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    People need to move on. The Resident Evil franchise is a horror themed TPS now.
    The series was leading up to this. All those Bio Organic Weapons on secret mansions were begging global biowarfare.

    [SARCASM] Of course that's my opinion and I suck because everything in Resident Evil sucks now because it's not survival. Oh and I'm a COD tool who faps to Michael Bay movies. [/SARCASM]
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      Check out the Wikipedia article for Devil May Cry:

      "Originally intended to be a sequel in Capcom's Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry was such a radical departure from the series' style that it was developed into a new property entirely."

      Now that's the kind of reasoning I'd have liked to see Capcom employ when it came to RE4 and beyond. Then everyone (read: more fans) would be happy.


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        Good game, but bad resident evil. So many missed opportunities.

        You take the same game, but you apply the RE4 exploration mechanics, and you have a wonderful game.


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          Originally posted by MiLØ View Post
          Normally I would disagree with 99% of what Vito posts, but he's right - RE4 did not play like a RE game... by far.
          I disagree with ye.


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            I almost feel as though Capcom should have made this a full-on FPS, upping the ammo pick-ups, obviously. It's almost a sick joke how limited the ammo is in some spots in this TPS action game. RE6 bullies you into using melee in order to conserve ammo. The camera is shoddy, and gives me motion sickness in some cases. I was playing Mercs today with Ada Wong. Whenever she breaks a time crystal, she does a kick that unnecessarily spins the camera in 20 directions before all is said and done. Makes my head spin, lol.

            Cover system is not horrible, but not good either. Story is probably the worst RE story ever, in my opinion, even counting the movies. People compare this game to a Michael Bay movie, but I'd rather watch a Michael Bay movie than watch a movie based off this game's story. The QTE's were many and maddening. Yeah, 6/10 is pretty generous, actually. Won't be picking up the next game in the series, but for those who do, enjoy, as there will be more to come just like it.
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              I am more surprised that so many people have it an 8 or 9. Taking away the is it or isn't it RE debate and judging it solely in its own merits as a game I would struggle to give it more than a 6. And I actually have ended up liking it more the more I played it. But it has glearing and absurdly odd decisions at times when it comes to its gameplay.


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                I hate scoring games, especially when every single genre and gametype and meant to fit into the same scoring scale.

                I'll do it like this. If RE5 was a 10, this would be a 7.5
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                  To say that I didn't like RE6 is an understatement. I thought the game was decent as a game (not really "good" though) but was really disappointed by it as a RE game. The only campaign I liked was Leon's but it was full of scripted events and QTE's and the final boss was shit as hell.

                  They should have made only one campaign (Leon) with Revelations gameplay mechanics.
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                    I should justify my scoring.
                    I gave it a 3. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it. It was just bad; parts seemed unplayable. What I saw of the story was told horribly and was a confusing mess. Above all else, since nothing seems to happen with any sort of rhyme or reason (in game); I just didn't care any more and gave up playing. I realise of course that the story could have filled in the gaps later; but with the gameplay that derrivative I honestly couldn't be bothered persevering.


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                      In this thread:


                      Melodrama everywhere.
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                        6. Ridiculous stuff such as piloting a harrier, etc. combined with a shitload of boring QTE events and no challenge whatsoever makes this game a crappy one. I only hope that the next resident evil bring back the feeling of the first portion of Resident Evil 4, with zombies also. No dudebro marine campaign, no "go through the level punching zombies double dragon style" campaign, please capcom.
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                          A solid 7.
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                            I'm between a 6.5 and a 7.5... so I can't vote.

                            The game has some high high's and some very low low's.
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                              8/10 for me.

                              Some annoying bits but nothing too serious.

                              Mercenaries, can't stop playing it, want to finish main game on pro. But mercs keeps calling me back.
                              Finally playing 1.5. Woo-Hoo!!!



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                                6/10. It was a fun game and had a lot of good points, but unfortunately for me the good points were outweighed by the bad points. Everything just drags on far too long, the music, the sound effects, the boss battles, more times than not I felt like ripping my hair out and switching the game off which to be fair is not an effect I want from a video game. For what it's worth the game is poorly designed and tries to tackle too many genres in one go leaving many areas feeling neglected and unpolished. The control system is many steps above that of RE5 and does a good job of improving on the tank controls, but despite that the environments and enemy placements often make the game a nightmare to play and due to poor design choices make it less fun than it ought to be.

                                I think RE6 tried too hard to be something it's not and failed in people's hearts because of it, instead of being an action horror game it tries to be more of a stealth action game only the devs lacked skills in that genre to actually make it a solid gaming experience. Maybe if they had more time to refine the game and iron out some of the many issues people have it could have deserved a higher score, but as it is it doesn't do enough for me to leave me feeling satisfied after playing.