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Memorable things about survival horror games

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  • Memorable things about survival horror games

    Sorry if this doesn’t apply to you but if you have ever played a survival horror game, could you please fill in this 5 question questionnaire that will not take longer than 5 mins. It is for my final year dissertation and would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Done. Just a couple notes about the questions:

    *2. What affect does having memorable mechanisms and features have on a game?
    It seemed like a strangely worded question. If you're just asking about the affect than I guess the answer is pretty straight forward - it's a direct affect... isn't it? I mean the games are made up of mechanisms and features and it's all about making them memorable for the audience. So it's sort of like asking: what affect does director and actors have on cinematography.

    *5. What could developers improve in survival horror games to make them memorable?
    The question is vague, because there are western developers who concentrate on action, and there are Japanese developers who concentrate on atmosphere, so it's hard to tell what they should improve if looking at their work as a whole.


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      Done so as well. I took the second questions as gameplay mechanics and features that make horror games unique, why are they there and how do they affect us players through our enjoyment and fear, really.


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        Completed. Good Luck with the dissertation =)
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