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    Based on this topic:
    I would copy all of the material here, but it's far too huge.

    I'm in the process of learning Japanese, and have gotten pretty adept at basic translating. So, all new translations will be made in this topic. Feel free to point out mistakes or things which could be phrased better, I try to stay as true to the original text and intentions as possible. Right now I am going through the "INSIDE OF BIOHAZARD THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES" book, so here's the Hunter bios to start with.


    The Hunter is a B.O.W. product developed by Umbrella by inserting some genes primarily from reptiles into a fertilized human egg and administering the t-Virus. From the design stage, it was developed to be able to track and kill specific targets with enough intelligence to accomplish simple commands, and possess extremely high aggressiveness, agility and jumping power. Since it left results from actual combat tests suitable for a "hunter", it was named Hunter.

    In addition to the above-mentioned performance aspect, the Hunter α type attained practical use as a weapon in terms of cost and was mass produced as a flagship Umbrella B.O.W., and later several variations were produced such as the Hunter β which possesses improved agility and the amphibian-based Hunter γ.

    As a B.O.W. with a high degree of perfection the Hunter attracted attention from organizations other than Umbrella, and the opposing organization of Umbrella developed the Hunter II after development data was leaked by Wesker.

    The Hunter II and its Sweeper subspecies, in comparison with Umbrella's Hunter which attacks the area around a target indiscriminately, achieved an enhanced degree of perfection as weapons.
    Hunter II

    It inherited the characteristics of the Hunter α, and the skin of its whole body is covered with scales. It approaches targets with quick movement and tears them with sharp claws on both hands. It was deployed to Rockfort Island in the raid operation by the organization Wesker belonged to.

    The individual with a red body deployed simultaneously with the Hunter II. Its athletic abilities are heightened over the Hunter II, and it is good at jumping abundantly to perform multilateral attacks. Since it was used to pursue targets which the Hunter II missed, it was called Sweeper.
    Hunter γ

    A subspecies of the Hunter based on amphibians which a European Umbrella laboratory developed. Instead of having a sharp perception ability for attacking targets, its vision degenerated. While sensitive to sunlight and dry air, it demonstrated high capabilities in water and was purchased and used by Javier.

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    An aristocrat from a distinguished family, Edward Ashford, begins the search for the Progenitor Virus.

    The world famous multimillionaire Lord Ozwell E. Spencer requests architect George Trevor to design and build a mansion in the Arklay Mountains. [BH1]

    Three people, Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford and biochemist James Marcus discover the Progenitor Virus which causes mutations in the genes of various organisms.

    In the Arklay Mountains of the Raccoon City outskirts, the mansion (Spencer Mansion) and Arklay Laboratory are completed. The designer George Trevor is imprisoned for confidentiality, then dies in the mansion. [BH1]

    At Ozwell E. Spencer's suggestion, Edward Ashford and James Marcus cooperate as three joint entrepreneurs to establish a company called the Umbrella Corporation. It was officially a pharmaceutical company, but it used the Progenitor Virus to develop B.O.W.s, and its true aim was to monopolize the military market.

    Edward Ashford is infected with the Progenitor Virus and dies. His son Alexander takes over as head of the Ashford family. [CV]

    The Umbrella executive training school is established in the Arklay Mountains. James Marcus is the first director. A laboratory is established alongside the training school, and James Marcus continues his research on the Progenitor Virus. [BH0]

    Alexander Ashford constructs the South Pole Base. A secret underground laboratory is established for the top secret "CODE:Veronica" project. [CV]

    The twins brother and sister Alfred and Alexia Ashford are produced by Alexander’s CODE:Veronica project. [CV]

    Both Albert Wesker and William Birkin are assigned to the Umbrella executive training school as executive candidates.

