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Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 Platform and Version Differences

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    Biohazard 2 Value plus also has the gallery (identical to the PC I presume but I don't have it on PC to check)
    It also has mappable controls (presumably also a PC version carry over).
    Click image for larger version

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    Biohazard 3 on Dreamcast has Mercenaries unlocked by default.
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      On playstation the original Biohazard features the ending with Chris alone lighting a ciggie.
      In PAL and US version he doesn't smoke.

      In the intro Chris lights his ciggie in the japanese version, but not in PAL and US.

      In the DC PAL Chris lights his ciggie in the intro but not during the ending.


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        There are two more PC releases of RE1.

        The one everyone knows is the uncut Virgin published one. But there's also:

        1) A special POWERVR version made for NEC that could run at up to 800x600 instead of just 640x480. Known releases in Japan and UK. Uncut. Sources:
        Resident Evil from Capcom. Initially released on the Playstation in 1996 and for Windows a year later in 1997. The PC release had two versions, one for Direc...

        In this video I will show you the original japanese PowerVR PC version of BioHazard which is of course well known in the US and Europe under the name of Resi...

        The Japanese version of this port (named "Biohazard" and with mostly Japanese text) is rare. The UK version (named "Resident Evil" and with everything in English) is straight up impossible to find last I heard.

        Of course even if you find a copy, you'll also have to find a POWERVR graphics card with support for the POWERSGL API (think a card released no later than 1998-9), and then put it in a Windows 98 computer.. As you understand then the POWERVR port is of limited use today. (Also the regular PC version has been hacked to support even HD resolutions today.)

        2) The other version is a cut one with a confirmed release in the UK by Virgin (just like the uncut one) and I've also found a reference to a US version.

        You can see the cover art of the UK cut version here:,2902/
        And two more references I've found:

        My original UK copy from back in the day has the censored intro.

        Two different US releases?

        Hey. My PC version of Resident Evil seems quite different from what I expect.

        The videos are censored.
        Hunters / Bosses take more hits to kill (two colt python shots for a hunter)
        And there are no infinite weapons, nor exclusive costumes.

        Very strange.
        I modified my CD to have the uncensored videos. I prefer this version because of its difficulty. It's just...strange...
        I believe the identifiable difference early on is that there's no Virgin video with the eyeball. It's just a still screen logo.
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          A couple more things:

          1) "-At least two music tracks are missing and not replace, these rooms are now silent ("Left Alone" outside the RPD, "The Buildup of Suspense" in Marvin's office)"

          This of course applies to the PC version of RE2 as well, since those two ports were really really close (the DC version runs on Windows CE!!)

          2) The DC, GC and PC versions of RE3 might all have 640x480 resolution backgrounds but they are not of the same quality.
          The DC version's are *terrible*.
          The Gamecube version's have good definition but visible color banding.
          The PC version has the best (without any flaws to take note of).
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            Randomwab's post mentioned that PC version of RE2 has 640x480 backgrounds, but it doesn't. Only RE3 has true 640x480 backgrounds, and even then, the RPD areas from RE2 that Jill visits are just upscaled 320x240 renders.
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              I didn't notice that, correct that no version of RE2 has 480 backgrounds.

              However the RE2 rooms in RE3, while indeed looking worse than all the other RE3 backgrounds, do look significantly better than say me doing a bicubic upscale of the same RE2-extracted background.

              Whether that means these were rendered to 480p but for whatever reason they do not look as sharp, or simply that they used a high quality 240p source for the upscales instead of sourcing them from what they shipped with the RE2 discs, I don't know.
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                ^The backgrounds used in the PSX version are compressed and reduced to 15-bit colors, iirc. Like you said, those upscaled renders were most likely produced from the original non-compressed 320x240 renders. It's kind of weird that they didn't just re-render them in true 640x480 though. They clearly still had RE2's assets when they made RE3. Then again, with Capcom's track record of archive-keeping, I suppose they could have already been wiped by the time the PC version was made. lol
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                  That makes sense.

                  Given that the main audience was on the PlayStation I'm not surprised they didn't bother for the DC/PC ports. (I'm not even mentioning the GC port, by the time it was made (3 years after the original) it was way too late to bother doing anything more than a direct port.)

                  Also RE3's backgrounds have an appearance that seems quite a bit different from RE2's (in the way lighting and materials look) which could mean they were using different or updated programs, settings, workflow by then. Which would mean if they wanted to re-render RE2 they would have to do some additional work to revert to the original programs, settings, workflow instead of just setting a 640x480 output. So maybe this was one of the reasons they decided against it.

                  edit I've edited my post on the other 2 RE1 PC versions with a bit more info for additional clarity:
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                    I would just add the model upgrades for deadly silence, since they were much more detailed.
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                      Originally posted by REmaster View Post
                      I would just add the model upgrades for deadly silence, since they were much more detailed.


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                        Originally posted by mister 888 View Post
                        Ah, I miss 2003, 2004, 2005.


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                          Originally posted by Ultimacloud123 View Post
                          One thing I know is you can look for wesker under the stairs in the main hall in RE1. Not sure if you can do the same in REmake/HDmake. Someone willing to confirm? This can only be done playing as Jill.
                          where he gives you some ammo i think that is in REmake/HDmake


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                            So there's some major errors in my first few minutes of playing PC Resident Evil that makes me almost prefer other versions however I still need to play and compare more but I've noticed this right off, also there is 2 vastly different PC Resident Evils if not more.

                            The two PC resident Evil released based on the .exe file date.
                            1997 August 4th - Uncut, Jill saves & Chris ribbons are different, no damage animation(in danger moves full speed) ect.
                            1997 August 22nd - Censored, Ribbons on jill. (havent tested the danger animation in this version as I prefer the aug 4th version)

                            So far as far as I can tell you can only reload in the menu unless you completely empty your clip on both PC versions I've tried reloading using Keyboard and Joypad with no luck.

                            Some other facts;
                            +highest resolution, most clarity and a good solid overall style without weird glitches (no z fighting, no weird saturn blits, no stretch marks like on PowerVR if you're playing the 640 D3D release.)
                            +faster load times, gameplay and skippable door scenes
                            +Jill doesn't require ribbons to save & Chris gets 1 more ribbon than PS1
                            +English with no annoying subtitles and full uncut version
                            +Game can be minimized ect. Crash and bug free on a all out hardware Win98 system, I feel it is more solid than epsxe and trying to run PC on a more modern OS.

                            -no hurt animation
                            -no pre-reloading outside of menu??
                            -controls are a bit limited

                            I'm running mine on a Athlon XP 2500+, 768mb ram, 6800Ultra and running throttle to get the cutscenes dialogue to sync up. About 80 to 88% cpu throttle for this one in particular. The system feels extremely snappy but the windows install is only offline gaming.
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                              Originally posted by Nickelbawker View Post
                              -no hurt animation
                              -no pre-reloading outside of menu??

                              -controls are a bit limited
                              I don't know what you mean about the controls, but that's how RE1 always was, on PSX too, as far as I know... No hurt animation and reloading only through the menu (or if the gun is empty). These aren't limitations of the PC version compared to the original.. it's how the original version (PSX) also played.
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                                The uncut opening is brutal. A pity it wasn't in the PlayStation version, because it was excluded even in the Director's Cut release.