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Rare five mins of Resident Evil Zero on N64

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    They could very well have been working on several areas at the same time, we just never got to see them. Game development isn't exactly a very linear process, from what I can tell. Curator's 1.5 itself has rooms from every area of the game, but apparently with a lot of other rooms missing in-between.
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      Don't get me wrong, if this thing sees the light of day I'll certainly want to get my paws on it for the hell of it I'm just happy to have a superior Gamecube version.

      BH1.5, as we all know too well, is pretty far removed from BH2, so it would be like playing a (nearly) entirely new "old" game. Even if the final beta of BH1.5 did turn out to be inferior to the final BH2, or even the worst game in the series, I'm sure we would all have an incredible time playing it just the same.


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        The huge difference here is that everyone can play RE: 0 because it was released. Basically nobody under normal circumstances can play 1.5. It would've been amazing if 1.5 was released on the Gamecube with those graphics!

        About the N64 build of 0: Quite a while back now on another forum (I don't really want to name names, I could either be thinking of 1 of several forums I go to and/or the wrong person or the actual person i'm thinking of could possibly then be flooded with questions, gotta respect privacy).

        Anyway, there was a discussion about this game elsewhere asking if anyone had a copy. I believe it was stated that this person is/was in possession of an N64 dev kit/machine/compiler whatever and the actual game data for RE: 0 N64 but what data they had was never compiled and couldn't be compiled into a playable .rom format due to whatever technical problems.

        But yes, if I remember correctly, someone has/had the data and an actual N64 dev kit and in the end were sued by Nintendo and had to return the data and dev kit. This person wouldn't really say much else after sued, which is understandable.

        I'll do some searching and see if I can't find the forum or some info on this that won't single anyone out. But appearantly Capcom REALLY freaked out over it.
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          As far as my interest for the original N64 REZero build, I'm not terribly eager to play it, but that's not to say I wouldn't jump at it if it was leaked online. I'm actually interested in the music more-so than anything else, the first piece heard in the short gameplay demo as well as the earlier rendition of the save room theme just sound awesome! I would love good quality full versions of those.

          About the greyish blue looking Zombies, it's obvious that they were copying the look of the Zombies from Dawn of the Dead (1978), why they scrapped that concept altogether though is anyone's guess. Food for thought; if this game went ahead and the blue Zombies stuck (unlike in final REZero on the GCN), would it have become a new standard for the Zombies' appearance in the rest of the series? I guess that is a sort of rhetorical question because I don't expect anyone to be able to answer it.


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            To be honest, it struck me that they simply palette swapped RE2 zombies to save time, and that those designs were more than likely place holders. In the final, the zombies look much different.


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              Originally posted by doriantoki View Post
              those designs were more than likely place holders
              Still, it was quite an interesting design change even for a placeholder. The only grey-skinned zombie we had until then was Marvin going Michael Jackson.

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                I see your point. The RE development team has made some strange art direction choices throughout the series. Hate to drag 1.5 back into this, but with the diversity of zombies in that title, it was strange that RE2 had such poor zombie diversity. My guess, and it's usually the case, is that time was a big factor. With the GC version of RE0, they had time to implement new designs.

                To perhaps answer your query, somewhat, at least with a hypothesis, maybe fresh zombies are grey/blue skinned, where perhaps the virus is most active, or still "activating", and then when they're full form zombie, the virus "dies", leaving a corpse. This is getting into a different discussion however. It just occurred to me, but the nature of a virus is that such that it leeches off the health and vitality of it's host. I imagine the t-virus would be no different, however, if the hosts really "died", the virus would too. So zombies in the RE world, aren't technically "dead", I guess? Ha ha ... oh Capcom ...


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                  Originally posted by doriantoki View Post
                  To be honest, it struck me that they simply palette swapped RE2 zombies to save time, and that those designs were more than likely place holders. In the final, the zombies look much different.
                  I would agree if it wasn't for the fact that the concept art also shows the same blue colouration. It leads one to believe that had they gone ahead and finished the game at the time on the N64, the blue coloured Zombies would have stayed. I think it's only because of REmake that they discarded that style for the final version on the GCN.

