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My Version of Resident Evil 7 (spoilers)

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  • My Version of Resident Evil 7 (spoilers)

    I thought RE7 was an okay game. It had a lot of good content, and a lot of potential. Unfortunately, there are some things about the game that turned me off a lot. And that was mainly the STORY and the execution of some of the events of the game. I felt some of the events were great, but some happened way too soon, and the story wound up being disappointing to me.

    The first half of the game was great. In fact, my favorite parts of the game were in the first-half of the game. The garage scene was my favorite part of the whole game.

    RE7 had some awesome stuff, but the story really kills it for me. And some gameplay stuff.

    Having played RE7, here is my version, how I would have done things differently.

    So, I present you with RetroRain's version of RE7.


    The Umbrella Corporation has returned, and they wanted to test their new virus. So, they stumbled upon a small family in Louisianna, that had a huge property, with a mansion and no neighbors around them. They thought that this was their pefect chance to test their new virus. So, they detained the family, quickly built a small laboratory beneath the mansion, and then when they were ready, infected the family with their virus. This family were the Bakers.

    Mia Winters agreed to do a babysitting job at the Baker's residence. However, when she didn't come home after three months, Ethan became worried. When he finally got the video tape from Mia, he set off to go find her.

    The whole part with searching the guest house and finding Mia, and fighting with Mia, and Ethan getting his hand sawed off were all the same. No changes here.

    Ethan getting knocked out, and dragged to the main house, along with Mia being carried by Jack, was the same. No changes here.

    Ethan waking up and being forced to eat by Jack, again, no changes here. Ethan gets out of the chair and attempts to escape.

    Here is how the other changes I would have done.

    The door that has the Ox emblem that you need to access the main hall. I would have left that without the the emblems needed, and that would have naturally have been unlocked. The front door to the mansion would have been visible, and not barricaded. The front door would have a double-sided lock. In other words, it was locked from the inside with a key hole, so you couldn't go out it right away. But eventually you would be able to.

    That whole part where Ethan has to use the key to access the underground that leads to the laundry room. That is still intact, however, you don't get the key so soon.

    I felt that the whole garage/cop scene bit happened way too soon in the game. This was my favorite part of the whole game, and I agree it should have happened, just not so soon.

    So, after you get out of the dining room, and go down that hall, Jack shows up as he normally does. You have to avoid him, and get around him. You go through the doors in the main hall, and avoid Jack at all costs, especially since you have no weapons to defend yourself with. You have to find the key to that floor latch, however it is located in the bathtub. You have to drain the tub to get it. This time however, there is no scene with Jack coming through the door. He is simply around the house, and you have to avoid him. You go back to the latch in the floor, and use the key on it. The same Jack/breaking the wall event happens if you trigger it.

    Aside from Jack pursuing you, you can also run into Marguerite on the second floor hallways (not the balcony, but the halls outside the recreation room).

    When you get in the floor, everything proceeds as it did before. When you escape the laundry room, then the cop scene/garage events happen. When you leave the laundry room, Jack and Marguerite are temporarily not able to show up until the garage scene, just as before.

    The garage scene happens as it did before. However, after the garage event, you still have to avoid Marguerite while searching the rest of the house. Instead of getting that dog head at the top in the garage, you find that a key that you need.

    In my version of RE7, there is no projector that you have to play puzzle games with. This is more like a realistic mansion. Simple keys and locks to the doors. That whole projector room is not there. Instead, there is a door that you use the key you got from the garage to open, which leads you to that room that the projector originally lead you to. You encounter the molded just as you did before.

    Some other changes. Whenever you use any item, it shows your character doing it. I noticed that there are some items, that when used, will execute automatically, like unlocking the latch in the floor, or doing some other puzzle things. My version of RE7 has the character actually using the key on the latch.

    My RE7 makes things a little more realistic and believable. None of this little girl/hallucination shit. I can't believe they actually went with this crap.

    I would have made an underground laboratory with the Bakers being the real problem, no such thing as a little girl running around causing havoc.

    Jack Baker would be the final boss in the game, in a mutated form of course, and he wouldn't be killed off so early in the game. The chainsaw duel is awesome, but should not have been so soon in the game. The mansion would have been much bigger, and you would have needed a key to access the mansion front and back doors. You get the mansion back door key, and later on in the game, you get the mansion front door key. When you access the front of the mansion later in the game, and you go around the side, the police car that the deputy arrived in, is still there, but you find the tires are flat, and the engine has been pulled out, courtesy of Lucas.

    The back door to the mansion, the key you get after the chainsaw duel with Jack, takes you to the backyard, and the same trailer and other old house are still there. You still talk with Zoe, and she tells you that you, her, and Mia are infected, and that it is too late for her parents and her brother Lucas. In order for the three of you to leave there alive, you have to make a serum, which can only be done in the secret laboratory beneath the mansion. At some point in the game, you can look up in the backyard, and see an Umbrella helicopter watching you (a reference to the photo seen in the RE7 demo).

    The umbrella operatives in the underground laboratory are dead, or rather, mutated into the molded creatures.

    So, there are a possibility of different endings, as you can cure one or more people with the serum -- You, Mia, and/or Zoe. You can actually make it to the end of the game without curing yourself, in which you'd get a bad ending. This leaves a combination of 7 endings (get it, 7 endings?)

