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Resident Evil / Biohazard Unity Source Release

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  • Resident Evil / Biohazard Unity Source Release

    Unfortunately, due to lack of motivation to continue working on this project anymore and to uphold my promise, I am deciding to release the source code of this project to the public finally. I only ask that if anyone uses the source code for anything, give credit where credit is due, I have spent months of my free time to work on this coding it all from scratch. It is incomplete and is not a 100% perfect adaptation of the RE engines, but it comes very close. I know some people will be very confused as to what everything means, and it is only natural to expect some sort of explanation, but I don't really have much of the time or motivation to explain it all. Hopefully I can expect to see some Biohazard clones emerge in the near future if people actually manage to make any sense of it and dissect the code.

    Reason for stopping this: I have quit. That is all.

    I still have a motivation to do some sort of unique BH / Clock Tower / Silent Hill clone in the near future, but right now, I am just too overwhelmed to continue working on this particular project.

    This is the current state of the engine as of 1-15-2015:


    The engine was coded to utilize the 360 controls, but keyboard controls do work if you can figure out how to enable them. The Steam controller may also work, but hasn't been tested.

    The engine as of late only has the basic Tyrant AI. But in the scripts provided below, I also include some other experimental AI's.

    Here are some older and scrapped scripts that are no longer in use, but some may actually find useful:
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