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A timeline of RE15's history and the hunt for it (1996-2013)

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    Originally posted by MarkGrass View Post CD-Rs were commonly available; I've personally used them and still have several leftover.
    I remember Memorex being heavy on the rainbow colors and black CD-Rs, but I don't think those went into common circulation until like 2002-2003 or something. 90s CD-Rs were usually limited to golden/green-ish colors, later expanded to the Verbatim-ish shade of blue/green - blind guess is that the early laser tech didn't really work well with certain dyes or something in ye olde days or something.

    Originally posted by MarkGrass View Post
    I haven't seen them available for purchase, in quite some time.... then again, I don't particularly keep an eye out for them. Who the hell actually burns data onto discs, anymore?
    The local "all sorts of office crap + gardening tools" shop recently replaced all their rainbow CD-Rs with Memorex' "vinyl" collection, which are basically CD-Rs that look like tiny 45" vinyls


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      Originally posted by RMandel View Post
      You know, Eteponge, I keep running into scattered reports of an RE15 ISO image that's been floating around the web "in highly private circles" ever since the early 2000s. I gave your account because it's the best one - lots of good details - but it's not the only one. Most of them are in the U.S., but I've got a couple from France, one from Germany - even one from Japan, of all places! The bulk are from the mid to late 2000s - yours is the earliest - and it's my guess that if any of them are true, they're all probably of the 40% PVB. Frankly, I'm not surprised, given the nature of this particular rare beast. I'm sure that would have been a highly swappable and sought-after item in those "private circles" back then. I didn't give much credence to most them because they're almost all of the "hey, i've got RE15 - yeah, sure you do" variety. There's a few in the History to "round out the corners," so to say ... but your account was different ... very different.

      Maybe I need to go digging through the old Usenet archives sometime ....
      I remember, despite being so frustrated that the three of them on #psxtrade wouldn't trade the game to me, I always thought "Surely, with *three of them* having a burned iso of the game, it's gotta leak sometime." But not for another 12 years apparently. One of the three (the non-op channel regular I talked to) even told me he is such a huge fan of Resident Evil, so I thought, "Wow, at least this guy might leak it for other fans." Nope.

      If it helps your search, I still very clearly remember the online nickname of the guy who had the game, who sent me the screenshots, and who traded those burned isos of RE 1.5 to the other two channel members, he went by the online nick name AlRooker. (I always remembered it, because it sounded like AlRoker, that guy on TV, but it was spelled AlRooker, with an extra o.) I seriously doubt #psxtrade exists anymore, but I wonder if IRC logs could be found somewhere online? Worth a search. Hell, recently I've searched and found IRC logs of myself in the emulation community channels from 1997 and 1998 on certain websites.


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        If you ever encounter him again, ask him how he feels about all this IGAS business... I smirk just thinking about it. This whole thing feels like an episode of Recess.


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          I just read through the three volumes and it was definitely a fun read, it's hard to believe that so much drama, tension, arguments, fallouts and flame wars have all started from one game cancelled many years ago. I've been following RE1.5 for quite some time, but only lurked through the communities a few years ago, when I really got an interest for it. While I had a basic knowledge of certain situations (Such as PSM), this really was informative. Great job RMandel, can't wait for the next part.


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            Speaking of Black CD-R's, Taiyo Yuden makes some and are of excellent quality. I use them for burning my backups of 1.5. They also have a white surface for printing.

            If only there was a way to get CD-R's pressed with the region code stamped on the disc.. would make it much easier for people to enjoy 1.5 on unmodded hardware. Maybe one day...
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              I've posted updated versions of the first three parts at the start of the thread. I hope I got everything in that all of you shared with me, and I hope I got it right. Unfortunately, I've lost the USB thumbdrive on which I had my master copy for Part 4, and I'm having to restore what I did from an older backup. Another week, perhaps. Looks like there's going to be a Part 5, too - "The Aftermath," dealing with events from the release of the MZD build up to present. I'd kind of like to bring it up to the Team's release of the RE15 Trial before I cut it off and call it "done," but we'll see.

              Think I'm going to take the weekend off, and recharge my batteries. Be seeing you ....

              EDIT - Part 5 has been cancelled. Timeline will only go up to the release of the MZD build.
              Last edited by RMandel; 08-05-2013, 03:30 AM.
              Do you know where I can find the final build of Resident Evil 1.5?
              Please contact me if so!


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                Originally posted by RMandel View Post
                Unfortunately, I've lost the USB thumbdrive on which I had my master copy for Part 4
                Use skydrive or something similar instead for light files. Much better and you will never lose it.


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                  RMandel : I'd like to see more German shepherds in resident evil 1.5, you could insert the German shepherds in some rooms in 1.5?


