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    Originally posted by Wrathborne View Post
    There's commenting on the situation you're in, and there's talking to yourself.
    You know better than me that it's just a trick probably used in movies or tv shows too. Obviously that's what happens in her head, but they have to make her talk to communicate those things to the player. In "real" life, she wouldn't be constantly talking like that. But video-game wise, it's necessary.

    That's part of the things that serves the gameplay instead of "realism" in a game. Same goes for the prologue of the game. It happened once, no need to do that all over again, so during Leon's campaign it doesn't happen the same way and it's much shorter. It's normal, and the prologue stays canon. Always keep in mind the gameplay and the player, no the realism of said situation.
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      Originally posted by Rick Hunter View Post
      You know better than me that it's just a trick probably used in movies or tv shows too.
      Why yes! I do know better than you good sir!

      Thank you for the praise, though it seems a little sarcastic, but its not a trick. Its called a 'narrative'. It fleshes out a character to the audience through a series of monologues, sometimes internal, sometimes spoken out loud.

      Best example of this is 'Die Hard', the original 87' flick. McClane is caught in a situation almost completely by himself and is freaking out at the situation around him. He makes jokes, he yells at himself, he comments on whats happening around him to try to keep himself calm in a horrible situation.

      Leon kind of does in in 4, but mostly makes light of the BOWs trying to kill him.

      In McClanes example, his narrative is more for psychological reasons.

      Leons narrative is poking fun at the BOWs, it doesn't quite work because he never reacts to the danger around him like hes in real trouble. Outside of the introduction to the chainsaw maniac in the village in the beginning its mostly "If you try to kill me, you're gonna have a bad time."
      This is repeated over, and over again.

      But Newsbot already pointed out the translation issues here and really, the 'Die Hard situation' where you have a character in an isolated area surrounded by enemies has been a big part of the series history. So its only natural that they try to match the character narrative part as well, but that only works when you have your character realize how horrible a situation they're in and do what they have to to cope with it.

      Being a constant jackass for 90% of a game and never reacting to giants, parasites, and other mutations as if they're nothing more than Goombas and koopas from Super Mario bros, doesn't quite work.
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        Then we both agree, and I wasn't being sarcastic. Couldn't have explained it better than you did.
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          I changed my mind about the score i originally gave RE6. Heres my honest review about the game that i put on tumblr

          So ever since this games announcement I have been highly anticipating this game and I was so very glad to see how kick ass this game was in the trailers. Well, trailers do only build up hype.


          Content- This game is LOADED with content and its extremely generous of Capcom to include FOUR full campaigns right off the bat and not costing you extra money. It took me about 25 hours to beat first time and I was very pleased with how much content was in this game. It also includes Mercenaries, better then ever but also more frustrating then ever because there are some inconsistencies that needed to be addressed, and I found it extremely irritating that the game shipped with only 3 measly maps. Then we have Agent Hunt mode. You can spawn as the enemy and try to kill the heroes. Pretty fun once you get used to the controls

          Zombies- Very happy to see that zombies have made a return and the are as vicious as ever. But I do find it mind boggling that a zombie has nearly 100% accuracy with a revolver magnum and assault rifle. Not to mention the undead can swing around sledgehammers with ease.

          Gameplay- The gameplay has been the most fluent out of any RE game and it is extremely satisfying that you can dodge attacks at any direction at any given time and you can counter attacks and slide and shoot on your back. And the ability to walk and shoot must now be a staple in the series because it is extremely helpful.

          Co-op- Although I prefer RE games to not be co op, when you arent playing with a human player, it is like your partner doesnt exist and isnt braindead. Nor does he or she steal your ammo, health and get themselves killed. It is so much better to play it this way when you dont have to worry about a moronic AI partner.

          The music- I really enjoyed the music of the game and it fit the setting of it very well

          The okay

          Story- There are 4 different stories in this game and they all intertwine with one another in certain times. Its quite disappointing that after finishing the game that there are so many unanswered questions and one off villians. Although this game does have some of the best scenes in RE history. Leon and Chris meeting for the first time pointing guns at eachother just so Leon can protect who he thought was Ada, gave me goosebumps. And I loved the character development with Chris and Jake. When Chris first starts he is an angry drunk out for revenge for the person that killed his team and he soon later realizes he was only hiding from his past and the mission was about justice. Jake was a mercenary that only cared about one thing, money. He was told that his blood could rid the world of the C-virus and the only reason he would co-operate with returning RE character Sherry Birkin is by agreeing to the terms that he be paid 50 million dollars. Jake soon discovers that his father is none other than the infamous Albert Wesker and thinks that because he is related to him, it made sense of all the bad things hes done and that he might be evil too. Although that claim was childish, he soon grows up and admits he will never be his father and him and Sherry have a job of saving the world