    By administering the Progenitor Virus to a leech, James Marcus succeeds in developing a new type of t-Virus. [BH0][BH1]

    Ozwell E. Spencer schemes to steal James Marcus' research results and consequently, t-Virus research is taken over by the Arklay Laboratory. [BH1]

    Alexia Ashford graduates from a famous university at the age of 10. Her ability is recognized and she becomes a chief researcher at the South Pole Laboratory. [CV]

    Alexia Ashford incorporates the DNA of insects and plants with the Progenitor Virus, and succeeds in developing a new kind of virus namd t-Veronica. [CV]

    Alexia Ashford injects the t-Veronica Virus to her own father Alexander. The experiment fails, making Alexander turn into a monster called Nosferatu. He is then announced missing to the public. [CV]

    Alfred Ashford succeeds as the 7th head of the Ashford family. [CV]

    Alexia Ashford administers herself the t-Veronica Virus. In order to perfectly fuse with the virus, she has herself put into cryogenic suspension for 15 years. To the public, she is announced to be dead due to infection by the virus. [CV]

    At the order of Ozwell E. Spencer, Albert Wesker assassinates James Marcus, director of the Umbrella executive training school. t-Virus development becomes led by William Birkin, and the B.O.W. Tyrant is developed. [BH0]

    The Umbrella Europe Sixth Laboratory sets the "Nemesis Project" in motion. Development begins on a new style B.O.W. which overcomes the faults of the Tyrant which is difficult to control. [BH3]

    Umbrella begins planning construction of a huge laboratory beneath Raccoon City and William Birkin's "G-Virus Project" is approved by Ozwell E. Spencer and is set into motion. [BH2]

    Albert Wesker transfers to the Intelligence Department. He begins to be more deeply concerned with the dark part of Umbrella.

    South American drug lord Javier Hidalgo obtains the t-Virus from Umbrella. On February 25, Javier's wife Hilda was suffering from an incurable illness and the t-Virus was administered to her, but on May 20 the same year the virus goes out of control and she becomes a monster. [BHDC]

    Alfred Ashford is inaugurated as the commander of the Umbrella base on Rockfort Island. [CV]

    William Birkin transfers to the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. He continues to conduct G-Virus research. [BH2]

    Umbrella begins colluding with Raccoon Police Chief Brian Irons. [BH2]

    The special operations force S.T.A.R.S. is established by the Raccoon City police. Albert Wesker is inaugurated as captain. [BH1]

    An accident occurs in the executive training school and a large quantity of pollutants leak out.

    A large-scale virus leak accident occurs in the Arklay Laboratory. The laboratory is completely destroyed. [BH1]

    -May ~ July
    After B.O.W.s and similar naturally infected creatures escape from the laboratory, victims and missing persons occur in succession in the Arklay Mountains. They come to be recognized as frequent bizarre murder cases.

    -July 23
    S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team is dispatched to investigate the bizarre murders and makes an emergency helicopter landing due to engine trouble. They investigate the Ecliptic Express and the abandoned Umbrella executive training school and are attacked by B.O.W.s. Afterwards, only some survivors arrive at the mansion. [BH0]

    -July 24~25
    S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team is dispatched to search for Bravo Team after communication is cut off. They are attacked by B.O.W.s and escape into the mansion, but are further threatened by B.O.W.s and virus infected people inside. Eventually the mansion and Arklay Laboratory which were invaded by the virus are blown up, and only a few members survived. [BH1]

    Albert Wesker who was believed to have died, revives due to the effect of a new virus. He obtains the t-Virus and escapes from the mansion. [BHUC]

    Chris Redfield, S.T.A.R.S. member and survivor of the mansion incident goes to Europe for the investigation to uncover the conspiracy of Umbrella.

