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Questions for Former BIO Staff Members (BH1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4)

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    On the picture?Click image for larger version

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      3.) Whats the meaning of CA336458 ?
      4.) What was the intended purpose of the trial stopwatch ?


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        Originally posted by imacwesker View Post
        Not sure what video you are talking about.
        The one I base my comment about, is for the presentation of RECV at the October 1998 Tokyo Game Show:
        When no picture of Nemesis was provided, the text refers to someone "immortal", that "stalks his preys". That's a pretty good definition of Nemesis for me. The fact that the demo ends with something coming from the sky (or at least, a lot taller than Claire) and scarring Claire fits again Nemesis' behavior perfectly.
        The whole trailer gives an impression that it wasn't Nemesis, but actually a super-zombie.


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          probably like forest speyer in remake special mode, kamikaze zombie


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            1. How were Marvin, Ada, John and Sherry planned to die? What were the factors/in-game decisions that influenced whether they lived or died?
            2. How and where in the RPD do Leon and Elza meet their side-characters for the first time?
            3. Can you please give a short summary of the opening and ending FMV of 1.5?
            4. How does Birkin get infected with the G-Virus in 1.5? Does Annette get killed by him (on the train)?
            5. Where is the "Time Bomb" and "Nut" key items used in 1.5?
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              Originally posted by News Bot View Post
              We're currently in contact with many former staff members of the BIO series from between 1996-2003. I can't name any names right now. But yes, does anyone have any questions related to these games? It can include anything such as the plot, sound, design, characters, etc. We're at liberty to ask questions at any time so there is no time limit or restriction.

              Beta releases also included, such as the scrapped versions of BH4.

              But wasn't the editorial for 3.5 on PU cancelled because you weren't allowed to talk about the plot?
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                Sadly it was. I hope they reconsider.


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                  Originally posted by Delta View Post
                  But wasn't the editorial for 3.5 on PU cancelled because if you weren't allowed to talk about the plot?
                  Yes, we can't reveal the entire plot. There's a limit as to what we can actually make public. And honestly, the plots are pretty barebones anyway. You could sum up the plots of each scrapped version in a paragraph or less, an editorial would've been pointless.
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                    3.5 didn't get very far. Unlike 1.5. I'll be honest bot, looking forward to this man. If any of this gets answered it'll be early christmas.


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                      Resident Evil 1
                      *Biohazard was to feature Japanese voices for the game. Can you disclose who the Japanese voice actors were and what roles they played?
                      *What sorts of obstacles did you had to overcome to bring players the best game possible at the time? Can you name a few specific examples?

                      Resident Evil 1.5
                      *What was the morale like for the development team behind RE1.5? Director Hideki Kamiya has said publicly that, for himself and the team, the difference between developing RE1.5 and RE2 was like hell and heaven, respectfully.
                      *What were the struggles of maintaining realism and game play in the levels?
                      *Can you (whoever this question applies to) recall the exact comments Noburu Sugiyama made on RE1.5's script? If so, what improvements did he suggested initially?
                      *The voice acting for RE1.5 was recorded in Japan, just like it's predecessor. Can you disclose who the voice actors were at the time and what roles they played?
                      *Speaking of voices recorded in Japan, how far to the extent was voice production completed? Was it ever inserted into the game at any point?
                      *Was the ending for this game any different than what we saw in the retail version?
                      *When did development for this game stop? What happened between the time development stopped and when it was restarted?
                      *Was it ever planned for the game to explicitly tell the fate of RE1's S.T.A.R.S characters as the game's story progressed? (I'm not quite sure if this question makes sense.)
                      *What were the reasons for including the RE1.5 videos in the Complete Disc of Biohazard: Dual Shock Version?

                      Resident Evil 2
                      *At what point in time was development restarted for RE2?
                      *How much of Resident Evil 1.5 was carried over to the retail version?
                      *How was Keiji Inafune involved in the game? What did he do exactly?
                      *Was it ever planned that you could switch between characters (Leon/Claire) mid-way in one scenario of the game?
                      *How "complete" is Resident Evil 2 to you? Did you included everything you planned for the game? If not, what would you add today if you had the chance?

                      Resident Evil 3
                      *When did development of the game started?
                      *Whatever happened to Rebecca Chambers? We knew that her game (Resident Evil Zero) was in development at the time, but she didn't have her own ending in RE3 like the rest of the series cast did at that point.
                      *Was it always planned that Jill would visit the Police Station from RE2?
                      *Did the development team had more pressure in making this game than the team that made Code: Veronica, which was originally Resident Evil 3 itself?
                      *Biohazard 3 originally had a general scenario where HUNK was to retrieve a sample of the G-Virus from a luxury cruise liner. How far in development did this version of the game go?

                      In General
                      *Would the pre-rendered background master data for the first three PSX Resident Evil games still exist today, or did they still existed by the time you left the company?
                      *Do you see Capcom going back to those games original background master and re-render them at higher-resolutions for any future use?
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                        Originally posted by alinhoalisson View Post
                        Some questions about 1.5:

                        1. What was the background of John and Ada/Linda?
                        2. Raccoon City's fate was the same of being sterilized or it was still being decided in a possible sequel?
                        3. Did the survivors got captured by the government like the retail RE2?
                        4. What was William's cause to use the G-Virus and what happened between the police and Umbrella in the fabric?
                        5. What happened to the S.T.A.R.S. after the outbreak?
                        We know most of these already.

