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No playable RE5 at the TGS?

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  • No playable RE5 at the TGS?

    Gamefront posted a list of the 19 out of the 27 playable PS3 titles this year (and there will be additional 35 videos apparently). The only listed Capcom game is DMC4 (playable that is). Perhaps it's a preliminary list, or maybe we'll only see a new video again.

    Before someone jumps the gun and says that it's expected, I was going by Capcom's FY 2006 list earlier on in assuming that RE5 will meet a March release. It listed 6 Xbox360 SKU's (3 games, one SKU per territory), and 3 PS3's SKU's. They're either behind schedule, or perhaps the third SKU is referring to SFII on XBLA. Lost Planet is going to be released in early 2007 before the end of the current FY.

    Oh well, I'm a big DMC fan as well, so I'm happy either way

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    I wouldnt expect it playable yet, its only been a year in real development, and with only one teaser video shown, there isnt all that much to go on in the year.


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      DMC4 development started out around the same time. Although, it is on one platform and it's been said that the game was handed over to Studio 4 to get it out as soon as possible.

      I keep forgetting that this is Capcom's first real multiplatform title. Up to January, they were still finalizing the proprietery graphics engine.

      Anyway, I guess I got my hopes up. Though it's possible that Capcom will confirm it a little later I suppose.


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        Yeah, I had seen this after I got back from all the horribleness my computer subjected to me yesterday/half of today. Ill be newsing it soon as it seems Carnivol is too good to post news these days


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          How disappointing. I long to read some real news about RE5. It has been what? A year? 2 years? Hurry up Capcom. You're killing us with boredom.


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            No screenshots, no new vids, no demos. I guess capcom is doing lots of BH 4.5 and that's very good for us! New beta goodies