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Resident Evil 7 spoiler thread!

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    I just tried the new "Daughters" DLC chapter. I'm amazed I couldn't open the toolbox to get the dog head crest. What did I do wrong?


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      Datamined file that isn't able to be found in the game. Very interesting, explains a few things.

      In early ####, 1999, Dr. Olivia ###'s team infected a human embryo with ## from ####, creating four prototypes.

      These were named, Dana, Dahlia, Darlene, and Dorothy.

      The D-Series was able to control the thoughts of others by making them ingest a mold-like secretion.
      The initial symptoms caused by this secretion are visual and auditory hallucinations, and ####.

      The secretion also erodes the target's cerebral ###. As the infection progresses, the target develops strong feelings of friendship towards the girls, and actively seeks to serve them.

      It is also possible for the secretion to fuse with the target's somatic cells, causing mutations in the body's physical structure.

      D-001 Dana Deceased (####)
      D-002 Dahlia Deceased (Decrepit at 319 days)
      D-003 Darlene Deceased (Infection)
      D-004 Dorothy Disposed of due to poor performance
      D-005 Dolores Suicide
      D-006 Diana Killed by D-005
      D-007 Daniella Killed by D-005
      D-008 Doris Deceased (######)
      E-001 Eveline Stable [Progress under observation]
      PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


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        Interesting - there's definitely alot of open questions about the D-Series considering you run around with the arm of one and the head of another.

        Is there any clues as to how the D-Series samples end up in the Baker's possession, i.e. from the boat or provided by whoever set up the lab facility under house at a later date?
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          If that guy really truly is Chris, then I'm your papa.

          I'm guessing Capcom didn't think that the RE5 to almost present look for Chris' model wasn't that good anymore. Even in Vendetta, you can see Chris is much slimmer now. So maybe he gave up the sauce (booze) and decided to get more fit, and slim, like Piers was. As a captain of an important team, I reckon that's vitally important.


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            Tokyo Marui are using that tweeted Chris Redfield image to promote a new Samurai Edge Albert.W model 01 they are releasing to co-incide with Not A Hero.

            Albert.W is an interesting name to use. And it comes in a Blue Umbrella case....

            Click image for larger version

Name:	goods_20170224_marui_01.jpg
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              It's Bluefield, not Redfield. At least get his name right.


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                And how can it only fit 3 bullets in it???
                "Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one."


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                  Originally posted by Jimmy_Jazz View Post
                  And how can it only fit 3 bullets in it???
                  why is it so ugly? why does it make a BAM-TAHDAHHHH sound? Why is it so weak a crawling dude could kill me after 3 shots??


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                    Just finished Daughters, good and bad endings. Its great to both see the Bakers before things went to shit, and more of their family dynamics, something that the main game didnt have enough of, but it still doesn't explain adequately what Zoe has been up to for the past three years, especially when Ethan achieves her goal in one night, with a bunch of molded on his tail.

                    I think the chance to integrate her better into the plot hasn't played out as well as it could have. Thankfully the rest of the Bakers continue to delight the more theyre shown off in DLC.
                    "Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one."


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                      3 years is like 40 months. But in the game, it feels like only weeks have passed.