          Javo- I felt like these enemies were Capcoms excuse to put human like characters with automatic weapons in this game shooting the player. Similar to call of duty and especially Gears of War 3 style of warfare. Enemies can mutate when shot in certain areas, and it really awesome to see so much transformations but it is extremely relevant that these enemies are very similar to the Lambent Locust in Gears 3. Cool concept, but a poor excuse to have shooting enemies in a RE game to appeal to the heavy action shooter fanbase.

          The bad-

          Theme- Now I wont deduct the game for not being a horror themed game, but come on Capcom? Do you really have to appeal to the majority? What happend to games being unique? Im getting very frustrated that every game is a shooter where you run in a straight line, hide behind some walls and shoot shit. Now, at least Capcom tried with Leons and some of Adas. Right off the bat playing as Leon, you are in a deserted University where Leon must execute the undead president. The atmosphere is very nostalgic and I loved the atmosphere of Leons first 3 Chapters. It would be the icing on the cake if there was more backtracking and exploration in the university and puzzle solving as well, and then finally moving on to a different location. With Adas campaign, the way it was hyped up is that it was going to be a classic themed RE experience. With zombies, environment, and puzzles. What we got was stealth, very few puzzles, and mostly Javo fighting. Extremely disappointed, but a great campaign non the less.

          The graphics- This game does have some environments that kick RE5 out of the water, but holy christ the games textures are horrendous. The rushed and lazy textures start to become more noticeable during multiple playthroughs. And to me, it is very disappointing that it is so obvious that this game is rushed and unpolished because some of the NPCs and textures of environments, resemble that of a PS1 era game. Very sad

          The verdict-

          The game is very satisfying in alot of ways, but also disappointing in alot of ways. Will Resident Evil ever turn back to its former glory? Well, with all the recent
          criticizing of the game being too action based, hopefully Capcom will get the message
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            Originally posted by BeefWellington View Post
            Well, with all the recent criticizing of the game being too action based, hopefully Capcom will get the message
            Not if the White Knights can help it.

            I keed... seriously though, they will only get the message if the game under performs.
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              Well I heard that Capcoms earning went up pretty good because of RE6 and Dragons Dogma so I dont know :/
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                CAPCOM will never get the message.
                Sorry to say it. Money speaks louder than fans and critics.


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                  Sad but true I suppose. A man can dream though ;_;
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                    The Japanese sales definitely helped but I did note Capcom never announced meeting their 7 million ship target yet and its been over a month. So there is that nugget to be digested. Their launch shipment was 4.5 (cheated on their IR data by being added 3 days before the official US release date because it was shipped by end of Sept.). I would have expected an update by now on that witn the 7 million target to be on track and it hasn't happened.

                    Also Capcom takes metacritic seriously and so no doubt the scores and critical feedback will have impact of future titles but only stuff that came up frequently in reviews or is the stuff fans complain about the most I would say.

                    The next major title is going to be interesting that's for sure.
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                      See what I did thar?
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                        Originally posted by Rombie
                        The Japanese sales definitely helped but I did note Capcom never announced meeting their 7 million ship target yet and its been over a month. So there is that nugget to be digested.
                        They already lowered their expectations to 6 millions.


                        "Our revision of the sales volume is based on a comprehensive decision that reflects a variety of factors and risks at this time. We believe that prospects are good for reaching our goal of 6 million units. We are confident because of the approaching overseas Christmas and New Year selling season, past sales of titles in this series, and for other reasons."
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                          Cheers Grem.

                          Nice job there Capcom. I see they have tackled the lower review score question too with a massive side step.


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                   was bad enough when they dropped there expectations for ORC. But for a main game title? That's...that's gotta sting. How much money does Capcom make per game? 'Cos if it's something like $10 per disc sold then that drop has to sting. A lot.


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                              7 million was pretty unrealistic to begin with. I wouldn't consider 5-6 million a sting, far from it. But they really need to get over huge sales numbers. It's an industry-wide fetish that is going completely out of control, and doesn't look like it'll stop until the whole thing crashes as a result.
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                                You know I really hope RE6 doesnt get even close to expectations. Maybe then Capcom will get the message and stop trying to change the series to Gears of Duty
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