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  • Resident Evil Cast Official Twitter Accounts

    This is a list I made on Twitter of the people who did voice-acting for the Resident Evil games that have Twitter.

    For those who have Twitter can go and check it out.

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    I only follow D.C. Douglas since his tweets are usually amusing and not all PR. And he replies to ANYONE, not just personal friends of his, like the other actors do. That's a plus.

    Alyson Court always sounded pissed to me. LOL She had to make another account (which is not on your list) where she doesn't write about Canadian politics but about nicer things.

    And since I'm a Remake Jill fan (don't care for the other versions), I also follow Julia Voth.
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      I cant blame Alison Court for wanting to have a separate account away from RE.

      I mean, shes essentially voiced Claire in Resident Evil 2 and Code V twice now(3 times if you include RE:ORC).

      DC Douglas is a blast, hes got a great personality and really appreciate shis fans. He even watched one of my Bio-Hazardous toons and gave it a 'like' on Facebook.
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