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Decapitations of Resident Evil 6

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    Originally posted by Bianca View Post
    EDIT: Who would've known that, one day, we'd all be talking about Sherry's boobs? Oh, how time passes! She's all grown up.
    Thing is, I have seen Sherry as a kid for so long that I feel like a pedo watching her boobs on RE6.

    Originally posted by Wrathborne View Post
    ..Your obsession with decapitations in the RE games is getting weird dude. I dont like that they've ultimately removed the gore from the series in the past few games because its silly, but I havent made multiple topics about it -_-.
    Agreed. Nothing personal with Joehrex, though I also think it's kind of weird he keeps asking about decaps on RE games...

    "I miss the days when we just cared how cool an enemy was rather than critiquing and analyzing everything to death." - Shield Key


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      Re became a joke compared to the gore we get in dead space

      There are too many death, gore graphicly stuff in re, but all censored
      Try to get die against this chainsaw with ada

      He stab you in back and almost divided you by two fine shaped slices, but no limbs, no decaptations, no gruesome gore