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VR gaming and Resident Evil 7

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  • VR gaming and Resident Evil 7

    I've done a bit of googling but haven't been able to find much info about the VR aspect of RE7.

    From what I can tell it's going to be on PS VR. Has it been stated that this is exclusive?
    I see that RE7 is already on Steam. Has it been announced that the game works with HTC Vive?
    And since it's PC software, is it possible it could be played through an Oculus rift?

    I have access to an Oculus rift at work so I'm deciding whether to get it for PC and install it at work to play on Oculus (if possible),
    or delve into this generation of gaming (finally) and go with PS4 (but probably not VR just yet).

    Any clarifications are much appreciated!
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