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Biohazard 2 Beta 2 Unlocked Debug Menu?

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  • @geluda:
    Sorry, geluda, I don't think I can give you a precise answer on your question about the unused debug menu options, but I am fairly certain that at least one of them should be responsible for this:

    I'm not sure which debug option triggers this, but my assumption is that it's the "OBJECT HIT BOX DISPLAY" as you call it. It only appears when a supporting character is present in the room you are in and that character's AI behavior is set to "Follow Player" mode. It also "reacts" (as in the values displayed change) when said supporting character is being hit by an enemy.

    I desperately wanted to know what all of the other debug options do and spent a fair amount of time on reactivating them via memory hacking until I realized that the coding for these options is no longer in the game and thus reactivating them would be useless.

    In fact I actually did hack GameShark codes which allow you to use all the options in the menu, but as expected all of them (except the "Room Jump" one) crash the game...

    Apart from that I also found out how to activate/deactivate debug options which are not accessed from the debug menu like the coordinate display on the map, infinite health and "Weapon MUGEN" directly in the memory, but my hope of finding some other debug features we have not managed to access normally via button pressing did not come to fruition, I only found those options which are readily available by using the 2nd controller and whatnot...

    Perhaps I should look into the Trial Edition again, the fact that it has that hit box display feature makes it very likely to find all of the other debug options with working coding in that build of the game as well.

    There's still so much stuff hidden away in the game's code which we have not seen yet, it's tempting to give it another try!

    Just a quick guess, perhaps "MONOSASHI" was used to adjust general aspects of the game engine which did not directly affect the gameplay.
    I'm thinking about stuff like adjusting the screen/object lighting/brightness, the RGB color values etc.

    That's also still included in the game:
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    • Thanks for the reply! This is all speculation but...

      Now I think about it, the memory information displayed when a supporting character is with you might actually be SHORI CHECK DISP as from what rough translations I've found, it can reffer to the position of something. Perhaps SHORI CHECK DISP displays information in regards to the position of the supporting character in relation to everything else, incase for whatever reason they happen to get stuck or lost beyond barriers, it would help to know the exact co-ordinates of where that supporting character is, where they got stuck and what object caused them to do so. I don't know, I'm just making an educated guess.

      I believe OBJ ATARI DISP is an option we have yet to see in photographs and videos, and I believe it will bring up wireframe graphics for barriers, players and other objects throughout the game, such as tables etc, so that the devs could make sure things are lined up correctly with the BGs and that the players/enemies interact with them correctly as well.

      This is all guessing of course based on whatever information we have...

      Here's a more indepth view of the word SHORI, the two closest words I can see that it could represent are "disposition" and "dealing with."

      There's a lot of on screen information in the Claire build that is unacounted for and must be part of the debugging options.

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      • How i can change the weapons in the inventory????


        • Hold select and then after the game locks up for a second you can tap L1 or R1 to scroll through weapons or items.
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          • Thanks XD I'm using beta 2, did anyone can shoot with Calico???

            I selected the MP5, after I close the inventory the game crash, did anyone got MP5 work in game without crash the game?


            • The Calico works but the MP5 does indeed crash the game. Oh and you have to dot hat trick I listed in the item menu, but I'm sure you figured that out.
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              • Yes I did it thanks XD, that trick works. Mt bate 2 version is the playable with leon, I can use Calico, but only make the movement of the shoots, but the bullets don't affect the enemies, also don't have the sound of the bullets, and don't show fire in the gun(like all weapons shows fire per shoot).


                • Do you mean to say the MC51? It does not work and will crash the game if you have it equipped when you exit the inventory menu.
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                  • There is actually a way to use the machine gun, there are videos out there and I've done it myself. I'm talking about the retail of course, there is a GS code you can enter that allows you to scroll trough all the items/weapons just like in the beta. It's quite interesting.
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