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How to end the bio-terrorism threat

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  • How to end the bio-terrorism threat

    Simple: machines

    They are inorganic material, given life through either a spark or type of artificial/natural fuel. They have no reason, at all, to fear being infected with viruses in biological terms. While they can be disabled with electrical impulses, they can be built with shielding and given a.i. To control and protect them from hacking, along with directing them in terms of missions.

    The biohazard universe already has the technology capable of building sophisticated a.i. Like the red queen. They are able to clone with ease, as shown with Sergei (who was one of the rare humans compatible to become a tyrant) and the various tyrants who were likely his clones (not counting thanatos or Morpheus). So, whose to say, they are not able to develop machines capable of handling the biohazard crisis' that spring up?

    This all sprang up to me when seeing ustanak chase jake and think "terminator from t1 could get jake", so what do you all think?

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    And then that leads to nano-machines, which cause forced evolution:

    Which is potentially more dangerous in my opinion. Or you end up having machines that convert bio-organic matter and assimilate them.


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      That doesn't end the bio-terrorism threat, just another way to fight it.
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        Kill all the sons of bitches with a nuclear strike, that will do the trick !


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          Originally posted by Drake View Post
          Simple: machines

          First of all, that made me think of this:

          But anyway, enough of sillyness, I don't think it's a grea idea, and heres why: we build killer robots to get rid of the bio-weapons. Then, when the machines try to take over we summon eldritch abominations from the void to destroy them, and when Cthullu starts to get nasty all we have to do is find a species of megalosaurus that survived the extintion, bomb it with radiation and then pit them against each other. Which, of course, will lead to our deal with the aliens and we sell Godzilla to them in exchange of advanced tech. But when the alien technology starts to sabotage our main defenses, rendering all of our weapons useless, and the invasion starts with an army of alien, radioactive dinosaurs taking over Earth you know what's the only thing that'll save us? Bio-weapons that'll kill the aliens.

          Can you see how that's a vicious cycle?


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            So... the plan is to build a bunch of mechanic Ahh-nolds to take on zombies? Hell, why don't we just pool all the money it would take to develop that crap and make cybernetic bodies that are impervious to biological diseases? Oh wait, that's Ghost in the Shell... hey... Ghost in the shell/Resident Evil universe. "I thought what I'd do was I'd pretend I was one of those... ugh... itchy tasty" *brilliance. You have witnessed it*