                  Little fact for anyone who doesn't know, I said earlier that the blue Zombies were taken straight from Dawn of the Dead (1978), but in that film, the Zombies only appeared blue by accident, all the Zombie make-up was actually grey, it just showed up as blue on film.


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                    @ "Vixtro":

                    Thanks for your kind words on the previous page. They are appreciated .

                    But for the sake of the thread it might rather be better to not get any further into it... ;)

                    If you understand... ;)

                    But thanks nonetheless .

                    On topic:

                    Originally posted by Enigmatism415 View Post
                    Not only does the N64 version likely only include the train section of the game, but most importantly, the story and areas are pretty much identical to the Gamecube version. Thus, having the N64 version would add absolutely nothing except nostalgia for the N64 game engine. It seems to me that they already had the entire game planned, and simply chose to continue on a different console / engine.
                    Just came across the following video for example:

                    At least according to that video, some things apparently were (a little bit) different though?
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                      At about 1:40 in the video REboot posted: It looks like the "scenes of explicit violence and gore" screen hasn't changed much and still shows what looks like the training facility.


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                        @ REboot - No one would be silly enough to say everything in both versions were going to match 100%. Change in development and length of time is going to make alterations to minor details and smaller pieces. The comment in that video about Edward's hand is one example of that. The difference is just that overall as a concept clearly the whole game was generally planned in story and progression. Again, there is a difference between those two points.

                        As the guy in the video himself says, there is errors in the data seeing as he's culled it from several sources. You've been give more specific and credable information in this thread mostly because the stuff in here has been mostly given sources.

                        Straight off the bat he says Zero was planned back in 1995, but as we've discussed in the other thread that is likely confusion with the plans for DASH. He later says it was half way complete - again a statement no one could ever varify, as imacwesker said, we have no idea how much of the N64 version was completed before being stopped and moved.


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                          The sources he mentions are not even named, so it's pure speculation. Comments about it being 50% finished assumes only the train part was complete, despite the opening screen showing the Training Facility. Just because one section was playable doesn't mean work was not done elsewhere. If it was being made as early as he said, then the idea of using the 64DD makes no sense. The quality of voice acting does match the kinds we saw in the original three games, but again it's all guess work.

                          I'd be more interested to know how much of the new gameplay elements were originally planned, since I hated the partner zapping and the item system. It's unclear because of the footage quality but I don't see a magic box in the save room.... but then again there is no typewriter either so it may be just because it's a demo. From a practical perspective I've no idea if the hardware would even be capable of those things.
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                            @Code_R: the partner zapping and item system was already there for the N64 version of the game:
                            You can clearly read the command "CHANGE" in Billy's inventory screenshot.

                            My take on the GC version of Zero is that Capcom used it to improve the graphics, add a few rooms (and thus make a longer/more visually interesting game) and puzzles (based on the BH Archives book, we know that the N64 version had a lot of puzzles involving light/electricity and these puzzles were removed from the GC version), and maybe a few more CG scenes (or lengthen the original ones). But the core structure of the game and its gameplay stayed the same.
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                              Regarding partner zapping stuff; that was basically the main reason why Zero was done on the N64, as the cartridge allowed them to eliminate load times for that feature and have instant room switching.

                              And, yeah, there wasn't much (or anything of significance) that changed between N64 and GC. Mostly just cosmetics and the same type of last minute tweaks/changes you see in most games.


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                                Fair enough, it's interesting to see. I always remember the expansion pack upgrading resolution of graphics in certain games, but wasn't sure if the this or even the original hardware could be used to do that whole "leave your item anywhere" thing. Despite RE2 on the N64 being where this all started for me I really don't remember Zero ever being shown in magazines at the time. I see the shotgun only takes one item space though originally! Lameos.
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