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  • Resident Evil Remake files

    For the Action Replay addresses i need to know what kind of file are the files inside the game
    Especially need to know the characters and 3D models (i know the main character are PLXX.Dat, and the event EGXX.EMG)
    But i need to know the others 3D model (of dead body, like Kenneth, and other item, like ink ribbons) where are inside of the game, i know the Kenneth body is inside the room 103.DAT, and the point is:
    in the game there are the folder of the room, there are rXXX.dat, but the things r10a.dat/r10a.bgz, r10b.dat/r10b.bgz, ecc. are the ITEMS or 3D MODELS inside of the various room??? thanks

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    See No Evil


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      i see and i ask to Maltes, if him doesn't answer, i try to search here:
      Someone know the decrypted address of Kenneth in REmake??? because i want switch the 3D model of Kenneth with the 3D model of Ink Ribbons
      the only thing that miss is Kenneths values