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    Designed by committee, too much fluff, not enough focus, not enough polish, story not laid out well, things not explained well, not enough exposition, too much potential for the plot simply not taken advantage of, not enough exploration, too linear, too many enemies with guns, too many blockbuster set-pieces, too many explosions, not enough creepiness. Jake and Sherry would have worked better relegated to cut-scenes, with Sherry getting her own REV-style game later. Jake can fuck off, although he's alright in cut-scenes. Ada was handled badly. Shotaro Suga can't write anything for this series worth a dick.

    Despite all that, a fairly solid and very fun game with fantastic enemy designs for the most part. Just feels like a bit of a waste of money on CAPCOM's part.

    Death to QTEs.
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      Originally posted by News Bot View Post
      Jake can fuck off, although he's alright in cut-scenes.

      Guess I'm the only one that really liked him.
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        Originally posted by Vito View Post

        Guess I'm the only one that really liked him.
        Didn't really mind him at all he has potential for a great character though the series would need a good writer to pull it off.


        For me the game just didn't have enough focus for what little story there was, and scripted events (would have been great during Jake/Sherry's campaign if he had random spawn chances to chase). Some of the sections would could have been done better without having camera off focus from the player-character to some objective or highlight. Objective markers would have been better off not being in the game at all. Excessive amounts of QTE's some of them could have been handled without given the added mobility in this game. Level design would have liked more sand box like maps for the cities in particular (though not necessary for confined areas like the sub). A lot textures could have used some polish.

        Not the worst game I've ever played though no near the best.
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          Originally posted by Vito View Post

          Guess I'm the only one that really liked him.
          I liked him too, he had more character development in one game than most of the cast that's being around since the PS1 days.


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            Pros & Cons for RE6:

            + Interesting characters. Chris for example is such a huge improvement over RE5. Jake & Sherry are a great couple.
            + Excellent set pieces and environmental designs.
            + Monster designs and variations.
            + It's darker and more graphic than the previous games.
            + Improved writing. There's a lot of shit going on and I thought they were able to pull this off pretty well.
            + Technically impressive game, great lightening, visual effects, cool looking character models, fluid animations and motion capture, realistic facial animations. I especially like how the characters get dirty, sweaty and bruised up as the story progresses.
            + Visible damage on zombies and J'avos as they're being shot at.
            + Good movement mechanics.
            + Mercenaries mode.

            - Vehicle chase sequences. Fuck. That. Shit.
            - Too many QTEs, that will make you brake a controller by the time you finish the game.
            - Very limited exploration, you feel guided by the nav point.
            - Shoot a blue emblem to unlock a secret file to read later outside the game. No thank you.
            - Cover system needs polish.
            - Some cliche moments stolen from various big budget action movies.
            - Only 1 bgm track for Mercenaries mode.
            - No Wesker?? Give me back my Weskeeeeeeeerrr!!1

            Originally posted by Vito View Post

            Guess I'm the only one that really liked him.
            +1 from me too. Though I wouldn't like him as much if Sherry wasn't part of the journey.


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              And I have to say what is up with the awful BGM for the mercenaries mode?
              It sounds like 'easy listening 101.3'.

              I really liked how RE4 each character had their own music, but I think they stopped that in RE5...cant recall.
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                6.5/10. Game was fun to play in parts but I've seen more detailed stories in episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the disney junior channel.
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                  well, ive heard some dudes claiming RE6 mercenaries tune is the best evar. but i think its crap. feels like playing Devil may cry 4 or some old dreamcast beat em up game.

                  RE5 is one song only too. RE4 has a song for each character. I think 6's QTEs sounds are crap too. because i love audio and the only audio i want to hear is the OST and the effects audio.


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                    6. Definitely a 6.

                    It had moments that I really enjoyed and then it had moments that I absolutely despised. A lot of really poor decisions thrown into it and the story was extremely weak as well. It's also the first RE game that I have no desire whatsoever to replay at the moment. Still, I enjoyed a good amount and got my moneys worth.

                    I will say one thing though. Depending on how RE7 is, it will probably decide how much I care for the future of the series. This game really just made me sigh at a lot of it, and that's NOT because it's different from the old games (I hate how people pull that card).


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                      That 1 bgm for Mercenaries mode seems like some kind of inside joke. Like Capcom executives were on ecstasy when the track got approved.


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                        That boss fight in the cathedral had some of the worst music I've ever heard in a video game, I literally had a headache at the end of it.


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                          I gave it a 7 out of 10. Despite the wails and moans, I thought it was pretty good. I liked it quite a bit more than I liked Resident Evil 5. It was wonderful having the option to pick your character again, haven't been able to do that in a main campaign for quite some time. There were, of course, instances I think the game itself could have done without but I liked the story. I thought it was interesting and I liked having to keep playing the scenarios, finding the files, etc etc to really flesh it all out and solve it. I'll be really interested to replay it and do it chronologically.

                          The Ustanak was a great villain, I loved the stealth portions involved with him. I played with my sister and I was terrified every time I heard him coming! "HURRY! HURRY! HIDE!!!", My only REAL gripe I have is that I would have liked Simmons and 'Ada' to have more of an involvement in the scenarios to become more menacing foes. Simmons didn't have enough of a build up to become Leon's main antagonist, and Carla only really had a strong connection to Chris so her appearances in Leon and Jake' seemed more like a cameo.

                          I'm crossing my fingers for some more campaigns, Raccoon City had a few stories going on in it's streets, I'm sure Lanshiang has one or two left in her. I'm not really a huge Jill fan, but I can totally see her running through the streets with BSAA Soldier Barry~
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                            worst video game music ever.


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                              best video game music ever.


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