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  • Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter will be on GameTrailersTV this Friday night.

    This week GTTV has @jmechner, Bruckheimer and Jake Gyllenhall, plus @MillaJovovich and Ali Later. Plus...a big game announcement trailer.
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    • Just released:

      RESIDENT EVIL 5 PLAY ARTS -KAI- (Merchandise)
      Chris Redfield, Sheva Alomar

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      • GTTV Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter talk Resident Evil:Afterlife

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        • Jun Takeuchi “not planning on” Resident Evil 6 involvement

          “Yes, it’s true we did feel extreme pressure – and Mikami-san’s shadow – after Resi 4,” Takeuchi told the magazine. “However, because we were creating the sequel to this huge franchise we wanted to make our fresh direction clear.

          “Personally, I don’t think I’m gonna deal with Resident Evil 6 at all – as far as the series is concerned I’m not planning to return until at least two more Olympics have passed.”
          I guess that Kawata - san will helm the series from now on.
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          • Top 50 Video Game franchises of all time, according to Guinness World Records.

            1. Halo
            2. Call of Duty
            3. The Legend of Zelda
            4. Guitar Hero
            5. Metal Gear
            12. Resident Evil


            • Capcom planning to release 16 games for PS3, 12 for Xbox 360 and 6 for Wii during 2010 fiscal year


              • 19 PSP titles is pretty surprising to me.


                • Originally posted by veronesis View Post
                  19 PSP titles is pretty surprising to me.
                  My apologies for this,

                  Please don't use the news thread as a discussion thread, it's simply for updates on Capcom/Konami and their respective franchises (as well as updates that may be in relation to them, such as adaptions, awards... etc).
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                  • Press release about RE Afterlife:

                    IMAX Corporation (Nasdaq:IMAX – News) (TSX:IMX – News) and Sony Pictures Releasing today announced that Resident Evil: Afterlife, the highly-anticipated fourth installment of the popular film series based on the video game, will be released to digital IMAX(R) theatres simultaneously with the film’s wide release on September 10, 2010. The film, which was photographed in 3D, will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience(R) with proprietary IMAX DMR(R) (Digital Re-mastering) technology and presented in IMAX(R) 3D. The crystal-clear images coupled with IMAX’s customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio create a unique immersive environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.

                    “In 3D, fans of Resident Evil will have a whole new way to enjoy this next exciting chapter, and we’re delighted that audiences will also have the opportunity to experience the film in IMAX 3D at digital IMAX locations, where they will feel like they are virtually in the movie,” said Rory Bruer, President, Worldwide Distribution for Sony Pictures Releasing.

                    “Our ability to include Resident Evil into the IMAX lineup for 2010 is a direct result of the growing IMAX theatre network, and we’re excited to work once again with Sony Pictures to reach the vast fan-base for this series,” said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. “Our partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment is growing with our digital theatre network, and we’re looking forward to continued success with them as we open more theatres, release more event films and expand our audience globally.”

                    “The Resident Evil series and IMAX share a key common ground — fanboys,” added Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. “We’re very excited to add this movie to our lineup to offer the millions of loyal Resident Evil fans a chance to experience this next chapter in IMAX 3D.”


                    • IGN´s the top 100 videogame villains
                      Nº 14: Albert Wesker


                      • Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto speaks out regarding the company's decision to sever all ties with Western developers unless a sequel or port of a game is involved...
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                        • New Afterlife images:


                          • First Look at Jill Valentine in Resident Evil: Afterlife:


                            • The teaser poster of Afterlife and two new images:

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                              • thats odd

                                why none of jill´s fanatics post this? maybe they fainted after reading it

                                - first there are some small issues to solve 11:48 AM May 30th via mobile web

                                - if i'm or i'm not who will play Jill again so only time will tell... 11:48 AM May 30th via mobile web

                                - i dont want to speculate, i dont like! but so far it is true that Jill Valentine returns 11:46 AM May 30th via mobile web

                                -So to answer many of your questions in one fell swoop, yes! The gorgeous and talented Sienna Guillory is back as Jill Valentine in RE4!!!