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  • Any inkers around here?

    I usually don't make request threads but I need some help. I'm a comic book writer and I came up with a story about six years ago. Instead of waiting around for someone else to draw it since all my artist buddies already have full plates (and because I've grown quite attached to it over the years) I just decided to draw it myself (terrible idea I know).

    I'm printing it in a graphic novel format, so there will be around 100 pages but around 10-15% of that will consist of text only. I'm alright at inking, but I simply don't have the time. I'm pushing for a print date around Christmas, and I started working on it last month. Seeing that I was laid off recently, I've had time to make a lot of progress.

    I feel that I could actually make the date if I had a inker to help me out. Obviously I can't pay you, since it might not make a profit and the print is going to cost a lot since I'm running it in color. You'll get your real (or username?) in the book, as well as my everlasting appreciation. Thanks guys.
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