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  • Well, it would have been Spaihts first movie. At least in his script the dumb people were just "grunts", not scientists. I also prefer Lindelof's David. The last part of Spaiht' script is also very, very bad. The ultra-morph was not necessary. It's typically the kind of stuff that I (as a movie director lol) would have put in the extended version. Just like the deacon alien thing at the end of Prometheus. It's not necessary, get rid of it and put it in the bonus.

    So yeah, there's good and bad in all script and all versions of the movie. But it reinforces the vision I have of this project as being a poorly made patchwork. It was a mess. They should have started from scratch and make something really original instead of changing the initial scripts for months to please a constantly drunk Ridley Scott.

    Originally posted by Pikminister View Post
    Ridley needs to hire better writers next time.
    Or they need to hire a different Director. Ridley was constantly micro-managing the scrip, up until filming. He wanted to be the boss on board, and he just needed the writers to write down his ideas and articulate them in a way that would allow him to make that movie. That's wrong on so many levels, and he constantly interfered with the script.
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    • Nah, Ridley is fine. If we had another director he/she probably would've gone further with the obvious connections to Alien/Aliens and there would be more eye-rolling going on than what we did with the final film.

      The real culprit was the scripts. They all spawned from a lousy starting point. And all offered a different take of the same bad idea.

      Yes, the original script had its moments. And only because it would've been cool to see David go all evil on the people he was suppose to be taking care of. But in the end, it wouldn't have changed the results that much. Because the David we saw on film also had his own good moments. To the point where everyone agrees that he was the best thing in the whole film. And yet it wasn't enough to save it from having a lousy/weak script.

      I do think that a sequel could fix the first film, though. Because Prometheus feels like a very long prologue of sorts. And it ends where it should've begun. A sequel could make the first film look relevant. If they play their cards right.

      It will be kinda hard to do, with how they made the crew look like a bunch of idiots. They could explain it away by saying that most were inexperienced with that particular mission and that making mistakes is what makes us human. I dunno... we'll see.
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      • You underestimate how much influence Ridley had on the script. He was literally telling Spaihts/Lindelof what to put in there and what to change on a near daily basis. I'm not making things up, it's all in the interviews.

        Just look at that red faced Ridley Scott saying they should do this and that and change this and that with a glass of red wine in his hands. He's really getting old.


        • Re Twin Perfect - They are a bunch of twats.

          The problem with their above video is they're just picking and choosing the sources avaliable to fit their pegs in the holes. The 'space Jesus' thing for example was denied by Scott as they mentioned but Lindelof seemed to imply in interviews that this idea was still a possible motivational point for the Engineers in the finished film. Throughout it they take his word fairly strongly until that point where they ignored his statement in lieu of Scott's one just because it better fit their idea.

          They in all their media seem to state they are open to being wrong but any time but when people point out things that aren't as clear cut as they try to make it, they get more pissy and whine more than the people they bash in their videos already.

          And the SHHD debacle was bad but who needs to make a video 2 hours 10 mins long to prove that? Or the attack they launched on Dan Birlew just because fans had become used to his plot guides even though it blatantly never said it was the final answer on everything, error free, or under a context of what was knowledge at the time.

          They are condecending elitist not funny self promoting fuckholes, and people should just stop watching their shit.


          • Originally posted by Rombie View Post
            Re Twin Perfect - They are a bunch of twats.
            My man! I disagree about the SHHD video though, just in the sense that a release with that many problems should be given a non-speedy trial. The extent to which it fucked up is widely and fairly detailed in their video. However, understandably, its length would decrease significantly without their lame gimmicks. Glad you mentioned that specific video, because the way the Fungo guy is introduced in it reeks of a shameless Mr. Plinkett rip-off, forcing a captured woman to play games.

            Did not know about the Dan Birlew nonsense, which just makes me dislike them more. I certainly became intrigued by SH when I read his analysis on GameFAQs, and I also dig his RE plot guide (the mantle, of course, taken by Thomas Wilde).

            I also didn't realize the contradiction in perspectives between Lindelof and Scott.


            • I think Lindelof didn't make a clear cut statement like Scott so it doesn't impact on anyone else who writes sequels incase they have to tap into it. Plus due to his background with Lost's mysteries. You remember the Cavalorn blog right? He did a second post after the Scott comment about the whole space Jesus thing and it has several quotes from Lindelof discussing the concepts. It seems there is a massive disparity between what he and Scott believe is true but the Twin Perfect guys conveniently avoid mentioning that.


              To top it all off IN the movie it was seemingly the purposes of the approximate 2000 or so years since the incident on the ship with the engineers in the recording. Again a point they ignore to make their own be the only standing.

              The other simple point made in numerous interviews with Lindelof is simply that not everything in the movie is supposed to have an answer. The TP guys touch on this point on a few things but miss the irony of their comment of people making outlandish statements to answer things might also be true of what they also say in many cases. They start off by saying the answers can be found in the movie and Fox's promo stuff but a large amount of their answers come from interviews with Lindelof and Scott based on the negative feedback/questions of fans to begin with. Without those they would have less answers which is why those were questions to begin with.

              So why say people are stupid for asking simple questions on things many felt not explained? It got some answers in the end.

              You don't need 2 hours 10 min to make the points they did. They could have easily done the same thing for SHHD in the style used for the Prometheus one. It was just ego pushing bad skit humour as you so point out with the captured woman bit. It didn't need them sitting on a couch discussing it. It didn't even technically need more than one person showing the supporting in game content. Instead it turns into a soap box and a lengthy attack on other Silent Hill fans who dont agree with them and Konami staff, one now ex-staff in paricular. And I quit watching after about 25 mins or so and skimmed the remaining hour and half and I still got that jist.

              The ideas they have are fine to come and present a different viewpoint or whatever and no one would care if thats all it was. But its the attitude and approach of a bunch of elitist cunts who act like every idea they put out there is better than everyone else's and that no one can say otherwise as if no one is smart enough to also form ideas or, even worse, a different opinion.

              The Dan Birlew thing spawned from their "The Real Silent Hill Experience" videos. They also managed to annoy Jeremy Blaustien about translation things and then patted themselves on the back about being involved with the whole SH HD voice acting debacle only to have that blow up on them with the shitty conversion. The funniest part of it all is in general the Silent Hill community know they're a bunch of asshats only seeking Internet fame so I don't get why they keep trying with pushing more Silent Hill content out.

              Late edit - here is an archive of an interview at Hell Decent from 2010, which Dan linked to on his site. It was the first time I heard about the Twin Perfect guys video work, where they were ripping into Dan and essentially blaming him for the film (explained in the link). Even Tomm and Devin dragged themselves in before they knew better.

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              • I believe in Ridley Scott.

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                • Originally posted by Mr. Spencer View Post
                  I believe in Ridley Scott.

                  ...Holy shit, someone animated SuperEgo? <3


                  • Originally posted by Mr. Spencer View Post
                    I believe in Ridley Scott.
                    And THAT is why you fail!