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  • Pikminister
    Other than what Studio Ghibli does, I get very bored with anime.

    I only got into Dragon Ball and not much else. So... yeah.

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  • Wrathborne
    I grew up on anime in the late 80's.

    My favorite series are Bubblegum Crisis 2030(they never finished it, and fuck the 2040 tv series they made later),Berserk(even though they didnt finish it...not surprising as the manga is STILL going after 22 years), I also really like Detective Conan.

    The newer series I've grown fond of are Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, and 'Another'. Nothing like Horror anime to fill the staleness of whats become of Western horror in films.
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  • Dracarys
    Everything I find cheap ends up being crap usually, anime too expensive these days to buy at normal prices in hope of something good. I curse everyone who jumped on the anime bandwagon of the internet. In the 80s and early 90s is was so unpopular they needed sell it cheap or not at all. I have a loathing for unfinished stories also like Dark and so many anime series get made based on unfinshed stuff, never to get resumed.

    Someone recommend stuff please, any genre, old stuff or new, serious or stupid, just something with a finished story (or at least, a finished arc story and no cliffhanger).
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  • Darkmoon
    A thread with it's own mini rules page? I'm intrigued.

    I'm a huge fan of anime (See - Avatar), but I've got such a backlog of shit to get through right now...I have several Boxsets (soul Eater, Witch Hunter Robin, Blood+ (both series, I think) and a few I've likely forgotten. My problem is I hate having only parts of an anime, so I get the whole thing once it's done, which can be a challenge...

    I'm especially waiting for them to finish the new versions of Hellsing and Evangelion. I actually own both of the mangas for these as well, so I have a good idea what's gonna happen in Hellsing at least. Again, that's the whole manga...can't take piecemeal. For those, I shall clear my busy schedule.

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  • Mr. Spencer
    First of all, I approve of the banner. I like GitS, especially SAC. That's about the only contribution I have to make for this topic.

    Thanks, and have fun!

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  • AsteroidBlues
    started a topic The (Un)official Anime Discussion Thread

    The (Un)official Anime Discussion Thread

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    • No Flaming (No one wants to watch you flame others about how awesome Bleach is. To %98.738 of us, it just isn't.)
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    Super fun time space that might be used later...