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  • Need help extracting some audio

    I've started working on a redux of Leon's voice reel for Resi Evil 2 (More than anything, it's to help keep my mind off things right now... Life really isn't going well & all that shit). However, I've run into a pretty big snag & need help.

    There's only one track tat isn't available in any of the soundtracks. It plays when either character first hears the sound of Birkin roaming around (For Leon it's when you first meet Ben, and for claire it's Sherry's introduction). I need this track to continue & as stuck up as this might sound of me, I don't want to slow down with this.
    Could anybody possibly help me with this? I need it in WAV format, but mp3 will do fine (It can be exported into said format in about 10 - 20 seconds). Seriously, if anybody knows where I could get this track or could even provide it, that would be a massive help. Thank you.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that whoever is able to help me out with this problem gets a mention in the credits. Not that something like that should mean much coming from me, but hopefully it's something.
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    I believe this is the track that you're looking for.

    The file I provided is in PSF format - there's several audio players and utilities that will output a waveform file (*.wav) for you. Additionally, with PSF-o-Cycle, you can set the desired Reverb and miscellaneous attributes before doing the wave file conversion.
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      You sir, are a saviour. I thought I could get away with a few tricks using audacity, but it turns out that while the vocals get removed (My my is the sound design weird for this game), the actual quality takes a pretty massive hit & it's easy hear.

      Thanks for this & as stated, you shall be given a place in the end credits.

      EDIT: Actually, looks like it is going to be shitty audio after all, since I can't convert this no matter what I try & the instructions I follow. Your help is appreciated, but I simply can't use this format. End of story.
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        I'm sorry that you ran into trouble :/

        I'll cave and provide a freshly encoded MP3 (here)

        ...but I'll also provide instructions for conversion. I can't stress enough how much better it is to take the original audio data from the actual disc and convert it into something yourself - you can adjust reverb settings, mute MIDI channels, modify the tempo, apply custom playback length/time & fade, and so much, much more.

        You'll need the following:

        Foobar2000 audio player
        Kode54's PSF plugin

        If you'd like (suggested), modify the Reverb/etc parameters with PSF-o-Cycle, as mentioned in my previous post.

        Load the PSF file in Foobar2000, Right-Click the playlist song and simply select the "Convert->Quick convert" option.

        From there, instructions are fairly self-explanatory... and that's it!
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          This is greatly appreciated & many apologies for any dismissal on my part. It's not an excuse, but the past few weeks have been a bit rough & left me feeling a tad anxious.

          Many thanks for both the mp3 & the instructions for future reference


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            It's not a problem, no offense taken
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