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    So here are the figures I still have in their boxes unopened, actually I just noticed I neglected to take a photo of the Forrest/Zombie set from RE1:
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      very nice, I have added the DVD set of re1 and 2 movies to my collection


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        Here's my modest collection right now.

        In addition to what's in the picture, I also have a few of the novels, the Fire and Ice comics, various gaming magazines featuring Resident Evil, and a promo poster for the first movie. I use to have some of the Palisades figures, but money issues ended up with me selling them.
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          I've been trying to get a picture of what I have so far, But i cannot get my hands on a Camera

          But I will list what I have in my possession.

          RE: Zero
          RE (PSX)
          RE: Remake
          RE: 2 (GCN)
          RE: 3 (GCN)
          RE: 4 (Special Edition for GCN)
          RE: 4 (PS2)
          RE: 4 (Wii)
          RE: Outbreak File 1
          RE: Outbreak File 2
          RE: Dead Aim
          RE: Deadly Silence
          RE: Code Veronica X (PS2)

          Resident Evil (Movie)
          Resident Evil: Apocalypse

          Random Magazines and Strategy Guides thrown in there too.

          At the moment, I'm trying to get my hand on RE: Code Veronica X for the GCN, The original RE:2 and RE:3 for PSX, and the Survivor series. Just these for now. I really wanna start on my collection and make it something worth while.
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            Okay here is my whole non figure based collection of RE related goodness (I'll do the figures shortly).

            Top left:
            Code Veronica X OST (Single Disc Version)
            Biohazard Outbreak OST
            BH3:Last Escape OST (Two Disc)
            RE1 (PC)
            RE2 (PC with custom cover)
            RE3 (PC)
            Zero Hour (Novelisation of RE0)
            RE:Genesis (Novelisation)
            RE4 (GCN NTSC)
            RE1: Director's Cut (PSX)
            RE3 (PSX)
            RE: Gun Survivor
            RE: Apocalypse (Novelisation)
            RE0 (GCN PAL)
            Code Veronica X (PS2 PAL)
            RE4: Special Tin Edition (PS2 PAL)
            RE: Outbreak (PS2 PAL)
            REOB File 2 (PS2 PAL)
            RE: DEAD AIM (PS2 PAL)
            Wesker's Report (DVD)
            Resident Evil (Limited Paper Case DVD)
            RE:Apocalypse (Vanilla DVD)
            REBirth (GCN PAL in custom cover)
            RE: Collector's Edition Promo Disc (DVD)
            RE4 PS2/PC Chainsaw Controller

            Currently missing in action is Gaiden which I assume is in some box in my attic the other two photos are the remaining S.D.Perry novels which I forgot I took a picture of the other day . . .
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              Two months ago I moved to Japan. I'll be teaching English here for the next 16 months. The biohazard collection has certainly been given a shot in the arm. At this point it's mostly old guide books I can find. Alot of nice arts in them.

              2 weeks ago I just got my first order from Capcom's Japanese online shop. I went a bit silly and spent over $400 on clothing. Here are the pics.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	CIMG0804.JPG
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              Biohazard Hawaiian shirts. Hawaiian shirts are quite fashionable over here. I'm a huge sucker for the 'Made in Heaven' logo, so I had to have this variant with the pineapple and hula skirt. Then I couldn't decide blue or red, so went both. Then I thought I might as well square the collection with the third Hawaiian design. They were all released for the 5th anniversary, although from memory they haven't been on the Capcom Japan site nearly that long.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	CIMG0805.JPG
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Size:	102.5 KB
ID:	396904
              On the left is Leon's shirt from RE4. From the Leon collection. The grey T is a biohazard tee, which I think is very old. The lettering on the tag is the old biohazard font (pre-remake), and it doesn't have the 5th anniversary tag like the Hawaiian shirts do. It could possibly pre-date that even.

              In the black bag is Leon's pants, from RE4.

              The rest of my collection is in Australia. Though I have some photographs of some of the items on my lap top. I'll probably post them up tomorrow.

              I'm a real sucker for realia. Real items that are replicas of the ones in the game.
              I've got replicas of the Helmet key and Sheild key from RE1.
              I've got a replica RPD zippo (limited to 1000 pieces).
              I've got a replica STARS lighter (though not a genuine zippo)
              I've got a Replica STARS vest.
              Also have the biohazard PS1 controller with the sealed herb tea.

              Will edit this post with more tomorrow.


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                my resident evil collection...