    -September 20
    Dr. William Birkin is attacked by the Umbrella Special Forces, and administers the G-Virus to himself. The doctor becomes the organic weapon "G", and annihilates the Special Forces, and on this occasion, the t-Virus from the laboratory leaks into the sewers. [BH2]

    -September 23
    The t-Virus which leaked into the underground waterways is carried by rats and cockroaches and infects humans, and a biohazard occurs throughout Raccoon City. [BH2]

    -September 26
    To rescue the civilians of Raccoon City, the private U.B.C.S. military force of Umbrella is deployed. They deal with the annihilation of the zombies like the Raccoon City police, but are completely destroyed and only a few are left. [BH3]

    -September 28
    S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine who was conducting a solo investigation in the city attempts to escape from the town. [BH3]

    -September 29
    In the evening, newly appointed police officer Leon S. Kennedy arrives in Raccoon City. Around the same time, Chris Redfield's younger sister Claire worries about her older brother who cut off communication, and visits Raccoon City. The two join and aim to escape from the town. [BH2]

    -September 30
    Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield protect William Birkin's daughter Sherry, and successfully escape from Raccoon City with the help of the agent Ada Wong who infiltrated the town and faked her identity. [BH2]

    Umbrella Special Forces survivor HUNK successfully obtains a G-Virus sample. He escapes from the town. Afterwards, the sample is handed to Umbrella. [BH2]

    Although she was seriously injured and almost died, Ada Wong succeeds in acquiring the G-Virus and escapes from the town. The G-Virus is handed to her employer Albert Wesker. [BHUC]

    The U.S. Army intervenes in the biohazard that spread throughout Raccoon City. Martial law is declared in the city.

    -October 1
    Jill Valentine and U.B.C.S. survivor Carlos Oliveira escape from the town. [BH3]

    The United States Government decides to execute the "Sterilization Operation". The missile strike on Raccoon City is performed at the president's order and the town disappears from the earth. [BH3]

    Claire Redfield follows the clue of her older brother Chris, and infiltrates the Umbrella Paris Laboratory but is discovered, and is captured by Umbrella. [CV]

    Claire Redfield is confined in the prison on Rockfort Island. At the same time a Special Forces led by Albert Wesker attacks the island. The t-Virus leaks throughout the island. [CV]

    Claire Redfield meets a young man named Steve Burnside who was also imprisoned in the concentration camp and they are attacked by the director Alfred Ashford, but they cooperate and succeed in escaping from the island. However at this time, they arrive at the South Pole Base due to the auto-pilot of the seaplane they boarded. [CV]

    Alexia Ashford is awakened from her cold sleep in the South Pole Base by her older brother Alfred. [CV]

    Chris Redfield arrives at the South Pole Base to rescue his younger sister Claire. After an encounter with Albert Wesker he encounters the mutated Alexia Ashford. He defeats her and destroys the base. [CV]

    Albert Wesker maneuvers secretly in the background, and takes advantage of the chaos in the South Pole Base and obtains t-Veronica. [CV]

    In relation to the tragic event at Raccoon City, there has been a movement for Umbrella to take full responsibility; however, because of the "Sterilization Operation' all the evidence has been lost and the movement is suffering.

    Albert Wesker comes into contact with the South American druglord Javier Hidalgo. The t-Veronica Virus which he obtained in the South Pole Base is given to Javier Hidalgo, who administers it to his daughter Manuela. [BHDC]

    U.S. authorities acquire information that Javier Hidalgo has obtained a virus. Agent Leon S. Kennedy and U.S. Army Special Operations Command soldier Jack Krauser are sent to infiltrate. [BHDC]
    Although he succeeded in preventing the bioterrorism of Javier Hidalgo, Jack Krauser is discharged from the military due to an injury during the operation. He is not heard from since. [BHDC]

    The t-Virus is stolen from the Umbrella Paris branch development laboratory. [GS4]

    The luxurious passenger liner "Spencer Rain" owned by Umbrella is seajacked and serves as a stage of bioterrorism using the stolen t-Virus. On the Spencer Rain, a secret B.O.W. auction was performed by Umbrella for a revival, but it loses many valuable samples and customers due to this terrorism. [GS4]

    -February 18
    The Private Anti-Bioterrorism Unit which Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine belong to receives infromation that the Russian branch of Umbrella is developing new B.O.W.s and infiltrates the plant. [BHUC]

    At the same time as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker sneaks into the Russian branch facility to obtain the top secret data from the main computer "U.M.F.-013". Afterwards, he leaks information to the prosecution which filed the lawsuit against the Umbrella Corporation. [BHUC]

    Concerning the biohazard in Raccoon City, and its subsequent destruction, a business suspension order is issued to the Umbrella Corporation by the government. As a result Umbrella's stock plummeted around the world, and the Umbrella Corporation virtually collapsed. At this time, CEO Lord Ozwell Spencer disappears. He disappears to evade responsibility and afterwards, becomes missing.