                        1. John was a civilian and Ada was an Umbrella scientist. That's about it.
                        2. The city had no fate in 1.5, just as it didn't have a fate in BH2.
                        3. Not written.
                        4. Not known.
                        5. Not written. They were taken to the R.P.D. infirmary after BH1, then transferred to the state general hospital. They weren't there for the outbreak.

                        Originally posted by anaho View Post
                        1.) Was this another claw attack scene by Birkmin and possibly the original location where Ada gets hurt?

                        2.) Whos that girl ?
                        I'll answer all of your questions right here.

                        1) No. After the fight with G2, that hole was meant to be where it escaped from, hence the blood. Obviously, it's too small for G to fit through, so they removed it. There's nothing special about the factory image.

                        2) She's a random texture taken from somewhere.

                        3) There is no meaning. It's a copy-paste.

                        4) No purpose. Just Ada's special item instead of the photo with John.

                        Nobody knows about DASH because it didn't go beyond a concept and wasn't fielded to many people outside of management.

                        A 1.5 script exists, though whether CAPCOM still have it is unknown.

                        The BH1 graveyard was planned.

                        Originally posted by yurieu View Post
                        i have questions only about 3.5:

                        1. I'd like to know what was the airship context, if there was a battle there, or who were the characters involved there, and when the airship scene occurs, beginning, ending(my best bet), or middle;

                        2. id like to knows if krauser's arm design and mechanics or even verdugo design have something reused from 3.5, or, if u judge it right, what in the RE4 design is from 3.5 but we didnt notice;

                        3. is the girl with a Dog heard from kamyia's interview a villain? what was her relationship with leon and spencer?

                        4. would Spencer try to kill or stop leon or bring Leon to his side (like saddler)

                        5. what exactly were the other characters that showed up in 3.5? (mainly claire -she didnt appear in any of GC exclusives)

                        6. would 3.5 have widely open scenarios?

                        7. were they sad about discarding those pretty visuals or even changing the engine?

                        8. Can they describe a totally unheard enemy;

                        9. After RE4 changes, what did they plan to do with progenitor and spencer plot(based on the importance of those in RE saga)?

                        10. what was the mass produced tyrants all about? were we supposed to fight Remake and Zero tyrants all the time?

                        thanks for you patience News Bot. feel free to discard everything you think is useless.
                        1. There was no context for most of the rooms in the game.
                        2. Unknown.
                        3. No.
                        4. Not written.
                        5. None beyond what is already known.
                        6. No. It didn't even have a general scenario.
                        7. Kawamura was sad that they scrapped it, for one. But less for the game and more for him not being able to counter the issues that came up.
                        8. There aren't any. Everything we've seen is essentially all there was.
                        9. Spencer and Progenitor were changed several times between BH1 and BH5, we can't state specifics.
                        10. There were no mass-produced Tyrants.
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                          hey news bot, do you have some questions too? i think you can make smarter questions than me.

                          mine are a lil bit obvious


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                            I'm not sure if these have been answered before in the history of RE but anyways.. this is all I can think of off the top of my head and I'm not currently in RE mode at the moment.

                            1. Ask them why on random changes.. why did they move Kenneth's body around from beta to final, why did they move the Yawn out of the shed thereby "rendering" the already rendered FMV out of date - these might yield some interesting insights into the development of the game.. (RE1 is my favourite if you haven't guessed by now)

                            2. I'm sure someone has asked about the graveyard stuff before, but if not pump them for more info.

                            3. Hidden items in RE1, 2 and 3 - what were they all for/location/any juicy tidbits? The chain in RE3, chemicals that change grenade launcher ammo in RE2, the Calico etc..

                            4. I don't see CV mentioned but if you have a chance: What was that weird battle game thing hidden on the CD (well technically GD/DVD)? How far did planning for that go?

                            5. I second the questions on the background render files, are they still intact/safe and sound? And will they be used for a possible HD re-release?


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                              Re 1.5 Questions

                              1. Were all the cutscenes CGI movies in RE 1.5 made?

                              2. Can you describe each one? For example : 3 and 4

                              3. Does the intro movie for Elza, show her riding the motorbike and crashing it in the front gate of the RPD?

                              4. Does Leon's intro movie start him on the roof or in the Chiefs office in the RPD?

                              5. Is there opening words describing what happens before the game begins or is it like the retail version?

                              6. Were their mini games like tofu,hunk and extreme battle mode made or planned?

                              7. Does Annette transform into a creature like her husband or was it just a concept?

                              8. How many version of Elza,Leon, sherry etc were made? For example in an early version of RE1.5, Elza has no bangs and a different motorbike racing suit.

                              9. Did the the fire armor protect 100% of the time or did it wear down?

                              10. What were the ape like creatures originally, baboons or gorillas? They Look like baboons to me.

                              11. Was Re3 planned if RE1.5 was released and what was the basic plot?

                              12. How many version of the 80% build are there?

                              13. And does any one of the former staff members of RE 1.5 have screenshots or anything of RE1.5?

                              Also, is there a 3d model or concept image or screen shot of the RPD exterior and/or interior? What, if any, building was used as a reference for the RE1.5 RPD.
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                                What was the idea behind bringing Wesker back in Code Veronica and making him play a major part in the game's plot? Did they plan doing anything with him differently from what ended up happening to him?