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  • RE2Make speculation & wishlist

    I think I've derailed the 1.5 thread abit, and the original RE2make thread has gone so Ive set this up.

    I really don't expect this to be anything other than fixed cameras, so the questions in my head are:

    - Will they add greater differences between the A&B and Leon & Claire scenarios?
    - Will an equivilant of the Crimson Heads be introduced? Aren't those zombies destined to become crimson heads?
    - Will Leon still drive to his first day on the job in full riot gear? I'd love to expand upon the clothes system from 1.5 and have others feature an armour vs storage trade-off, then start Leon in his leathers
    - Knife button?
    - Would any story tweaks help the narrative fit better into the wider universe?
    - Would any changes made in Chronicles, Outbreak or Nemesis be worth adding here? Ive never played either Chronicles title :-/
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    I just hope the scenario differences make more sense. If Leon is gonna see the helicopter crash then the crows shouldn't have broken through the windows yet. Etc.


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      Here's my wishlist:

      1: Scrap it.
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        1. Keep it in the same gameplay style as the original - fixed camera angles, tank controls, pre-rendered backgrounds (i could live without the backgrounds though)
        2. Crimson heads, and maybe the gorillas from 1.5 for new enemies
        3. A few new areas and puzzles, like someone mentioned maybe have an actual bathroom in the RPD lol
        4. A few new extra costumes/unlockables (Leons costume from RE4 is a no brainer)
        5. Add RE3 as an extra scenario (I don't see the demand for an RE3 remake being anywhere near as big as for RE2, so i think it would be wise to put them together)
        6. IF it still exists or is in capcoms hands the 80% build of RE1.5 (Or a decent quality video/trailer ala the hd remaster of 0)


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          1) i think they should many scenarios in this order:

          - Claire, once completed it will unlock Leons, then Jills, Ada's and Hunk.

          - Improve the storyline, bring in the 1.5 story and rooms so it is still canon.

          - Perhaps make it intresting by trying to keep Kendo, Marvin and any other guest characters alive and if they die then they wont make the ending.

          - Crimsons heads should be brought in.
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            The biggest thing that I would love to see added is a Separate Ways type scenario that shows what Ada was up to during the events of the main game. Besides that I hope they keep the traditional fixed camera style of the original game and maybe add in some elements that were cut (grenades, expanded factory, etc).


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              Here's my stance on this fanboy remake bullshit. It's taken from my latest post at Biohaze.

              I don't really want to see a remake of RE2 anyway. If it's like the remake of the first one, I'd be a big supporter of that, and I'm so doubtful they can pull that off in a year such as 2017, because companies just do not make games like they used to in the PS1 or 2 era. People really do need to stop daydreaming about wanting to see old games getting modern day remakes, because 90% of remakes end up being bullshit. Look at the state of the movie industry for this very reason. Almost every remake they churn out to rake in our money is bullshit, and IMDb users wish they could review stuff with less than one star, and I feel that there is no point in pissing on the things we love. It's time they came up with something new, because remaking movies and games to me is similar to theft. It's not creative in my opinion when you rehash work somebody else put out before and a hundred times better. So I say just enjoy the old ones for what they are - classics. Are Capcom stuck in the year 1998 or something? It's time to let it go, and have a new outbreak, in the 2010s. Because this is NOT 1998 anymore.

              To be honest, it's all the moaning from fans wanting a remake that has lead to them wanting to develop a remake. RE2 is not the sort of game I want to see people messing around with. But it's been years since we had RE games or similar [mainstream] horror games done in the style of RE 1, 2, 3, CVX, etc. I don't want a RE2 remake that ends up being a generic over the shoulder shooter, and in this day and age, that's the normal way of making games. And RE2 is such a great game that has stood the test of time. It's untouchable. When they remade practically all of RE2 in The Darkside Chronicles, it was awful. It angered me somewhat, that they could release such crap. I've never really cared for that sort of stuff anyway. I only wanted to watch/play the original chapters created for those games.

              RE2 is classic survival horror. It's probably the first horror game I ever took to, so if they mess it up, I'm gonna be mad, just like countless other fans will be. I'll judge it when I see this so-called footage, but I really am skeptical that they can do it like they used to.