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                    I think it's only fair to then introduce a Kommissar Rex / Il commissario Rex cross-over too then, so that the game can have a German Shepherd survivor. For the sake of ultimate greatness, they should get Mark Meer to do a few barks into a microphone and then get Jennifer Hale bark up some lines for a love interest. Now THAT is what I call great bonus content! Value for your money, ladies and gents! Value for your money.


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                      RMandel: in the Rpd is especially in irons room there should be no even the female zombie?

                      I thought that when we return in the room of irons attacked by zombies, we hear the cries of our irons being devoured by zombies, the same happened with resident evil 2 with Robert Kendo in the Armory.


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                        Originally posted by blackpower View Post
                        RMandel: in the Rpd is especially in irons room there should be no even the female zombie?

                        I thought that when we return in the room of irons attacked by zombies, we hear the cries of our irons being devoured by zombies, the same happened with resident evil 2 with Robert Kendo in the Armory.
                        In english?
                        Besides, thats dbs mod.


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                          Here's a little something from the Usenet archives that's going to be in the next revision of Part 2. Scream, Rombie, Wesker, and some of you other "old hands" might remember this. It's the earliest record I can find of an RE15 "claimer." I had to go through several threads to piece everything together - hope I got it all sorted out right.

                          8 July 1999

                          - On Usenet, a user calling himself rhodes_steel_rickles (a former moderator on
                          the Turner Classic Movies forums) makes the following post:

                          I was wondering if anyone could get me a copy of resident evil 1.5 It's the
                          original resident evil 2 that production was cut after 70%. this version had
                          different characters and voice actors. It actually looks better than regular
                          part 2. the guy who said he would give this to me put all my E-mails on
                          ignore... please E-mail me ... if you have any info...

                          The usual "What is RE15 and how is it different from RE2" discussion followed
                          shortly thereafter ....

                          18 July 1999

                          - Ten days after making his original inquiry, rhodes_steel_rickles had an important
                          announcement to make:

                          I got resident evil 1.5 from a reliable PSX backup site! E-mail me ...
                          for info... This game rocks! it's so much better than regular part 2! they
                          only have the playable leon game. not the elza game. The black cop in 1.5
                          is one of the main characters. He is'nt injured when you find him. He's
                          prowling the RPD with a gun just like leon. There are a bunch of cops still
                          alive to. The voice of Leon is totally different to.

                          20-23 July 1999

                          - In response to several inquires, rhodes_steel_rickles sends the address of the
                          "PSX backup site" supposedly advertising RE15 to several fellow Usenet users who
                          (politely) ask him for it .

                          24 July 1999

                          - The RE community back then was no less skeptical - nor limited in their putdown
                          verbage - with regards to RE15 as it is today. Guagfather was the first to
                          express his doubts about rhodes_steel_rickles' claims ...

                          Sorry, but that's a bunch of BS. No completed copies of RE1.5 have left
                          Capcom's offices. But if a copy did make it out somehow... it could be
                          made into a million backup copies and everyone could enjoy it!! =)

                          JShaw71753 posted this message in response to the RE15 inquiry ....

                          I really want this version if you have I will pay if that's what you

                          Guagfather was quick to respond - but be sure to read his sarcasm between the
                          lines ....

                          I'm sure Capcom must have a few copies of RE 1.5 lying around somewhere
                          collecting dust...

                          21 July 1999

                          - Apparenly not everybody on Usenet believed rhodes_steel_rickles' claims, and
                          said so. Some of his e-mail traffic turned out to be insults and putdowns -
                          which he didn't take very kindly.

                          you people are crazy. You write profane stuff about me. And theratin [sic]
                          me? I won't give the adress to some of you. Some of you did;nt even E-mail
                          me. I won't send it to you till you apologize. I did send the adress to the
                          people who asked nicely. What ever, I don't give a crap if you get it or
                          not. I was just trying to help

                          For every person involved who will send him a written letter (e-mail) of apology,
                          he promises to send them the address of the "PSX backup site" where you could
                          supposedly get RE15.

                          22 July 1999

                          - ZmbieWolf was not impressed by the claims made by rhodes_steel_rickles regarding
                          RE15, and said so. His "apology letter" read as follows:

                          I'm sorry you're a liar and need everyone's attention and you are
                          oversensitive. How's that?

                          25 July 1999

                          - Soubey V was even less convinced that ZmbieWolf.

                          The truth is No One cares.. You came to this group offering it [RE15] to
                          everyone. I'm sure you had many e-mail in response & you ignored them. So
                          people question you & you get mad and proceed to cuss everyone out and make
                          threats. well, ya know what....... too bad. Why don't you take your whining
                          ass elsewhere. I'm sure if you try & I mean really try. You just might find
                          someone who gives a shit! Until then,go find another newgroup to harass.