                Resident Evil 2 psx
                Resident evil 3 psx
                resident evil CVX ps2
                Resident evil 0
                Resident evil 4 GC
                resident evil REmake
                Resident evil DS

                Umbrella T-shirt (about to be unable to wear, saving for a zombie walk)

                I really want some of the figues and memorabelia


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                  I finally got around to putting out all the games off my shelf and grabbing a pic. I haven't put anything else in there that I have (guide books, t-shirts, stickers, etc.) because they're all over the place - some of them aren't even at my house they in storage or at my parents house half way across the country. I also couldn't find my Famitsu with the RE4 demo for some odd reason. I think it's in one of my draws or a box upstairs. In the image below is:

                  Resident Evil PS (PAL)
                  Resident Evil Directors Cut w/ RE2 Demo PS (PAL)
                  Resident Evil 2 PS (PAL)
                  Resident Evil 3 Nemesis PS (PAL)
                  Resident Evil Survivor PS (PAL)
                  Biohazard PS (JPN)
                  Biohazard 2 PS (JPN)
                  Resident Evil 2 DC (PAL)
                  Resident Evil 3 DC (PAL)
                  Resident Evil Code Veronica DC X2 (PAL) (don't ask why I have two)
                  Resident Evil Zero GC (PAL)
                  Resident Evil GC (PAL)
                  Resident Evil 2 GC (PAL)
                  Resident Evil 3 GC (PAL)
                  Resident Evil 4 GC (US)
                  Resident Evil 4 Collectors Edition (PAL-AU)
                  Resident Evil GC (US) - Unopened
                  Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica (PAL)
                  Resident Evil Code Veronica X (PAL)
                  Resident Evil Code Veronica X (US) - Unopened - The Weskers Report DVD that came with it is in a disc wallet on my shelf. I forgot to grab it.
                  Resident Evil 4 PS2 w/ bonus making of DVD (PAL)
                  Resident Evil/Resident Evil Apocalypse DVD Set (US)
                  Biohazard 4 Preview Disc (w/ 3.5 footage) (JPN)
                  Resident Evil Code Veronica OST (US) - Unopened
                  Biohazard Code Veronica Preview Disc (JPN - from the Biohazard 2 VP Set)
                  Resident Evil Dead Aim (PAL)
                  Resident Evil Outbreak (PAL)
                  Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 (PAL)
                  Resident Evil 2 PC
                  Resident Evil PC

                  Edit - Crap, I forgot my PAL copy of Resident Evil on Sega Saturn. LOL Cheekly hack re-edited my image to tack it on.
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                    Capcom's Japanese online store just opened a new segment. I think it's for the TGS. A few biohazard things there. I bought 1 of everything that wasn't released previously. Most interesting piece looks to be this nemesis ring.

                    I picked up a few other odd things too. It was another $400 spree. I really need to stop doing this. I'll post pics of my swag when it arrives next week.


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                      I hope to God none of you guys have a fire in your house. That would be a shame.

                      But Really...

                      It might take me a little while before I get any pix up.

                      My collection is:

                      All of the S.D. Perry books..

                      Resident Evil: ZERO HOUR
                      Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy
                      Resident Evil: Caliban Cove
                      Resident Evil: City of the Dead
                      Resident Evil: Underworld
                      Resident Evil: Nemesis
                      Resident Evil: Code : Veronica
                      And I got the guild book to the Game Cube REmake. Though the game was stole from me.

                      PS2 Games -wise:
                      Resident Evil: Outbreak File 1
                      Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2
                      Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
                      Resident Evil: 4

                      I plan to order the PS1 gamesshortly.


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                        Originally posted by TheSelfishGene View Post
                        Capcom's Japanese online store just opened a new segment. I think it's for the TGS. A few biohazard things there. I bought 1 of everything that wasn't released previously. Most interesting piece looks to be this nemesis ring.


                        I picked up a few other odd things too. It was another $400 spree. I really need to stop doing this. I'll post pics of my swag when it arrives next week.
                        Hahah, that ring is off the Moby Dick Nemesis figure mold


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                          I have a friend who has all the resident evil games and videos, she is Ramona from Germany I bet. but now we had rarely contacted because she doesn't speak english but she only speaks german herself.

                          I first met Her boyfriend 3 yrs ago, then know he loves resident evil too, then later I see this Ramona, but now we had not contacted for months.


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                            I don't have an RE collection, I'm saving for a replica mansion. Anyone know a good location?


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                              Well if you keep the scale to a manageable proportion I'd say a table top or desk. Then again you might be mistaken for being into dolls houses but thats a risk you'll have to take. Although for a 1:1 scale replica I'd recommend a large forest area in America ideally, maybe in the mid to mid western region . . .


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                                One day my friends, one day..