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Wondering if anyone can help me?

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  • Wondering if anyone can help me?

    I bought a Roxio game capture device and after about 2 weeks of trying to set it up and failing I phoned technical support which was in god knows where but it wasnt the U.K. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone which I am dreading about receving my phone bill. Anyway after 20 minutes of the guy spouting off random crap that was irrelevant he agreed to give me his email so I could send him photos of how I had set it up and what I was doing wrong. After about another week going by and no response I gave up and asked Roxio for a refund. They refunded my money and I asked them their address so I could return the item. I had a pretty cryptic reply with alot of nonsense but I can only assume that they dont want the item returned from the heading of the email saying something like 'No return needed'. Anyway the money has gone back into my account and I havent heard anymore from them so I still have the gamecap and the money back. So my question is does anyone know how I can fix the issue and get the gamecap working or could I sell this item on or is the serial code that came with the device only allowed to be registered the one time?

    If you think you can help me with the problem without posting a youtube video because I have tried them well I will fill you in with what the problem is. I attached all the cables as shown which I have checked about 20 times so its not that. After the device is setup I try to change my channel from Hd to Component/D-Terminal which it says in the instructions. However when I click on the Component-D-Terminal icon the screen goes black and I can see nothing for about 30 seconds then it returns to HD and back at the options where I started. When I click the Component-D-Terminal icon and the screen goes black on my laptop where I am running the Roxio software the Ps3 suddenly pops up but it is all disfigured and out of shape. I have tried changing all the tv standard options in the Roxio software but the only one it picks up is the disfigured screen. However even if I could pick up a decent picture on the Roxio my Tv still remains black while on the Component-D-Terminal channel. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for your time and any replys would be appriciated.