    The President's daughter Ashley Graham is kidnapped, and Leon S. Kennedy visits the European mountain village for the rescue. Then, he is involved in the incident involving the Plaga parasite. In the middle, he meets Ada Wong and Jack Krauser again. [BH4]

    The Plaga sample taken by Jack Krauser ends up in the hands of his employer Albert Wesker. [BH4]

    2004 and hereafter
    With the collapse of Umbrella, biological weapons are passed to the hands of terrorists around the world and come to be abused in regional conflicts. [BH5]

    In the airport of the American Midwestern town of Harvardville, a large-scale bioterrorism event occurs. Leon S. Kennedy is dispatched to resolve the incident, where he has a reunion with NGO member Claire Redfield who is involved with the incident. [BHD]

    The bioterrorism countermeasure unit "BSAA" organized by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium becomes an organization under the direct control of the United Nations.

    Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine infiltrate the Spencer Estate. A fight with Albert Wesker occurs, and Jill protects Chris and falls off the cliff. They are not able to find her corpse or lost articles, and she is officially declared deceased on November 23. [BH5]

    Chris Redfield who became a BSAA member confronts bioterrorism in the Kijuju autonomous zone in Africa. [BH5]


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      The Echo Team file in BH3 references Umbrella's business group. This means Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, Umbrella Medical Equipment and Umbrella Industries.


      UBCS Echo Team

      The primary objective of Echo Team is to sweep the city areas and evacuate surviving civilians to inside the clock tower. Give priority to civilians who are employees of Umbrella's business group. (With reward). Revitalized corpses (beings called zombie after death by contamination) have high durability so it will be difficult to prevent them from functioning. Be adequately vigilant.

      Evacuation from Operation Area
      1:Carry out evacutation at the end of the operation, or when it becomes impossible to continue the mission.
      2:Guide the helicopter on standby in the suburbs to the large garden in front of the clock tower.
      3:Consider the clock tower bell as a signal of the end of the operation, or to communicate operation failure to all units in the city.
      The "Paracelsus' Sword" is actually called the "Demon Sword of Paracelsus". (or devil)


      I still think that it is too early to use the "Demon Sword of Paracelsus" in actual combat, but it can't be helped if it's necessary as our trump card in the mission to seize the G-Virus that was developed by Umbrella.
      The power of the rail cannon is sufficient but please be careful as there are many problems.
      For the glory of the United States, go smash this magnetic hammer on those who revolt against our country.

      Colonel of Technology Franklin Hart
      "Umbrella Medical Service" is made up. It's "Umbrella Medical Equipment", another Umbrella company within the Umbrella Corporation business group.


      Umbrella Medical Equipment North American Head Douglas Lauper

      To operate the synthesizer for creating vaccine culture fluid, please perform the following items first. The synthesizer operation preparations must be completed.

      1:Supply sufficient electrical power.
      2:Set culture fluid base in device.

      If the operation prepartations for the synthesizer are completed, it can perform culture fluid synthesis. Please perform culture fluid synthesis by operating the five levers. Two gauges show synthesizer rate fluctuation. If the two gauges are simultaneously matched with the synthesis point in the center guage, it will automatically synthesize and create the vaccine culture fluid, and the synthesis operation will be finished.
      PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


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        TYRANT (page 027)

        A B.O.W. developed by Umbrella. It was dropped into Raccoon City by Umbrella executive Sergei separately from the Special Forces led by HUNK. There are various types of Tyrant, however the one that was supplied at this time is called T-103 Type, and has a human-like appearance and high intelligence which allows it to carry out commands independently.

