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Resident Evil 4 : Ada (Beta-Dress)

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  • Resident Evil 4 : Ada (Beta-Dress)

    I am pretty sure most of you know the different looking beta dress from ada,but for all who doesnt know,here are some screens..Left shows the beta,right the final:

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    i never knew that. just unfinished stuff hehe, dunno if its the graphical settings, but her skin is slightly different.

    is this that beta version with the merchant and the many areas? if it is, did u ever noticed the secret file underground the farm scenario? would be a great favor if u use the debugger to take it...

    i have the common beta(the iso), it ends on the pueblo fight. i managed to go underground with the debbuger, but...


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      nope its not that modified trial you mean..the version i used for these screens is the re 4 public beta.
      there is a secret file on the farm too,next to the first typewriter