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    Alright, assorted minions, here's where I need a favour. I'm looking to buy and set up something for my mother. She's badly disabled and simply cannot see my kids, her grandchildren, as often as she would like. We're talking can't walk or use one arm disabled. She has multiple sclerosis and arthritis. So have some sympathy, you sods.

    Basically, I've spent the last year trying to set up some way she can do voice chat. A computer's out - she hates them and refuses to use them so I'm looking for something lighter on the tech side of things.

    Much to my surprise my best option so far has been buying my mother a 360 and Kinect - the fact it can be controlled by yelling at it being a good thing (see one fully working hand - the other one tend to throw things at random) but it would mean buying an Xbox and two kinects, one for each of us. Also, getting my mother Xbox Live. Which is, frankly, just freaking odd. But I should be able to buy all three pretty cheap with some patient e-baying.

    Does anyone have a easier way to talk to my mother? That doesn't involve HD TV's that make my puny bank balance weep, I mean?