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Resident Evil : Revelations Pilot Version Direct Capture

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  • Resident Evil : Revelations Pilot Version Direct Capture

    I know the demo itself is a bit old at this point, but I had my capture device out so I figured Id make a video of this. Many of you don't have a 3ds or want one, so it is good to have direct feed video of the demo itself, since it was from quite a few months prior to the final build. This is not camera footage like most on Youtube, so it's about as good as it gets. If you watch it in 1080p, the 3ds screens should be 1:1 resolution.

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    This is great thank you!

    Revelations really surprised me with it's Pilot and Demo versions, so many differences from the final product.


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      Nice, how'd you capture this?
      PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


      • #4 . Expensive, over 200$ to hardware mod the 3ds, then its captured over USB with audio going through the standard audio-in. Created a Final Cut project that lets me swap videos in and out, so they are aligned with the locations I want.


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          Streaming the full game for a bit, until I get bored anyway

          Edit: Done for now. Thanks for showing up. A replay can be found here :

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