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Rare five mins of Resident Evil Zero on N64

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    Originally posted by Code_R View Post
    Fair enough, it's interesting to see. I always remember the expansion pack upgrading resolution of graphics in certain games, but wasn't sure if the this or even the original hardware could be used to do that whole "leave your item anywhere" thing. Despite RE2 on the N64 being where this all started for me I really don't remember Zero ever being shown in magazines at the time. I see the shotgun only takes one item space though originally! Lameos.
    It doesn't look that extreme to leave a number with the coordinates of the items in memory, for example in Tomb Raider the enemy bodies doesn't disappear and you will find them laying on the ground also if you reload the game.


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      Originally posted by Vixtro View Post
      I think the reason why people believe it was from the N64 version was because REmake came before REZero on the GCN and Rebecca already had her new apparel in REmake. You could argue that REZero on the GCN was in development at the same time as REmake or even just before it, it's a plausible theory since they were carrying over the game anyway. Then one would have to question; why didn't they release REZero first before REmake if that was true?...

      I have to say since people are starting to get a little upset about the off-topic posts as of late; SonicBlue, our posts should probably be in this thread: So if a mod wants to move our posts or whatever, go for it!
      I did notice that after I had already post, anyway, I think that the projects were parallel, and only after the Rebecca "shape" was chosen, they changed it to what we get. She could have lost her cap during the events that occurs in the RE0 till RE1 (like the train accident), so this will explain why she doesn't have it in RE1 1996, but for the shoulder pads?

      They transform her into a cute girl, from the drug addicted she was in RE1/RE0 N64.