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  • yurieu
    thats amazing lil guy!

    its very important to make some 1.5/3.5 "essentials", gathering all the important pics/videos refered to all the game's marketing, hacks and discussions, so, any people can understand and contribute with the discussions... and without have to search everywhere to find that pic on the web to post on the topicsss.

    and is very important we have those on our HD, who knows... one day a dude will format the server's HD ehehe. but i recommend to upload on mediafire. rapidshare should be named slowshare, its only 50kbps for the free users.

    in return of you hard work, im uploading for you and all the people a RE3.5 all-in-one, all pics i found, those hacked "thak you for playing" pics, all the videos(gameplay, fog trailer, "dont pee ur pants" video) i found in HQ and the diary of a mad dude. this is little compared to your hard work on archiving the magazines and videos, but its still useful.

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  • Kegluneq
    started a topic BioHazard 1.5 Project

    BioHazard 1.5 Project

    Here's a project I've been working for the past few weeks. It's a small anniversary gift to the BioHazard community that I've been following for the last 10 years. I choose BioHazard 1.5 due to my passion for this little gem.

    Screenshots: The screeshots are organized by area. If the area is significantly large (like the RPD, for example), it's divided by parts. It also contains the locations of the areas (though they are by no means accurate). You'll find some chronological sequences of the gameplay progression (like the sewer entrance, for example). However, not every sequence is organized in a chronological order... it might be merely an estimate or personal preference. All the screenshots are in .JPEG format. The resolution is 250pp per 180pp for the screenshots of the RPD and the Sewers, and 320pp per 240pp for the screenshots of the Umbrella Factory and Laboratory. Most of the screenshots come from the Final Build, the remaining from PSM Build. To conclude, I'm aware that some screenshots are missing. However, if you do find it to be missing some important screenshots, please let me know.

    Magazine Scans: Every magazine scan has been cataloged. I only included full body magazine scans. They were cataloged with four things in mind: a) name of the magazine or publication; b) issue or volume (even if non-existent, I tracked down how many numbered publications were made to find out the respective issue or volume); c) date of the issue or volume, including the month and year; d) page of the scan. There were four exceptions: 1) BioHazard Archive Reprint Edition (book published by Capcom); 2) Capcom Design Works (book published by Capcom); 3) GameFan Books (strategy guide published by GameFan). Every scan available was double-checked, but there might be some mistakes, so if someone finds them, tell me so I can correct them. Also, if a magazine scan is missing, it's probably because I could not find any information regarding it. If such happens, and someone knows the information that is missing let me know so I can add it in future updates. Hopefully, this will be useful for those trying to track down magazine scans of BioHazard 1.5 for collecting purposes.

    Special Thanks to Marvin for providing the best website with a library of BioHazard 1.5 scans. It was the inspiration of this project.
    Special Thanks to Lamont for the valuable information to catalog the Famitsu Issue. It was critical to my decision of including the scans and concluding the project.
    Special Thanks to Ridley W. Hayes and everyone who contributed for his massive magazine database. Thanks to such an effort the catalog information of the existing scans was cross-checked and corrections were made, and the numbers of magazine scans of the project was significantly increased (over 30 scans have been included in this project thanks to his great work).

    Video Footage: All the video footage available can be downloaded from I only included it because it contains the respective source of the footage in the filename, in case some of you might be interested in trying to track down the VideoTapes or CDs from where that footage was extracted from. That and you also get to download every single one available (minus the PlaystationMuseum) in one swift .rar file.

    Special Thanks to OKeijiDragon for providing me the source of the first BioHazard 1.5 footage (V-Jump Festival 1996), and the last one I was missing.

    This is my first contribution to the BioHazard 1.5 community. Hope you like it. Any feedback is welcomed.