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Requesting the Playstation (Japanese) Magazine Vol. 39

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  • Requesting the Playstation (Japanese) Magazine Vol. 39

    I'm currently thinking about updating the screenshot section of my project with brand new screenshots from the early betas, due to the lack of footage from the final beta. I'm mostly aiming for the RPD 1st Floor and Basement areas. Wesker released the scans from the Playstation Japanese Magazine Vol.39 a few years ago on the Bioflames Forums but they were scanned at 800 pixels per 1000 pixels, which makes it almost impossible to get some clean screenshots without upscaling and losing quality.

    Since I'm looking for 320 per 240 screenshots, the scanning needs to be done at a higher quality. Alternatively, if you prefer, I can tell which screenshots I'm looking for. No need for advanced graphical editing or anything like that.

    One of the most interesting things I've noticed is that these screenshots contain different camera angles from the ones in the final beta. It would be nice to see how much it all changed if we ever get to play the final beta.

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