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Resident Evil Director's Cut for Sega Saturn (Japan only)

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  • Resident Evil Director's Cut for Sega Saturn (Japan only)

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to post this here some time back but I kept forgetting it.

    Reading an article on the web about one of the beta versions of the original Resident Evil, a user left this at the comment section.

    Judge yourselves, here it goes.

    Chris Wilkinson
    03-07-2009 at 15:00

    Bio hazard sega saturn special limited release — it was released under the label director’s cut July 24-31 1997 a different mode from playstation with different curscenes. The cd was the as the black & sliver Jap & HK import version, but the copyright wasn’t by “Sega Ltd” I t was by Capcom Ltd & Virgin Interactive co Ltd the serial number on disc was different it wasn’y T-1219G it was something else can’t remember. This version contain extended uncut cutscenes in intro 1mins 30 seconds. als the cutscenes when game were different, you hear barry crashing through the dinning room, when you walk into that first room the windows smashed on the left side. The zombies are harder, your dead after one bite. You have added cutscenes within the game on the back of the box it said in english that you would find a survivor in the mansion? the box had the mansion on the front with the room looked like it has been destroyed, with plants growing through the ceiling and a gun layin on the ground circled in the light shinging in the room?

    Here is the page to the comment:

    Preserving Details, Screenshots, Videos & more Lost Media for Resident Evil 1 [PSX - Beta / Concept] Help us to remember cancelled video games!

    For what this person is saying, I understand the following.

    There was a special edition of the first Resident Evil released only in Japan for the Sega Saturn that ALSO wore the Director's Cut label, BUT it was DIFFERENT from the Director's Cut version of Resident Evil that was released for the PlayStation, the one we know and have played.

    He did write his comment in a very ambiguous fashion.

    He talks about a different mode that did not appear in the PlayStation version. What is it? An ALL-NEW mode or the existing and well-known Battle Game of the Saturn version?

    He also talks about different cut-scenes. He mentions the FMV scenes being uncut like in all other japanese versions of the game (nothing really new or different here) AND ALSO extended real-time scenes, new ones apparently, if Barry did crash into the mansion and the dinning room windows being broken from the start.

    He mentions the physical aspects to identify this version of the Saturn disk from the regular version. The different serial number, the lack of "Sega Ltd." in the copyright text and the presence of the "Capcom Ltd. and Virgin Interactive" one instead.

    However, he doesn't not mention the CD saying "Biohazard Director's Cut" or anything like that.

    He talks about zombies killing you in one bite. I DO HAVE something to say about this. Back in late 2001 or early 2002, in a Resident Evil board just like this one, just some months after the Resident Evil Remake for the GameCube was announced, came a news update on the game announcing the Crimson Heads, "that originally came from the Saturn version of the original 32-bit Resident Evil". Ever since, not a single video, coverage or review on Resident Evil for Saturn has shown any mention or evidence of the Crimson Heads being present or part of the game. I have seen the Hunters with different sound effects and skins (don't remember their name) in the Underground, I've seen zombie Wesker at the end of the Battle Game, I've seen the Golden Tyrant, but I've never seen a single thing leading to the presence of the Crimson heads in the Saturn version of the game.

    His description of the alleged boxart sounds like a room from the guardhouse with plants coming out of the ceiling.

    The rear boxart allegedly mentions a survivor to be found in the mansion, that makes me think about the guy that hanged himself to death in the Resident Evil Remake at one of the guardhouse bedrooms, killing himself just two days before the events in the game.

    I haven't been able to find ANY information on this alleged version on the web, not a single RE fan site I've seen has a word on it.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

    Is this true or just more rumor-mongering or made-up claims like the people in the 1990s and 2000s that claimed to have a copy of RE 1.5 but nobody saw them or anything about them. I remember reading at least once on the web, YouTube if I recall right, a comment saying the Battle Game of the Saturn version was present in the PlayStation version and could be accessed through GameShark codes. It just sucks when people love to spread bullcrap on the web becasue they have nothing else to do.

    This is highly unlikely and also probably off-topic, but I wonder if any of these claims and features of the known released Saturn version of RE1 were in fact parts planned for Resident Evil Dash? Who knows.
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    Sounds like a load of BS to me TBQH.. there would be something on the net somewhere about this - if it had existed at all..
    Think this is just someone trying to get some attention
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      Of course it's bs there's no way capcom would of released the same game on the same platform within the same year.


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        If it's a "Japan Only" game, then Virgin Interactive would not be on the copyright since it was the publisher in Europe... for the PlayStation version, not the Saturn version.
        Obvious bullshit anyway. Same goes for the Crimson Heads.


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          I've been around the community since 1996 and never once heard of anything like this. You'd hear about Nintendo development, the Dash concept, and the fact that the Saturn wasn't going to get a Bio2 port during that year but nothing like this. And this is coming from a time when there was stupid rumors every other week being posted on the internet because news traveled much slower.

          Part of the issue is development time and release around there. If a DC version was ever planned for the Saturn it likely just would have ended up being the one released. By the time the Saturn version was due to launch, staff working on 2 already had scrapped the "1.5" version and plans for the PS Directors Cut and Trial Version were already planned knowing the second game was being pushed back to 1998 - the DC version was to make up for the delay and make Capcom some extra cash for the year. That being the case if there was any importance placed upon the Saturn they would have just delayed the Saturn edition of the game and launched the DC version we got on both platforms... but obviously no decision was made this way because there wasn't any point seen delaying the Saturn version any longer than it had already taken and no need to release a second version of the game on the platform within six months. .


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            This bullshit rumour has been around for a while. I remember some idiot called Chris said he saw this in Hong Kong or something. It's just a lie. Come on. A regular retail release so rare that nobody ever saw it??
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              Other than the obvious BS, this most especially pissed me off to no end:

              Originally posted by
              In 2010, Tyrant of recovered a beta of Resident Evil that dates back to 08/04/1995.
              When in fact both alpha builds (Aug and Oct 1995) were discovered and purchased in early/mid 2008 by a group of private fundraisers.
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                Originally posted by Trentman View Post
                It just sucks when people love to spread bullcrap on the web becasue they have nothing else to do.
                That's exactly what's happened here.
                There used to be a guy on this forum years ago (maybe 2008-2009??) that used to post about a rare Saturn version every other week with all this fantastical nonsense that was meant to be in it. I don't believe a word of it. Search the forum and you mind find his old shit posts.


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                  Honestly it's doubtful DASH even existed as a concept. There's been no source except the cover of a 1995 Famitsu issue. I find it very odd that Okamoto would suddenly start talking about not one but two sequels before the first game was even released.
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                    Dash has always had me quite curious. I remember seeing saturn magazines calling their version of RE as 'dash'. I also heard that Dash was a direct sequel to RE1 where you'd go back to the derelict mansion after the explosion and the virus created plant like monsters?

                    Any validity to this at all? hell ANY info would be appreciated, especially from you news bot.
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                      Inflames posted a scan a few months ago in another thread, I can't find the thread itself but I saved the link for the scan, it talks a bit about Dash:

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                        Originally posted by Lanzagranadas View Post
                        Inflames posted a scan a few months ago in another thread, I can't find the thread itself but I saved the link for the scan, it talks a bit about Dash:

                        Ont the right hand side near the bottom, is that Barry in the Chief's office??! Doesn't look like any of Leon's alternate outfits or beta versions of him..
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                          No, that's Era-3 Elza, although I can kinda see why you'd think it's a man in a red STARS vest.
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                            HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT! Barry crashing through windows? Bruh needs to lay off the crack....