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    Originally posted by sugiyama View Post
    Dear All, Dear VMetal,

    It is necessary to get an up to date thread considered the sensitive case of actors identity of Resident Evil 1, as it remain for most of them, unknown. Being a stalker would imply chasing the persons to get information from them (where was the filming location [well, actually, its on the borders of the Taima river, sometime during the summer 95]? was Mikami nice with you? what was your background at the time when Capcom decided to hire you? etc...).

    Wanting knowing more about actors of the genesis of the survival genre in the video games universe is natural.

    Let's take the hypothesis one by one:

    -Michelle Yerger: Actress, nothing else is known from her, she actually played very minor roles in only two films. Unfindable.
    -Michelle Yerger (from Texas): Looks like a random person, namesake of the actress (here started the confusion), but not related. The Mugshot is from her. And face comparison is interesting with Jill. But Michelle was born in 1980, which would imply that Jill would be 15 in 1995. Ok, That's the age of an early High School teenager, but it's a bit young. But who knows? I have her on Facebook, she never replied to my kind questions, she doesn't even read it, but yesterday I asked her again, I hope to get a negative answer asap to get her rid from that candidates list.

    Vmetal, I've been to the classmates website, her face is kind of similar, but she's way too fat; But that graduation picture was 1998, was she fit back in 1995?

    -Wendy Rice: looks possible, the nose shape is very similar, and the mouth shape is somewhat similar too. Supposedly born in 1975, which would make her 20 in 1995. A bit too old? Impossible to find anyway.

    - Una Kavanagh: I can't be decided. It could be her, even if I am among the skepticals more often. She said no, people knowing her said no, but is it the truth?

    If we want to know the truth, there is only one way to me: get in contact with the other actors, few of them are actually known, and ask if they remember any detail.
    And you guys, as english is your maternal language, can you feel an accent while Jill is speaking during the movies (like Irish, American, Australian)?
    Dude, this is almost a year old but you sound totally creepy.

    Originally posted by Drake View Post
    And that is why, when people think of fans, they are reminded of its origins in the word "fanatic". These people owe you nothing and deserve to remain unknown. You bought a game and enjoyed it, congratulations, wanna Nickel? That doesn't give you the right to bother or stalk people who did it for a paycheck and would rather forget it.
    Thank you.
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      Originally posted by Deathlygasm View Post
      ^^^ That 3rd picture makes me wanna fap
      They didn't call her the master of unlocking for nothing.
      Seibu teh geimu?


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        Did some digging :-p but she looks less like her pre-op and then she had even more surgery than the pic I posted and went brunette.

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          Since when did THIA turn into The Porn is Alive? Hehehehehe! :S


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              Scott McCulloch (Chris actor?)
              Una Kavanagh (Jill acrtess?)
              Barry Gjerde (Barry, confirmed by himself?)
              Lynn Harris (Rebecca???)
              Sergio Jones (Wesker actor?)
              Jason Wool (I dont remember who is he)
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