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                Resident Evil 2 will always be there. It's my favourite of the series and there being a remake won't detract from my enjoyment of the original at all.
                That's why I'd actually rather them really remix it a lot - rather than just have the core 1998 game but prettier. If I want the 1998 experience I'll just play it on my Dreamcast (or almost any machine from the last two decades).
                I'd think it could work fantastically in first person. I'd much rather a first person perspective than over the shoulder. After playing RE7 I think zombies could work in that style of game. I also loved how rich and detailed the environments were in 7. Scrounging around for items really made me look through the envionments all and take it in. I think just finding the shinies against a pre-rendered backdrop is a bit of a wasted opportunity. I don't think Capcom would be brave enough to reimagine such an anticipated (well outside of these forums it's anticipated) game in first person.
                I think the 'zapping' system could be implemented to great effect, and I'd love a lot more interaction between the A & B tales.

                As for predictions
                • FIXED CAMERA ANGLE PERSPECTIVE (although slight pans ala RE0).
                • No Crimson heads
                • one story arc (rather than LeonA-ClaireB and ClaireA-LeonB).
                • Hunk and Tofu missions as paid DLC.
                • The woman known as Ada Wong with high tech spy shit that just couldn't have existed in 1998. I predict that the makers will 'forget' their setting in a few places throughout the game.
                • Still no toilets to be found in the RPD.


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                  "Still no toilets to be found in the RPD."

                  It's because it's already one big shithole.

                  But, yeah. Good point.


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                    I'm not sure a remake is required. I get the feeling its Capcom listening to a lot of fans, each wanting different things: some wantva straight up HD remake with no.changes, some want an expanded one a la REMake and others are keen to flirt with a first or third person camera. Whichever route Capcom takes, a chunk of fans will be upset.

                    I think the only thing that would create a bridge between all our clans is if 1.5 was finished and included as part of the deal, however, I can't imagine that happening.
                    "Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one."


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                      The reason I want a remake to happen is because it opens up the game's story to a whole new generation of gamers that never experienced it on the Playstation. It's the same reason I'm so excited for the Final Fantasy 7 remake. I love the idea of somebody being blown away by the game in the same way that I was back when I played it for the first time. To that end I don't care what gameplay style they choose (though if I had to pick I'd hope for a traditional fixed camera game) as long as they make a game that will give people that same sense of astonishment in 2018 that I got to feel in 1998.


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                        Originally posted by Jimmy_Jazz View Post
                        I'm not sure a remake is required. I get the feeling its Capcom listening to a lot of fans, each wanting different things: some wantva straight up HD remake with no.changes, some want an expanded one a la REMake and others are keen to flirt with a first or third person camera. Whichever route Capcom takes, a chunk of fans will be upset.

                        I think the only thing that would create a bridge between all our clans is if 1.5 was finished and included as part of the deal, however, I can't imagine that happening.
                        Of course a remake isn't required. It's like my man @ArtTheGenius has been saying all along; Resident Evil 2 will get remade as a third person shooter type game. I've watched all his Resident Evil related videos on his channel. I'm not really expecting him to upload any more, because he claims he's done with the series forever now, but I cannot say I blame him for the way he feels, because I also don't have any faith in the game. If they had made it right after the remake of the original, back when the series was not a third person or rail shooter based franchise like it has ended up, it would have been so sweet. But I just don't think we can expect that. Plus, 1998 was over a long time ago. It's a little on the annoying side when they continue to delve into that year with spin off games and remakes.

                        The Darkside Chronicles was sort of like a remake or rehash to put it better across. It's essentially just milking the series. They know that time period was the greatest era for the fans, so they revisited it in O.R.C. and that game was a heap of dung.
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                          I'd like to see the A and B games receive completely separate puzzles to complete, doing every puzzle all over again in the B game was just weird and led to many things that simply did not make sense. Police station would probably need to be expanded to accomplish this.

                          I'd also like to see the sewer greatly expanded with additional rooms and puzzles, so that a sequence of events can be devised for Leon A / Claire B that actually makes sense. As it is, Claire seems to get temporally displaced while she talks to Annette. Up until that point, Claire would have been ahead of Leon, but as soon as annette passes out she is far behind him, which doesn't make any sense considering Leon has to follow the same path Claire follows and the two never pass each other.


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                            Take a look at this, you guys!


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                              My biggest hope is they give RE2make the same treatment that was given to REmake. If the developers feel confident that they can add to certain aspects of the game without messing it up, then by all means. I know the fans are afraid of what Capcom may do with RE2 but even if it ends terribly, we will always have the original.