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Resident Evil 2 - Hope Descending (RE2 film)

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  • Resident Evil 2 - Hope Descending (RE2 film)

    That preview I showed on here was part of something that took a bit of a deviation from what I thought it was going to be. That's why it gets a separate thread.

    This started off as a means to keep myself distracted while particularly depressed, and now it's turned into an experiment that some of you might be impressed by, or you'll just think 'Meh'. Frankly, I have a feeling it's going to be more a case of the latter, but that's fine & there's no point in speculating this much right now.

    Though I recorded this many scenes to begin with, the treatment each clip received in editing was unexpected, plus all the other stuff in between. After a certain point, I just decided 'screw it' & turned the whole thing into a 40-minute film.

    There are all sorts of little bits of info I could mention about this, but I think that would best be saved for anyone who'd be interested enough to ask. One thing I will mention though; After coming up with the subtitle for this one, I didn't actually realise it spelt out HD. This definitely is not the best quality footage you'll have seen, but I did try to add a little bit of shininess to it.
    Anyway, after the amount of work this took, I'm just glad this is finally completed & uploaded. After having to review this thing over & over again (Bloody editing software wouldn't render the thing for I don't know how many attempts...), I know my performance isn't the best it could be in a few areas. But if I hadn't have done this, I wouldn't know what needs to be worked on for sure.

    In the end, I am proud of this result on all sides & at least hope you enjoy.