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Let's play RE5 co-op together!

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  • Let's play RE5 co-op together!

    Didn't see a topic about this so I thought I'd make one.
    This topic is for people at THIA to set up a match to play RE5 together!

    Let's set up some games now!

    Players with microphone:
    Dot50Cal - PSN/XBL: Dot50Cal
    ChrisRedfield29 - PSN: mountain_duwe
    Nomad9026 - PSN: Nomad9026
    Sonicboy 101 - PSN: Sonicboy_101
    Adamthegrave - PSN: Adamthegrave
    nemesiswontdie - PSN: nemesiswontdie
    Gradon - PSN: GradonPrower
    Rosetta Mist - PSN: RosettaMist
    Tyrant T-002 - PSN: Breno_Evil
    CODE_umb87 - PSN: CALi_gAMER89
    Agent Wong - PSN: AgentWong1
    Jormungandr - PSN: Lawangeen
    Umon Daisuke - PSN: Verdugo04
    Wesker's Shadow - DivineArion
    The Ekamp - PSN: NeoEkamp89
    EviL - PSN: evil6679
    valentinesdead? - PSN: razersaw36
    Stars g36 - PSN: BiohazardCamaro
    rehunk88 - PSN: don1988
    Zomby - PSN: zontex
    Canas Renvall - PSN: Canas_Renvall
    Sunglasses - PSN: SunAtNight88
    Yzak - PSN: SilverDuelist

    LeechCharmer - XBL: LeechCharmer
    Vogue Dirge - XBL: haplynevraftr
    Gideon Quinn - XBL: HumanHighway
    LVL100 Merchant - XBL: SirSharpshooter
    Atlier00 - XBL: Atlier00
    Ayileen - XBL: jayleene
    wesker556 - XBL: wesker556
    Neoblast - XBL: Neoblast228
    Beef jerky yo - XBL: Beef Jerky Yo
    The Dude - XBL: Godfall
    CubanOlive07 - XBL: CubanOlive07
    Linknumbers - XBL: Linknumbers
    XRebirthX - XBL: XllerradX
    Greko - XBL: Grekus
    Alexia-Ashford - XBL: Zombie Alexia
    Tyrant-Cenobite - XBL: Tyrant Cenobite
    chris redfield - XBL: cobra 637
    valentinesdead? - XBL: Straight Edged
    Canas Renvall - XBL: Canas Renvall
    trist - XBL: Tristanne
    Archelon - XBL: Archelon1138
    BLSR1 - XBL: BLSR1

    Players without microphone/unconfirmed:
    missvalentine - PSN: missvalentine777
    TheSelfishGene - PSN: GGGene
    ZERO - PSN: Gabriel_ZERO
    Andyfer_Ruu - PSN: Andyfer_Ruu
    Tyrant Cenobite - PSN: Tyrant_Cenobite
    Biokk - PSN: bioKK
    Sephiroth - PSN: wwe287
    Skunky - PSN: NemesisAustralis
    unemployed - PSN: naitaimutgwai
    aris13 - PSN: dartharis

    hariilopez - XBL: hariilopez
    Sunglasses - XBL: Rox Cerberus
    Michael - XBL: MichaelRecenter
    Zimdictive - XBL: Zimdictive
    Richard Aiken - XBL: specter02147
    Daargoth - XBL: DaargothX
    jonDP - XBL: Az Survivor Az

    Post your info(GamerTag/PSN ID, and if you have a mic) and I'll add it here when I get the chance.
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    LOL, Your on my PSN list, so why not?


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      Oh! I forgot to add...if you don't have a microphone, DON'T BOTHER. I don't take my gaming lightly.


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        I'll be happy to play co-op with anyone after I beat the game...or if I'm at a point a bit ahead and a person needs help. PSN = ask me

        I've also already got the demo, so if anyone wants to play just ask.

        edit- And yeah...I've got a mic too.
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        Are you tired, Rebecca?


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          I have a microphone, yay.


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            I like the anticipation, people. My dream is for this topic to explode into a meeting place for people to set up games on a daily/weekly/monthly/lightyearly basis. A place to really hit it off, or just a place for someone to come in and say "I have no friends, who wants to play co-op?" and have their prayers answered.

            I have a dream.


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              I will buy RE5 for ps3 lol

              I want to play as Sheva, if Chris wants me as his partner

              I don't have a mic, and IDK if I'll buy one, cause I'm not a english speaker, and I would be so embarassed

              EDIT: BTW, I wont have RE5 exactly on March 13
              Last edited by Guest; 01-23-2009, 08:12 PM.


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                I don't mean to sound pushy when it comes to the headset issue, but when I think co-op I think teamwork. When I think teamwork, I think communication. And when i think communication, I think talking. Verbalizing. Conversing. Et cetera.

                Communicating doesn't mean just talking, either. It takes a sense of comradery and commitment. It takes both people wanting to achieve the same goal...and it takes a sense of seriousness. For example, this is no good:

                And when I mean teamwork, I mean sharing...sacrifice...togetherness. It should never come to this:

                I hope you all catch my drift. RE5 co-op should not, AND WILL taken lightly.


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                  I know what u mean, but it's cool to say thing like "HEY THE EXECUTIONER IS BEHIND YOU!" or "Let's split up".

                  Anyway, I don't think it's really necessary


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                    I think you missed my point. Communication is key, that's my whole mantra.


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                      oh lol sorry x_x

                      what I mean is, playing with someone that keeps saying stupid things would piss me off a little bit


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                        WHen I buy my PS3, a mic will be essential... then we can see how good ChrisRedfield29 really is...


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                          You mean how good of a teammate I am?


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                            When I read the title of this thread I thought this was gonna be a "Let's play"-style thread. Anyway, I probably won't participate in co-op as for me, Resident Evil has always been a singular experience and the only way to enjoy playing with someone else anyway is to have your friend right there with you.


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                              I would, but Killzone 2 takes precedence.
                              See you in hell.