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Anyone else here think Revelations 2 is underrated?

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  • Anyone else here think Revelations 2 is underrated?

    Well, I for one "want" RE to be the way it was back in the late 90s to the first half of the 2000s, prior to RE4 which is a terrible RE game, but a solid action-creepy hybrid. I'm bitter about the direction RE went after 4 and 5, and all the other shit we had shoved down our throats from Capcom like Operation Raccoon City for example, but I've accepted that the RE series will not be the way it was 'back in the day' by any means, due to how gaming has rapidly evolved (plus, we are older too and tastes may vary). So we got to take what we get, I guess, or close up shop.

    Anyway, I think Revelations 2 is one of the best RE games that Capcom has released in recent years. It was heaps better than the first Revelations which itself wasn't a bad game, but it did not feel RE enough for me. Sure, Revelations 2 also actually feels like it's cut from the RE4/5/6 cloth again, but I thought it was somewhat less action oriented than all of those titles combined. Even when playing as Barry, I found the monsters to be a constant threat, and the atmosphere is dark and superbly done (the graphics were a bit on the shaky side because of the budget issues, admittedly). The disused prison and lab scenes were great, and the story with Claire being captured reminded me of Code: Veronica a lot. Alex Wesker was a great villain, and the ending suggests this was not a one-time deal. Claire even sort of references Steve when speaking to Moira. It doesn't ignore continuity. Claire made other classic references too, like to the time Jill was almost flattened by the ceiling descending on her.

    What do you think? Am I right? Is it time for Revelations 3 to get made?
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    I think it's the best modern RE. While I hate they it still had the troupe of having the Executioner/Chainsaw Ganado level monsters... I think it's great and very atmospheric. And it was a welcomed change having multiple endings again.

    I still play Raid mode almost everyday now.


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      The game is good but it's far from a return to form. I also despise how they handled Alex Wesker.
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        Yeah I don't care for her having the contrived illness so she mind melds into Natalia. Such a hack plot device.


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          Originally posted by Snake Plissken View Post
          Yeah I don't care for her having the contrived illness so she mind melds into Natalia. Such a hack plot device.
          Yeah. That must be what got people talking about (Albert) Wesker having a clone, coming back, Chris being brainwashed. Etc. I don't know if it will lead anywhere. The general drift these days is that this is the real Chris. He probably just went undercover, and it was a poor move on the part of Capcom, making him in his new form look nothing like the Chris of old (if it's him, but meh. I'm gonna just wait instead of debating endlessly about a story mode we have yet to even see a trailer for). Even Vendetta which is also a new RE canon story, depicts Chris looking kind of like he ought to be.