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  • Originally posted by Neptune View Post
    thats irrelevant as to wat model they used. Unless RE5 says otherwise chirs is non-hulk in UC.

    its like with the Hunters in UC. Only 1 actual model was used but it was used to represent the differing Hunters in the series.

    In the Zero and RE1 scenarios its the alpha model, in the RE3 model its supposed 2 be the beta or the 125R model, and in the UC scenario its supposed to be the Delta model as proved in the UC manga comic.

    so wat im gettin at is capcoms laziness to make a different Hunter or in this case Chris model.
    Actually, it won't be too senseless to feature Hunter alpha in the RE3 scenario, just like it wouldn't be weird if Jill/Carlos encounter some lickers while they escape from RC. But like you said they just probably replace the RE3 Hunters with the REmake/Zero Hunters due to laziness.


    • Actually, it won't be too senseless to feature Hunter alpha in the RE3 scenario
      Actually it would. =P

      The development team for Umbrella Chronicles were just ridiculously lazy and paid little to no attention to any of the previous games.
      PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


      • My Last Update

        Jun Takeuchi briefly discusses Sheva

        Resident Evil is widely considered as one of the best horror survival franchises out there largely due to the fact that its terrifying atmosphere and wid...


        • Hi, I just wanted to announce that RE: Degeneration DVD is going to be out on 20th January here in Spain, here you have the cover:


          • Just read that Resident Evil Director's Cut (English version) has been on the Canadian PSN store for PSP, since last Thursday!
            I assume it can also be played on PS3. I'll have to make a Canadian PSN account to confirm this.

            Very strange that it is in Canada only (last week we got SimCity 2000 in our Aus PSN but the US store didn't)
            Surely it will come to the other regions very soon...

            I already have BIO-DC from the Japan store but I'll probably get the RE version too.

            I made a Canadian account and can't see it anywhere.
            Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up.
            Now I'll go and abuse the source where I read it...
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            • Yeah, you could've simply asked a Canadian resident like me :p


              • 30 New Screens RE Degeneration

                30 new screens have appeared on RE: Degeneration.



                • The picture showcasing the G has the caption: "Some kind of zombie." On a different note, the inclusion of a G is awesome.
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                  • The scans from the latest famitsu.



                    • Playing as Sheva, with her being on the right side of the screen, will feel weird :/

                      Hmmm... On the second scan where there're items from a CE/LE (I dunno), on the artwork with Chris and Sheva -- why is Sheva named "Shava Alomar" there? A typo?


                      • Maybe is not a typo, I guess in the first time he was called Shava and they chane it to Sheva in the curse of the development, we will see if "Shava" is still there when someone get the LE in march .
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                          Mikami talks about RE5...he doesn't like the game

                          Mikami said : "I probably won't play it. I won't like it, because it's not going to be the game I would have made,"
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                          • I don't think he is saying that he don't like the game.

                            I wish his own game could be a survival horror that can top the RE quality.


                            • I understand him after all he created the franchise but that's really harsh for Jun Takeuchi. During the EGM interview Takeuchi said that his favourite thing about RE is Mikami's hard work and thanks to him the series is here and was allowed to continue.



                                Gamepro09 issue. Whit images of some enemies and short descriptions!