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  • Originally posted by Zombie_X View Post
    Oh man, Moby Dick Real Shock figures. I have every one of them. Man the Hunter Beta is a massive beast for sure.
    Wow, cool! Might I ask how long it took you to acquire them all? I'm always outbid by a reseller usually at the last second on the ones I'm after xD

    Also got my RE6 hard back guidebook the other day. Planning on putting the patches that came with and the ones from ORC in a frame. Guidebook is really nice, for anyone wondering.


    • I bought all my figures from a shop here in town years ago. The shop was closing down and they marked them all down to $30 each. Before that they were $50 each. It took me about 1 year to get them all.
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      • Just got a new Nemesis statue:




        • That statue is based off of the Real Shock Nemesis. Most probable that it's a bootleg that was cast from the figure itself. You can tell it was a bad casting as details are smoothed out and he appears to have rounded bits.
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          • I don't feel like taking pictures but here I go here's all my stuff
            Resident Evil (both long box and jewel case)
            REDC: 2disc, single disc and dualshock version
            RE2: Dualshock version
            RE3: both black label with Dino Crisis demo and Greatest Hits
            RE Survivor (Disc only sadly)

            Code Veronica

            Code Veronica X
            Outbreak file 1 and 2 (can't find them tho)
            Dino Stalker (kind of related)

            2 and 3

            RE Archives (with poster)
            RE Archives zero
            RE4 Wii Edition

            RE6 (thats right I don't own any copies of 5 anymore)

            Other stuff:
            All 6 S.D. Perry Novels
            Re4 Strategy Guide (Gamecube with poster)
            Novels based on the movies
            All 5 movies on Blu-ray


            • Originally posted by Zombie_X View Post
              That statue is based off of the Real Shock Nemesis. Most probable that it's a bootleg that was cast from the figure itself. You can tell it was a bad casting as details are smoothed out and he appears to have rounded bits.
              Exactly. Why do you think I got it so cheap [$123]? I actually dig this more than any other Nemesis statue from what I could find because it's the closest in detail to the game's image. Either that or I'm blind.

              I just purchased a Virtual Legends Tyrant statue, and I hope it get's shipped because I paid a very good price for it [new]...

              If anyone here ever wants to sell their VIRTUAL LEGENDS WILLIAM BIRKIN STATUE please LET ME KNOW!

              Seems to be harder to find...
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              • Just uploaded some picture of one of my prototypes, maybe it will interest some of the colelctors here, so i'm sharing some picture here.

                It's a resin statue prototype made by Palisades Toys, it was never released to the public, but was supposed to be a resin statue like the Claire who was sold before.

                (see more here: )

                Click image for larger version

Name:	RCCLéonstatueproto-001.jpg
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Size:	1.02 MB
ID:	402814

                Click image for larger version

Name:	resident-evil-2-claire-and-leon-artwork-small.jpg
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Size:	77.6 KB
ID:	402813
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                • That prototype has a funky feel to it, I dig it >_>.

                  I just purchased a NIB (or is it really new if the user removed the statue to take photos?) William Birkin polyresin statue [Virtual Legends].

                  Got it for a whopping $120. Really hoping that was a good price (considering I could never find it) <_< I'll probably end up taking pictures of it when I get it in the mail.
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                  • I got nothing related to RE. I downloaded all my games
                    But It's nice to see your collections


                    • Biohazard Gun Survivor Trial (disc only)


                      • No pictures right now, but:

                        REZero- GC
                        RE Outbreak-PS2
                        RE Outbreak 2- PS2
                        RE 4- PS2
                        RE5- PS3
                        RE6- PS3
                        RE Movie
                        RE Movie 2
                        RE Movie 3

                        Currently i dont own any other, but i did have more until i sold them.

                        Additionally, i own the following RE like games:
                        Silent Hill- PSX
                        Silent Hill 2- PS2 and PC
                        Silent Hill 3- PS2 and PC
                        Silent Hill 4- PS2 and PC
                        Silent Hill Homecoming- PS3
                        Obscure- PC
                        Obscure the Aftermath- PS2 and PC
                        Dino Crisis- PSX
                        Dino Crisis 2- PSX
                        AMY- PS3 (Total crap shoot btw)
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                        • Spoiler:

                          Got my patches in a frame, they are now hanging in my room. PLANNING on using a 'middleman' site to get one of the clocks (Jill) from Japan Yahoo Auctions, rough estimate was 80 USD total. Does NOT come with the outer box thing; just the plastic incasing thing. Eh, still cool to possibly own though!
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                          • Question guys,

                            I'm in tough with someone who is selling the Resident Evil Outbreak public beta discs and I wanted to know what a good price for them is? He wants $150 for both discs and I have no idea if that's a good deal or not.
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                            • What are we talking about here, I only know of one Outbreak public beta. Unless you mean something like these, which are less "public":

                              --images removed--

                              In which case, tell the seller I offer more.
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                              • My offer was accepted on the Biohazard Jill Clock that's been on eBay for a while. I'll have it in about....2 or so weeks(I'll put images up then); it is coming directly from Switzerland. Anyone know what kind of battery the thing takes?