        The objective the dropped Tyrant was given was "seizure of the G-Virus", but while the target of HUNK was stored in the underground laboratory, the Tyrant's target sample was contained in the necklace which Annette entrusted to Sherry. When it appeared in front of Leon, it targeted neither Leon nor Claire because it was pursuing Sherry.

        The dark green trenchcoat can be called the symbol of the Tyrant T-103 Type, it is bulletproof, and at the same time blastproof and also serves as human camouflage. In addition, it also serves as a limiter which controls the power of the virus and if it comes off, it will change to a form called a Super Tyrant. In the Raccoon City destruction incident, when dropped into a blast furnace during the battle with Leon, its coat dissolved and it became a Super Tyrant and came back to life from the blast furnace. It again attacked Leon who was going to escape by a freight train.

        The Super Tyrant has very high regeneration capability, and its activity can only be stopped by missiles or high-powered weapons such as antitank guns, and damage must be dealt to an extent that its regeneration does not catch up. Leon obtained a rocket launcher through the cooperation of Ada was thereby able to defeat the Tyrant. If Ada did not meet Leon in the process of escaping from the underground laboratory, a miserable death may have been the outcome.
        TYRANT T-103 / SUPER TYRANT (T-103 TYPE) / TYRANT (T-103 MASS PRODUCED TYPE)(page 066 - 067)

        The Tyrant series, a B.O.W. based on humans aimed at being the "ultimate life form". After the failure of the Proto Tyrant, the T-002 Type was completed at the Arklay Laboratory and had combat abilities worthy of the name "tyrant", and it was the prototype of the Tyrant series. Afterwards the Tyrant T-103 Type was developed, with the same extraordinary combat abilities, and it became known in the weapons industry as a masterpiece B.O.W. which had high intelligence and closely resembled humans. In addition, the T-103 Type could easily camouflage itself as a human, and was used as the base body of a custom type for the purpose of guarding VIPs.

        After the Tyrant T-002, when the Tyrant series is on the verge of death, control of the t-Virus is completely disconnected and they become a "Super Tyrant" which demonstrates greatly exceeded combat and regeneration abilities. This was not planned at the design stage and an artificial limiter was provided to stop them from going out of control and as a result, the Tyrant's product value increased. In addition, in order to restrain becoming a Super Tyrant, it has been confirmed that all main Tyrants after the T-103 Type were equipped with trenchcoats as their limiter.

        The techniques provided by developing the Tyrant series were diverted to other B.O.W.s and its characteristics are inherited in the Nemesis-T Type which aimed at strengthening the control system with a parasitic organism, the Bandersnatch which was developed for the purpose of cost reduction, and the Jabberwock S3 which was developed by the opposing organization of Umbrella.

        TYRANT T-103 TYPE

        For the purpose of acquiring a sample of the G-Virus, it was dropped into Raccoon City by Umbrella executive Sergei. It has a strong protective coat covering its entire body, and is unacceptable as an imperfect weapon.

        SUPER TYRANT (T-103 TYPE)

        The state when the limiter of the Tyrant T-103 Type is removed. It's offensive strength and agility are greatly improved. In addition, regeneration ability is also strengthened, and it cannot be stopped unless weapons with power equal to heavy weapons or missiles are used.


        The mass production type of the Tyrant T-103 Type. It was brought to the island for training of the Umbrella Special Forces, and was used by Alfred. Because its limiter is removed from the beginning, its nails are small in comparison to a Super Tyrant of the T-103 Type
        PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


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          Chronology from the BIOHAZARD 5 Kaitai Shinsho guidebook.

