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    Basically, should the files present in the English translations of the series be given any attention? In other words, should they be added to the current file template we have on Project Umbrella which features the "Original Japanese Transcript" straight from the writers and the "Project Umbrella Translation", a faithfully accurate translation and localization of what was actually written by the writers with excruciating attention to detail and fact/cross-checking. Essentially, this would be the format:

    Project Umbrella Translation


    My father, Edward, discovered the Progenitor Virus in collaboration with Lord Spencer, who was also from an aristocratic family, and repeatedly conducted research for military purposes.
    Soon, research results began to appear, and variants of the Progenitor Virus came to be generally called T-Virus.
    The Fathers established Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in order to camouflage this research.

    I, the son, specialized in genetic engineering and pushed forward a classified project to support father's research.
    However, father passed away in the midst of the project, and my research ran into difficulties.
    With my generation, we greatly fell behind other researchers in T-Virus research and soiled the Ashford family name, which originated from my great ancestor Veronica.

    At this rate, Umbrella will be dominated by Spencer.
    I must push the project forward immediately so that it will go unnoticed by Spencer.

    After considering everything, I decided to prepare a large-scale laboratory and equipment for the transport terminal, using the Antarctic abandoned mine remains.

    In the facility, I will have them build identical rooms based on blueprints of my mansion, which the late Trevor left behind.

    For confidentiality, I decided to call this top-secret project by a code name.
    The founder of the Ashfords, the beautiful Veronica whose reincarnation I hope for.
    Research results worthy of her name will no doubt bring glory to the Ashfords again.
    Official Japanese Transcript


    私の父、エドワードは同じ貴族出身のスペンサー卿と協力して始祖ウィルスを発見し、軍事利用の為の研究をか さねた。

    私の代で、T-ウィルスの研究において他の研究者に大きく遅れを取り、偉大なる始祖ベロニカから始まるアシ ュフォードの家名を地に落としてしまった。


    私は全てを考慮し、南極の廃坑跡を利用した輸送ターミナルに大規模な最新研究設備を用意するこ とにした。


    Incorrect Official English Translation


    My father, Edward, discovered the mother virus in cooperation with Lord Spencer, who was also a nobleman. They studied it for the purpose of military use. Eventually their study took shape. They named a variation of the mother virus, the "T-virus".
    To camouflage their research, they established Umbrella Chemical, Inc. I majored in bio genetics and have been involved with a top-secret project, supporting my father's research.
    However, my research went through a difficult phase, and my father died in the middle of the project. We are now at a major disadvantage against the other researchers, as there is great competition in the field of T-virus research.
    I have disgraced the honorable name of the Ashford family that out great ancestor Veronica established. If nothing is done, Umbrella will be taken over by Spencer.

    I must expedite the project to its fullest, without being detected by Spencer. After much thought, I decided to establish a large-scale advanced research facility.
    It will be located in the transport terminal that I created by using the abandoned mine in the Antarctic.
    Within the facility, I'll have a room built. It will be similar to the design of my mansion, the legacy of the late Trevor.

    I will be able to cherish my sweet memories there... For security purposes,this confidential project will be given a code name. It is the same name if the beautiful ancestor of the Ashford family, "Veronica" whom I wish to revive so badly.
    I am confident that the result of my research will be as glorious as her name, and that honor will be restored to the Ashford family again.
    In my own unrelenting opinion, I think they are complete garbage, handled by two-bit hacks with no knowledge of the series storyline and a very poor comprehension of one or both languages and no editorial overview. The actual development team and writers also have no involvement with them. I would rather they be forgotten as they do not add anything of any worth to the series and only spread confusion, misinformation and pure nonsense. As you can probably tell, sixteen years of being fed bullshit has taken its toll.
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    I think that the "incorrect" is too pretentious. It's true but pretentious nothenless

    Yes, put both


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      Originally posted by ValentineLover View Post
      I think that the "incorrect" is too pretentious. It's true but pretentious nothenless

      Yes, put both
      Not making it clear would give them more credibility than they deserve.
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        Yes, I think they should be included for the sake of archival and making people aware of how off the official translations actually are. Also, it would be nice if you could give an option to display the two translations without having to scroll down. My first instinct was to compare the two translations line-by-line/per paragraph, just to see how erroneous they were. The scrolling up and down repeatedly part kinda made me dizzy. A pop-up/optional mouse-over/side-by-side alternate view would be nice, for convenience of comparing them. It's just a suggestion, though.
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          Yeah I'd include them just for the sake of completion.

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            If you're going to include the English versions, perhaps wording it "Official English Translation (Incorrect)" would work better. It still gets the point across, yet somehow sounds less (as ValentineLover put it) pretentious. Die-hard fans of the series may know that the English transcripts are erroneous, but most people don't.

            But I definitely think they should be included.
            Mass production? Ridiculous!


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              I think they should be included, so people can compare and get their own conclusions of the localization work.

              I also suggest that instead of "Incorrect Official English Translation" you should use: "Official English Translation (Inaccurate)"... Seems less harsh.

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                Here is an example on the site itself. There are some pretty noticeable differences to observe. Should this be the standard format?

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                    Guess that's that then. I have to find a way to explicitly make it clear that the official translations are nonsense and shouldn't be taken seriously despite being technically "official", lest we defeat the entire purpose of including them to show how blatantly trash they are and people end up taking them as gospel.

                    I'll also finish up an editorial focusing on the mistranslated files using the biggest offenders from each game as examples. Then another editorial focusing on mistranslations within the dialogue of each game will be done.
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                      Yeah. You could add the "(Inaccurate)" too, sounds better than "incorrect"
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                        There's no point in ommiting them, it is because of these translations that inspired you to do your own.


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                          Originally posted by geluda View Post
                          There's no point in ommiting them, it is because of these translations that inspired you to do your own.
                          They inspired me to do my own because they make a mess of the plot, though. Not exactly a redeeming quality.

                          Here's another example:

                          Is that alright?
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                            Originally posted by News Bot View Post
                            They inspired me to do my own because they make a mess of the plot, though. Not exactly a redeeming quality.
                            Very true lol. I think to include the official translations would kind of complete the project as that was the whole the whole point of the project in the first place.

                            Yeah that looks good to me! Do you have a main page detailing what you've been doing and why you've done it? As long as people know what's what there should be no confusion.


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                              Perfect. Add the reason the reason to the FAQ page and you're set