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Biohazard 0: Trial Edition Room Modifier Codes

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  • Biohazard 0: Trial Edition Room Modifier Codes

    Thanks to a lot of patience, and some help from a very skilled user over at, I have finally made a working room modifier code for the Biohazard 0: Trial Edition disc (on Gamecube, naturally). I have two versions of the modifier; one just swaps the backdrops that are loaded in the area, which was my earliest attempt at it, but the newer one replaces the room for real, thus, all proper objects and exits are loaded (or at least, all those that are functioning properly in the trial. All of these backdrops have been seen before, however, I don't think there has been a way to actually play the areas.

    Anyway, I have written up a guide to at least some of the rooms (which I plan to update again soon to include more), along with all the values that can be used with the modifier. Incredibly enough, nearly every area from the final game exists on the trial edition disc (albeit in relatively early form)! Anyway, in the interest of keeping this post small, you can find all the codes in a downloadable notepad on my webpage: Or, if you don't own the game, you can just read about the areas or check out the screenshots I've taken.

    Here are a few just to give an example:

    *Early version of the 2F balcony. At this stage of development, it was an enclosed hallway!

    *2F Auditorium. Camera angles are much higher. The podium/terminal can be accessed by hacking an MO disc into your inventory. However, the puzzle isn't functional.

    *Early version of the main basement hall (where you find the animal puzzle in the final). A black chess piece is loaded with the room, likely as a placeholder object for something that was never implemented.

    *The famous wind door of early versions of Resident Evil 0. It's very much intact in the trial edition, and has two locations.
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    Har... I love seeing anything beta or alpha related with this game. Bio0 is one of my favorite Bio games to date. I'll gave to give this a go!

    Oh and do you remember They used to have the Bio0 Trial on there for $5, so I scooped up 10 copies of it before they went out of buisness. One is opened while the others are sealed.
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      Very nice, looking forward to seeing more. The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium
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        very nice..i tried these codes on my AR adaptor for gamecube but they dont work...
        any idea how to use these codes on dolphin emu??


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          Great work, thanks!


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            Amazing dude! i LOVE RE0 so much!


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              how do I get this working on a dolphin emulator TreblaYevrah ? thank you
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                Sorry, but I don't know anything about the Dolphin emulator. If there's some way to view/edit the game memory, you should just be able to find the raw memory address (8001F20C) and change the value. Other than that, I can't help you.


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                  oh ok, what about how you did it how do I do that?I have a modded gamecube already. thanks
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