doing this, it HAS been 14 years since the Berserk anime was done.


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        Gackt?! The androgynous pop star? WTF?! I could see him voicing Griffith, but Guts?!

        It has been a long time, but damn. That's their best choice? Okay, I shouldn't complain. I should just be happy to recieve some Berserk goodness. *bites lip* >:I


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          I can't find the words to express how much I'm looking forward to this.


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            Oh, I heard about this a year or two ago, but didn't see anything come of it, so I really was under the impression the project was abandoned. I am so glad they are taking the time to revisit Berserk as I've always been quite fond of the anime. I had all the mangas up to issue 26 I believe, but I gave them to a friend since I noticed I was never reading them, and pretty much just flipped through them occasionally. I have quite a difficult time getting into manga for some reason.

            EEEE! I'm excited to see what they do with the Godhand.

            "What's that..."

            "...The very last tear you shed. When a person knows the deepest suffering one can bear...So deep...That the break free from their original self, their compassion dies."

            I used to watch that scene over and over again. I love that quote and I really hope they have it in this new version.

            Someone will definitely have to import this and let the rest of us know how it is. Is there any information on an American release date yet?
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