          BIOHAZARD CHRONICLE (Page 460-461)

          19th Century
          • Henry Travis, one of the owners of the seaborne trading company "Travis Enterprises" begins to explore Africa and publishes the "Natural History Conspectus". Based on this, the Travis company begins the exploitation of mineral resources of Africa. (The foundation of the Tricell Resources Exploitation Division is completed)

          20th Century
          • Travis Enterprises begins to collect and research animal and plant specimens in Africa based on the "Natural History Conspectus". (The foundation of the Tricell Pharmaceuticals Division is completed)

          • Travis Enterprises is renamed to "Tricell" indicating that it is a conglomerate of three branches comprised of "Shipping", "Resources Exploitation", and "Pharmaceuticals".

          December 4
          • Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, James Marcus and others investigate the land of the Ndipaya tribe in Africa based on the "Natural History Conspectus". They discover the Progenitor Virus in the Progenitor flower.

          • The mansion (Umbrella Arklay Laboratory) which Spencer commissioned in the Raccoon City outskirts of the Arklay Mountains is completed.

          • The wife and child of George Trevor who built the mansion are used as test subjects for the Progenitor Virus. George and his wife Jessica are subjected to disposal, and their daughter Lisa succeeds in virus fixation and is imprisoned as a subject for observation.

          • Spencer, Edward, Marcus and others establish the pharmaceutical company Umbrella.

          • Edward is infected with the Progenitor Virus and dies (assassinated by Spencer). His son Alexander becomes the sixth generation head of the Ashford family.

          • Umbrella succeeds in wresting the "Sun Garden" habitat of the Progenitor flower from the Ndipaya tribe.
          • Umbrella establishes an executive officer training school in the Arklay Mountains. Marcus is inaugurated as director and carries out and advances virus research in parallel with the management of the training school.

          • Alexander advances the strictly confidential "CODE:Veronica" project to restore the glory of the Ashford family.

          June 15
          • The Umbrella Africa Laboratory is completed. Marcus' student Brandon Bailey is inaugurated as chief researcher.

          • "CODE:Veronica" is successful and the twins Alfred and Alexia are born into the Ashford family.

          • Albert Wesker, one of the people sent out by Spencer as part of the top-secret "Wesker Project", and a genius researcher named William Birkin are assigned to the Umbrella executive officer training school.

          January 13
          • Marcus succeeds in the development of the "t-Virus" based on the Progenitor Virus.

          • Umbrella closes the executive officer training school. Wesker and Birkin are transferred to the Arklay Laboratory and Marcus advances research independantly in the training school.

          • At 10 years old Alexia graduates from a prestigious university at the top of her class. She becomes the chief researcher of the Umbrella South Pole Laboratory.

          • Alexia administers her father Alexander with the "t-Veronica" virus which she developed herself as an experiment, which fails. It is officially announced that Alexander mysteriously disappeared.

          • Alexia administers t-Veronica to herself. She goes into a cold sleep for 15 years, and it is officially announced that she died due to an accidental infection.

          • Wesker and Birkin assassinate Marcus at the command of Spencer. Marcus's memory and thought patterns remain in the body of an experimental Leech.
          • As part of the "t-Virus Project", development of the B.O.W. "Tyrant" advances under the leadership of Birkin.

          • Umbrella begins construction of a large-scale laboratory beneath Raccoon City.
          • After the approval of Spencer, the "G-Virus Project" begins under the leadership of Birkin.
          • Wesker transfers to the Umbrella Intelligence Department.

          • Raccoon Police Chief Brian Irons begins a collusion with Umbrella.

          • The Raccoon City Special Forces "S.T.A.R.S." is formed. Wesker is appointed as Captain.

          May 11
          • The Umbrella Arklay Laboratory is attacked by Marcus' leeches, and the t-Virus leaks.

          May 20
          • The first victims of the dog type B.O.W. administered the t-Virus "Cerberus" appear. Afterwards bizarre murder cases occur frequently in the outskirts of the city.

          July 9
          • The intervention of S.T.A.R.S. is decided as the solution for the frequent strange occurences.

