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    Don't worry. Archives III or some other book will eventually explain all of that.


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      Originally posted by News Bot View Post
      Clifford The Big Red Dinosaur. The entire "clone" thing. More connections to previous games. More importance to Simmons. Proper information on Ada. Explanations for various things (why Chris went from SOA agent to SOU Captain, exact circumstances of Jake's parents) etc.
      DLC scenario, etc.

      Finally finished the Ada scenario and while a few of my plot gripes were resolved with it, the game overall is still pretty poor to me. Simmons definitely needed more back story presence - his entire character was basically just a set up for Capcom to convince fans that there can be more powerful villains beyond Wesker (by simply bringing a villain back 99 times and not letting him die.) I wouldn't be surprised if Piers comes back in a later game because he was hiding in a refrigerator or something.

      I mean, not trying to sound like a troll or anything. The game gives a lot of content for the main scenarios, but really pushes the envelope of whoring out intellectual property and kind of falls very short of being anything special to me. The only unique level to me was the Sherry/Jake scenario level where you're running around a Chinese hotel/embassy type area..everything else was QTE fluff and waiting for scripted sequences to end before you progress to the next area. There, you'll run through enemies, maybe collect a key and then lay on your back again while waiting for the invisible timer to reach zero during a mob or boss fight so you can progress further and repeat all over again.

      Also, Spoiler:
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      If you read this, you wasted five seconds of your life.


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        Chris' campaign was great. The broken man going full circle. Sure it was action as fuck but goddamn... Piers went out like a man. I really, really thought Chris was going to die, after the speech on the elevator about Piers taking his place and the whole "I killed your daddy" thing.

        Still have Jake & Ada to play through. I'm liking it so far.

        "I miss the days when we just cared how cool an enemy was rather than critiquing and analyzing everything to death." - Shield Key


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          Huh, still no indication from where did the virus come?

          Originally posted by Vito View Post
          How the hell are those retcons?
          I meant it in the "that wasnt there, added later via another game/report/whatever" way. You can call it expansion or whatever, I don't feel like having a semantic argument
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            I understand but a retcon is changing an establish fact and well none of those are that =P


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              Carla created the virus. She later added improvements to it (independently of Simmons) by studying bacteria and microbes in the magma beneath the ocean floor (some X-Files shit right there). That's all that's known so far.
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                News Bot, you are the right man to ask this, does Jake being Weskers son have any sort of solid connection? all I have seen so far is he is Weskers son but nothing to back anything else up.

                Have you got any info for me?


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                  Do you mean if hes a clone? They never gave a hint to that. All indicates (Game and Files) that hes truly Wesker's son born in 1992/93.
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                    I can't remember if I read it here, or thought about it earlier.

                    But, does anyone else see a connection between Sherry being experimented on and Claire joining a non-governmental human rights organization?
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                      Anyone open the adan's report?
                      I like to know what he will told about the truth in raccoon city incident

                      Ok, it's about simmons involviment
                      In game i remember someone talk about hear simmons name since long time ago in raccoon

                      But, what simmons did? They (capcom) are just doing this scripting and plot change from now
                      I never heard about simmons all these years


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                        Huh? Afaik, Simmons and The Family doesn't want Adam talking because that would make USA fall off the top of the "power pyramid" but that's it


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                          Looks like "The Family" aren't THAT secret.

                          Derek Clifford Simmons

                          Age: 45
                          Height: 6'1" (187 cm)
                          Weight: 176 lbs (80 kg)
                          Sex: Male
                          Affiliation: Aide to the US President / Head of "The Family"
                          Place of Birth: U.S.A.
                          Nationality: U.S.A.
                          Ethnicity: Caucasian
                          PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


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                            I'm doing a seccond run with leon to seek out the missing and left blue plates to open files

                            Keep walking and pair attention to details, the tali oaks part where you gone to streets is bloody awesome, i hope capcom release a extended dlc with generous duration for this. We could control the police officer since the outbreak happenedand until we meet with leon ;)

                            But keep looking for medalions make us pair more attention to graphics
                            And boy... Sometimes its good, some its okay and most they are crap as hell

                            Before enter the gun store, look at left in direction of fire focus
                            They do an extreme low quality bg texture, its like draw a black square in photoshop and use the erase tool to drop points with this tool, what the heck :/


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                              Spoiler warning! This video shows off most, if not all, costumes in the entire game, including every playable character. If you want them to be kept a surpri...

                              Here are all of the playable characters and costumes for Mercenaries.


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