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  • Umbrella Chronicles Unused Ending + Others

    Welsh recently dumped the English and Japanese text in Umbrella Chronicles. As with most of the games there is some unused dialogue. The most interesting piece is the original ending:

    WESKER: The total summation of all viral weaponry. The perfect strain of the T-virus. The last achievement of a dying Umbrella. The first step will be to flood the black market with it, filling the world with the fear of bio-terrorism. That is where the next step in my plan will begin.
    The final ending:

    WESKER: "Soon, Umbrella will be completely dissolved. While they obtained the trump card of the t-Virus, they couldn't find a useful purpose... That was their limitation. But I'm different. Anyone would realize the true victor."
    It seems that the "perfect strain" he refers to is one he steals from the Caucasus lab. I'm not a great big fan of them but the SIDE novels also allude to Wesker stealing a strain from the lab so it might actually be a genuine plot point, although overshadowed by the final dialogue that makes Wesker's intentions more mysterious. By this time BIO5's plot was near-complete and in both endings Wesker is referring to his intention of creating Uroboros.

    It also explains why he provided t-Veronica to Javier, if spreading bioterrorism was always his intent. Probably realized he needed something more stable. Some more unused text:

    VO_3121013 Still researching the F1-03 eh?
    VO_3121014 This one's more powerful than a normal F1-03.
    VO_3121015 It looks like the research paid off.
    It also appears Leon might have been intended to have a scenario, as he has a narration. Sergei also interacts with him to some degree, also like in the SIDE novels.

    LEON: That was the worst day of my life. I was late, and my only welcoming party was a town infested with zombies. I met a girl named Claire and together we fled into the police station. We decided to split up to look for survivors.

    UNKNOWN: Is someone there? HELP!!!

    UNKNOWN: Except for Brian, the R.P.D. have been taken care of. Make sure you find him. The world can't know about his relationship to us.

    SERGEI: Look at the young cowboy! Feel pain. What the!?

    UNKNOWN: Sergei. It's time.

    SERGEI: Hmph.

    ADA: Sorry, but when I saw the uniform I thought you were another zombie.

    LEON: Who are you?

    ADA: Ada. Ada Wong.

    LEON: Ada Wong... Interesting how one chance encounter can alter the course of a person's life forever. The worst day of my life was just getting started.

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    Originally posted by News Bot View Post
    UNKNOWN: Is someone there? HELP!!!
    Isn't that Claire at Emmy's Diner?


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      Originally posted by Mikhail View Post
      Isn't that Claire at Emmy's Diner?
      Could be, or it could be a random civilian.
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        Interesting. I see they probably made a good choice here by replacing the original text into something more blurry in this particular case.

        "The total summation of all viral weaponry. The perfect T-Virus strain"
        What would that mean? A T-Virus strain with 100% compatibility ratio? A T-Virus that doesn't create zombies? We'd have never get to see that perfect T in any of the future games anyway, so they would have created a pointless intrigue about something that wouldn't have been explained later.

        "The first step will be to fill the black market with it, filling the world with the fear of bio-terrorism"
        Nice tie to RE5, but subsequent stories kind of override this. Operation Javier shows that Wesker had already started his global bioterror business at least one year later, he didn't need to wait for Umbrella's collapse to start running his plan. Also RER and Degeneration show that years before Umbrella's end, the world was already fully concerned about bioterrorism so that's why the F.B.C., Terra Save and the U.S. Anti-Viral Protocol were created. The B.O.W. black market was already an issue.

        Honestly, if it was up to me I would prefer the F.B.C. never existed since I find it unnecessary and shoehorned into the timeline but, well, what's done is done.
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          I agree about the t-Virus and it makes me happy about the change. It's something that sounds impactful but really doesn't mean much. In the end, it's replaced by the Umbrella Archives which is more important.

          Operation Javier resolves those apparent inconsistencies itself.

          As for B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) related cases, origins of t-Virus leaks haven't been reported at all and the pharmaceutical company Umbrella has virtually collapsed while information concerning the t-Virus is dwindling in the world, with the incident itself about to be forgotten.
          Since the Raccoon City incident, the pharmaceutical company Umbrella, which caused the t-Virus leak, has virtually collapsed, and incidents involving B.O.W.'s (Bio Organic Weapons) haven't been reported at all.
          The B.O.W. black market was an issue even prior to Raccoon City, but not known to the public, hence why Krauser has a hard time believing they exist. The FBC, TerraSave, Private Anti-Biohazard Service etc were formed in response to Raccoon City, but bioterrorism was not in the public consciousness until the 2004 Terragrigia Panic which Wesker indirectly facilitated by arming TRICELL. He hadn't started his bioterrorism plan in 2002, the rival company was simply selling B.O.W.'s in the same fashion as Umbrella, arming wealthy clients. Wesker supplied t-Veronica to Javier off the books in exchange for personal wealth and to establish a collusive relationship, simultaneously stealing Umbrella's business. There were numerous isolated incidents, but they were either top-secret or literally nobody knew about them.
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            Significant update.

            Leon was definitely planned to have a scenario. He has two themes remaining on the disc, one unused and the other is the Live Evil track, which ended up being used for Beginnings.

            The game's main cast were also each meant to have the classic "BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL" title call, to further portray the game as an ensemble of perspectives.
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              Sorry OFFTOPIC, News bot do you have any new info regarding Resident Evil 3.5? This is my fav one.