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RE6 playthrough order (minor stage spoilers within)

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  • RE6 playthrough order (minor stage spoilers within)

    So what order are people going to be playing through the game? I know Capcom have advised to start with Leon but are people planning anything different? What about mixing up all three characters and trying to play through chronologically? This thread contains the spoilers for the demo which has the images for each stage of the game.

    JAKE CHAPTER 1 - EDONIA 24/12/12 - The game would begin with Sherry recruiting Jake thanks to his C-Virus immunity. She wants his blood so they can mass-produce a vaccine. Jake agrees to the deal for $50 million dollars. But first they need to get out of Edonia. Chapter 1 contains the Dragon's Dogma Ustanak level so Neo-Umbrella are also on his tail.

    CHRIS CHAPTER 2 - EDONIA 24/12/12 - The BSAA are also in town engaged in the conflict. Official XBOX magazine have confirmed this chapter runs concurrently with Chapter 1 of Jake and contains the first 4-player cross over point as Chris and Piers meet Sherry and Jake and they team up to take on the El Gigante type creature. The chapter ends with the BSAA discovering that a new organisation dubbed Neo-Umbrella may be behind the conflict before Carla Radames wipes them all out and poor Chris bangs his head.

    JAKE CHAPTER 2 - EDONIA 24/12/12 - Taking place on the outskirts of town on the mountain. The snow-covered mountain demo is taken from this stage and involves the snow-mobiles and avalanche. From the vids and demos my guess at this point is at the end of stage 1, Jake and Sherry leave in the huey right after Chris asks him if they have met. They are then attacked by Ustanak on a helicopter and then have to parachute down onto the mountain to escape.
    This is presumably the same stage that Carla catches up to Jake and informs him that he is Wesker's son. However, what happens to him after this is a mystery.

    LEON CHAPTER 1 - TALL OAKS 29/06/13 - Tall Oaks suffers a bio-terrorism incident and President Benford is killed. I'm assuming this would be the next chronological stage as in the E3 trailer Simmons states that Tall Oaks would be attacked before Langshiang.

    LEON CHAPTER 2 - TALL OAKS 29/06/13 - Leon and Helena continuing through the town towards the cathedral. I think the lab from the trailers where they watch the video tape will be underneath the cathedral.

    CHRIS CHAPTER 1 - LANGSHIANG 29/06/13 - Chris' campaign begins with a mission to rescue UN hostages from a building at the centre of the city.

    After this it all becomes a bit muddled, with all three campaigns likely playing out at the same time. Jake Chapter 3 will probably take place before Leon Chapter 4 as we know he and Sherry are already in China before Leon and Helena's plane crashes down.

    Point is, I really want to play through this game in its proper order. Playing through Leon's entire campaign from start to finish first for example will no doubt spoil portions of the other two campaigns. But unfortunately it's probably just not possible for a first playthrough, especially as you have to complete Chapter 1 with Chris in China to unlock his flashback level.
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    I am with you I would like to play through the game in order. Its only Chris's chapter 1 and 2 that jumps back and forth right? Just have to play them in that order. It kinda works because its a flash back so just think of it as reminiscing as Chris.


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      And then of course we have Ada. Her opening level seems to be on a submarine which is where we see her in the E3 trailer. So her first stage could take place before Leon's as Simmons tells her that 'tomorrow the U.S. will suffer a mild terrorist attack.'
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      "Well I've got 104 friends."


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        Whatever it is, I'm doing:

        Jake Edonia until the BSAA intervenes
        Chris Chapter 2 - crossover with Jake and Sherry against the 2 gigantic BOWS
        Finish Jake Edonia
        Finish Chris Edonia

        Leon Tall Oaks 2/3
        Chris China chapter 3
        Leon Tall Oaks complete
        Jake China - Ch 3 (or 4?)
        Leon China finish
        Jake China finish
        Chris China finish

        Chris is also in China the most (around 80% IIRC), with Leon the least (40%)


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          Or a more simple order:

          Jake Edonia Ch1 (outbreak starts)
          Chris Ch1 (Chris' flashback ensues)
          Chris Edonia Ch1 (BSAA intervenes)
          Jake Edonia complete (Jake and Sherry are helped by the BSAA, take down the huge BOWS. The pair leave)
          Chris Edonia complete (Carla kills Chris' men, Serbia is cleared of BOWs)

          Leon Tall Oaks Complete (while Chris is in the bar, Leon finds himself amidst zombies)
          Jake China complete (the pair reach Simmons and Spoiler:
          Leon China complete (Leon and Helena try to track down Ada/her motives)
          Chris China complete (Chris and the BSAA find and kill Carla, clean up the mess)

          Ada complete (answers any questions left)