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  • The real Jill speculation

    A video on youtube 'Meet the real Jill Valentine' intrigued me to find a locked thread on here.

    I did the math 1994 - 24years old + 21years passed by = 45 roughly. I would say those numbers line up with Una Kavanagh. The major difference is that she has gained adult weight(cheeks) where as in the beginning of her acting career when she was thinner which could have been for a dozen reasons, but half of people gain or loose weight as they become an adult due to a choice in lifestyle change. Some people don't like video games, she likely wasn't paid well and doesn't think that being credited to Biohazard will gain her anything or just wants to forget it. I feel that during Resident Evil she looked to be 21 to 24 tops. If you throw 21 into instead that shed be 41 now.

    I wouldn't speculate any further than I already have but I'm going away with this decision I personally think it was her and I respect her decision to be separated from video game work I'm sure it was well justified, most video game asset creators aren't paid well.

    By comparison the 18-22 barely looks at all what I look like at 25-29 now.

    One other detail I forgot, the interview could be lost in translation and she was possibly a college student or the interviewed really didn't know much additionally she could have lied if she did not want to be knowm for it and just receive a sum of money for the asset creation.
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    She was infected in Nemesis and/or Revelations, but she saved herself because of being exposed to something else in the water in the latter game. Maybe that explains why she still looks youthful. I don't really know, but I hope Jill is around for a long time to come.