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I hope I'm wrong about my feeling of what I think Resident Evil 7 is going to be like

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  • I hope I'm wrong about my feeling of what I think Resident Evil 7 is going to be like

    There is so much anticipation and sources that points to RE7 being released near the end of the year.


    There is a good chance it will be shown at E3.


    I've read rumors that it could be going back to Raccoon City. When I heard about this, I was like "Yes!" All of the old BOWs, Raccoon City horror, a nice dose of nostalgia and new at the same time.


    But then I read that Capcom hired a costume designer for the game development...

    And then I remembered a rumor which all of sudden I'm thinking might be true, and I HOPE IT IS NOT.

    What if Capcom is actually adding Alice from the movies, to this game, and this game will actually be inspired from those shitty movies?

    I really pray that this is not the case. I have heard this rumor before, about Alice being a possibility.

    Raccoon City + Costume Designer = I don't like the sound of it.

    I hope I'm wrong. But I have this feeling like Capcom is under the impression that the majority of people actually like the RE movies, so they're probably thinking that they can get away with the "action" element as long as they put this well-known character in from the movies.

    I hope I'm wrong. But in the meantime, I am kind of excited about the fact that it could be coming out this year, and that it will be taking place in Raccoon City. The reason why I don't mind if it is taking place in RC, is because I feel they already screwed up the quality of the series. At least some of us old-time RE gamers will get some good stuff if it is in RC. But adding Alice in the game, and having it be a game version of those shitty movies would really disappoint me.

    Your thoughts?
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    Don't believe everything you read on the internet. There are no serious sources speaking about RE7 at all, even less about it being set in Raccoon City - how stupid would it be anyway ?
    Besides, they will never add Alice in a RE story, ever. Not because me and millions of fanboys hate her guts, but because the movies and games are two totally different universes that do not connect to each other at all, bar some very minor winks and references in spin off games.


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      Costumes could just mean a visual reference for the model artists or capcom will release a clothing line. We may get more info on it by this year if not the next. So just relax, have an energy drink or whatever you want, get your daily RE fix, and wait for a more reputable source to give us real info.
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        There's nothing strange in hiring a costume designer, and anyway ridiculous costumes have been existed in almost every RE, mainly in female characters.
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          I don't see how hiring a costume designer means that Alice is going to be in it. If anything it just means they're going to have more professional looking outfits instead of whatever Claire was wearing in RE2 lol


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            I read an article a few days ago about how Capcom will now prioritize HD remasters now.


            I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom shows off RE0 remastered and possibly confirm that a RE2 remake is happening at E3. I doubt RE7 is happening this year.
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              I can confirm that Biohazard 7 won't be out this year, it isn't set in Raccoon City and it doesn't have Alice in it.

              Rest easy.
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                If that's true then they may be finally realizing that they need to go back to the roots. They could technically reboot the whole series in classic form if they are desperate enough. They may need some real feedback now. HDmake and it's success could be why they're going this route now.


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                  Originally posted by CODE_umb87 View Post
                  I read an article a few days ago about how Capcom will now prioritize HD remasters now.
                  Guess they gotta get RE7 up to HD.