                          - Meanwhile, a fellow user named Tyrant had decided to follow up on this supposed

                          I dont know about you guys but soon hopefully i will be sent a copy of
                          RE 1.5 from the site he gave me and an apology seemed like a small price
                          to pay (even if you didnt do anything) ... i'll tell you what its like if
                          i get it.

                          26 July 1999

                          - JShaw71753 was the only one to post what might be considered a truly technical
                          question about rhodes_steel_rickles' supposed copy of RE15 on the Usenet thread:

                          What up just wondering what the movies are of? are the FMV or do they use
                          real actors? leme know also how much space do the movies take up? thanks in
                          advance bye

                          - Macaw (aka Tom) was the first to raise a red flag over Tyrant's purchase:

                          If you get it, can you tell me? Just in case they don't send it to you,
                          I don't want to fall into the same trap.

                          Y'know, my friend obtained a copy of a 'Biohazard 2'. It is not finished.
                          No CGI, some different item locations and a few more moths. More
                          differences, butI won't bore you. ANyways, this might be the Biohazard 2
                          Beta copy, not 1.5....

                          4 August 1999

                          - The supposed "PSX backup site" source for RE15 is exposed as a fraud by none
                          other than rhodes_steel_rickles - the Usenet user who made the claim in the first
                          place. His response is to a fellow Usenet user named Tyrant (not to be confused
                          with Evil Online's site administrator) who had been one of original doubters.

                          tear the flesh, wear the flesh, steel the flesh, feel the flesh. they
                          scammed you Tyrant, and all of the people that sent them your money. So I
                          don't give a rats ass if you apologize, because you won't get resident evil
                          1.5 ass whole, you sent them your money and You'll get regular resident
                          evil 2.

                          5-6 August 1999

                          - The members of the Usenet group were understandably
                          torqued at rhodes_steel_rickles over his RE15 scam. This posting by "Carl" was

                          wow, your dad must be ceo of capcom. because you somehow HAVE A WORKING
                          COPY of RE 1.5 (that nobody else got any word about after you invited them
                          to e-mail you about it) ... did you eat more shit for breakfast? because
                          you're damn full of it.

                          The response from rhodes_steel_rickles, posted the following day, was quite

                          Hey f-ck you bitch! who are you to say whats what. You don't f-cking no
                          me, so keep you nose in your own sh-t and stop smelling other peoples asses
                          or something bad will happen. Anwser this message like a man bitch! you are
                          a p-ssy! so f-ck you, I'm #1 around here. Suck my d-ck you up f-ck. No body
                          f-ck with my command. And ya better not p-ss me off, cause when I get
                          p-ssed I start kickin ass.

                          Fellow user Stam (aka David Hutchins) was not impressed, and restated the truth
                          of what had happened for everyone in the Usenet group.

                          [H]e recently admitted that they have scammed people. If you ordered it
                          you get RE 2. He tried to make it out that he knew, but chances are he got
                          scammed too. I don't think many, if any I know of sent any money in.

                          "Maybe he needs a napy poo." (Cryptorchild99 - 9 August 1999)

                          After that the whole fiasco degenerated into the kind of curse-throwing,
                          high-swearing, accusation-flinging sh-tstorm with which today's RE community
                          is all too familar. The only positive thing to be salvaged out of it was
                          Tyrant's purchase of what turned out to be BH2 Beta 2 ...

                          - Word of the rhodes_steel_rickles RE15 fiasco makes the news on the various RE
                          community sites of the day. The following observation comes from the archives
                          of ResidentEvilUnderground, and is dated 5 August 1999:

                          Some guy from the [Usenet] newsgroups are saying a lot of lies about a
                          possible playable beta of Bio Hazard 1.5. My intention is advertise all
                          the RE fans about this trap. If you send the money or order form to this
                          guy you obtain... NOTHING!

                          I found another incident in Usenet from 2001 that might qualify as the earliest RE15 "fake" auction, and Rob MacGregor of RESitez was involved on the side. Will post next time.
                          Do you know where I can find the final build of Resident Evil 1.5?
                          Please contact me if so!


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                            I think the biggest "concern" regarding the truth of that chain is the whole "only Leon's game" thing -- there's just no reason for the scenarios to be locked like that in a non-public build back then (unless they were split like in retail). As far as we know, 1.5 was always a one disc game -- especially evident of this is the large gap that occurs between the catalog ID of disc 1 and disc 2 for retail (which makes it seem even retail was uncertain at first if it would be a single disc release or not)


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                              RMandel: when will the video of the gameplay of Elza Walker?


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                                Wrong thread, friend.
                                Do you know where I can find the final build of Resident Evil 1.5?
                                Please contact me if so!