    Making the cure is in the laboratory at the end of the game. The whole Lucas puzzle thing still exists, only this time you can actually fight and kill Lucas.

    Again, the main mansion is bigger, more accessible, especially the front yard. There are puzzles, like the clock puzzles, but the whole part where you need 3 emblems to access the back door, personally I think if felt out of place for the realistic direction this game was trying to go in. Especially the projection puzzles.

    The chainsaw battle with Jack happens in the middle of the game, and you don't see Jack again to the very end of the game (final boss fight). While exploring the main mansion, Jack will eventually show up after the garage fight sometime after the basement and mold fights. You have to watch out for Marguerite as well. You finish off Marguerite in the old house as before.

    So, the main mansion has more rooms and hallways to explore, and you can explore the front yard. I personally felt that Chem Packs and all sorts of ammo/health mixers weren't really necessary, to be honest. I would have preferred simply herbs that you can combine to make stronger health items, first aids prays, handgun and shotgun bullets, etc.

    So aside from the molded sections of the game where you fought them, you'd have to be on the lookout from Jack and Marguerite (Jack, before the garage fight, and after he shows up again after the garage event). Lucas is still in the main house, but he doesn't show up until Jack and Marguerite are out of the picture.

    So, the halfway point of the game is the Chainsaw battle with Jack. Again, great scene, also with the chainsaw cutting that door open.

    After Jack is out of the way at the halfway point, you don't have to worry about him anymore, just Marguerite. Then there is the trailer, where Zoe resides, the old house and green house (although, the secret underground tunnel that leads to the Greenhouse would have already been there, as far as I am concerned).

    Guest house --> Boss fight with Mia
    Knocked out by Jack --> Main Mansion
    Avoid Jack and Margeurite, drain the tub, get the key to the underground passage to get to the laundry room
    Garage event, get the key to the hallway that leads to the molded sections, and the newer sections of the mansion.
    Jack returns, avoid him some more.
    In between these events, a few phone calls from Zoe.
    Chainsaw battle with Jack, halfway through game, key to the backyard
    Zoe's trailer, off to the old house and green house, defeat Marguerite
    Get the key to the front yard of the mansion
    Unlock some more rooms in the main mansion
    If you happen to go to the dissection room, the deputy has become fully molded, and will go after you (even though you don't really have to go down there at that point in the game (was a pointless thing in the real game to be honest)).
    You have to find the key cards to access the rest of the mansion, scenes with Lucas and puzzle games with Lucas, the boss fight with Lucas, and eventually you will get to the underground laboratory. Make the cure, final battle with Jack, and then you all escape.

    At some point in the game, you are able to establish outside contact, and at the end of the game, a BSAA helicopter arrives, and Chris Redfield meets you and takes you to safety. (No Umbrella Helicopter with Redfield, which I personally believe was meant to show that Chris and his team are trying to pose as insiders so that they can stop Umbrella's plans.)
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    The last act of RE7 definitely has its problems, but I'm not sure that bringing in Umbrella so overtly would solve them.

    It also takes away from the reveal that the Bakers were generally a nice family that initially tried to save Eve. If anything, it's the difference between the Baker trio and Zoe that needs more detail.

    If Zoe had rejected her family, for whatever reason, and moved on, but her parents missed her, that would have given Eve a role in the family to fill, allowing Eve to easily manipulate the Bakers. You could also throw in Zoe's return at a later date and stronger sibling rivalry between Zoe & Lucas in order to add further dynamics to the family's relationships.

    What RE7 does well is explore the fallout of a B.O.W. on an unrelated family. Where that story fails is in its lack of detail, such as why Eve then decides to replace Jack with Ethan.

    Re-introducing Umbrella in such a strong way is a step back for the narrative and fails to address it's problems.

    Personalising the molded.visually and ability wise, based on the victims themselves, is great though, and I'd love to see the cop at an early stage of development.
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      RE7 was way scarier than 5 and 6 though, and it felt like a really interesting horror game. Not necessarily as a Resident Evil game we are used to, but it at least sort of was creepy and had a new story and new enemies like the Bakers along with the molded, but it's been one we have took to. RE4 was not so much terrifying, but 4 was very good at the time it was released. There are a lot of fans who perhaps prefer it to the older games, and yeah, it's an action game at heart, but it's still an awesome game which I still feel is rather meant to be like a great spin off than a true sequel, despite the 4 in its name. However, I've grown to dislike it somewhat because of the direction Capcom took with the franchise in subsequent years.

      That killed a lot of respect from me. I understand they needed to make changes, but it's always a gamble when this happens. And other survival horror franchises that I liked from the PS2 days ended up all but massacred as well. Alone in the Dark was a cool series and the original had actually inspired Resident Evil. Only 1 and 4 (The New Nightmare) were actually scary. The one in the wild west and the one with the pirates were more like supernatural detective stories. In fact, I fondly recall going out and buying The New Nightmare in the fall of 2001, and I liked how the end credits hinted at a return of Edward Carnby, only this game wasn't a sequel to the older ones so the Edward Carnby in this game wasn't even the same person, but the game was more like a reboot. Then they released Inferno which turned out to be a second reboot, and it was trash. The latest one (Illumination) has tarnished any hope I had for that series. It's also a shooter now.