          July 23
          • The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team helicopter crashes in the Arklay Mountains. The team starts the investigation of the Ecliptic Express and executive training school.
          • Marcus' leeches attack the Ecliptic Express which the second investigation unit of Umbrella is on.
          • Rebecca Chambers of Bravo Team discovers the condemned criminal Billy Coen, a former Marine. They cooperate and plan to escape from the predicament.
          • Wesker gives up on Umbrella and takes action in order to secede with B.O.W. data in his hands.

          July 24
          • The executive training school is blown up, and Rebecca who escaped parts ways with Billy, and goes to the mansion.
          • S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team is dispatched to search for the Bravo Team. They go to the mansion.

          July 25
          • Umbrella executive Sergei Vladimir notices Wesker's betrayal, and evacuates all data from the mansion.
          • Five people in total come back alive, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Brad Vickers of the Alpha Team and Rebecca Chambers of the Bravo Team.
          • Wesker is fatally injured at the hands of the Tyrant, and is reborn as a superhuman with the power of the virus which he administered beforehand, and escapes from the mansion. The mansion explodes immediately after.

          • Chris obtains information on the G-Virus and leaves for Europe, raising an anti-Umbrella.

          September 20~23
          • In order to steal the G-Virus which Birkin completed the Umbrella Special Forces attacks the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory, and the t-Virus leaks. It spreads thoughout Raccoon City by rats, and the "cannibal disease" spreads.

          September 28
          • Jill who remained in Raccoon City to investigate the underground laboratory, takes action.
          • The Raccoon City Police Department is destroyed by a group of zombies. The mayor Michael Warren escapes, leaving behind his daughter.
          • The Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service "U.B.C.S." military unit that Carlos Oliveira belongs to begins the rescue operation of Raccoon City civilians.

          September 29
          • Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy and Chris' younger sister Claire Redfield arrive in Raccoon City and are embroiled in the biohazard.
          • The Umbrella B.O.W. "Nemesis-T Type" begins pursuing S.T.A.R.S. survivors Jill and Brad. It kills Brad.
          • Ada Wong who calls herself the lover of an Umbrella researcher named John, saves Leon who she met while travelling from a crisis, and disappears in front of him.

          September 30
          • Jill is infected with the t-Virus by an attack from the Nemesis, and is saved with the vaccine prepared by Carlos.
          • Leon and Claire escape from Raccoon City with Birkin's daughter Sherry.
          • Ada who was the female spy of Wesker's group and HUNK, a member of the Umbrella Special Forces, each manage to capture G-Virus samples. They escape from Raccoon City.

          October 1
          • Jill and Carlos escape from Raccoon City with the help of Barry.
          • Raccoon City is wiped out by the Sterilization Operation of the U.S. military.

          • The Umbrella Africa Laboratory is closed down.

          December 17
          • Claire sneaks into the Umbrella Paris Laboratory but is captured.

          December 27
          • Chris arrives on Rockfort Island and meets Wesker once again. Afterwards, he goes to the South Pole Base in pursuit of Claire.
          • Alfred dies in the South Pole Base. Alexia awakens from a cold sleep and administers t-Veronica to Steve as an experiment.
          • Chris joins Claire in the South Pole Base. He defeats Alexia who mutated with the power of t-Veronica and they escape from the South Pole Base.
          • Wesker recovers t-Veronica from the body of Steve who mutated, and escapes from the South Pole Base. The South Pole Base explodes.

          • Leon's sworn comrade Jack Krauser fakes his death, leaves the organization he belongs to and joins Wesker's organization.

          February 18
          • As agents of a private anti-bioterrorism force (precursor organization of the BSAA), Chris and Jill take part in the mission to destroy the Umbrella Caucasus Laboratory in Russia. They are successful in destroying a new B.O.W. known as "T-A.L.O.S."
          • At the same time, Albert Wesker also sneaks into the Caucasus facility and causes a biohazard. Finally, Wesker defeats Sergei who injected the t-Virus into his body, and acquires the data about Umbrella from the super computer U.M.F.-013.
          • After the Caucasus Laboratory incident, Umbrella loses the protracted trial. The company bankrupts soon after. The Umbrella founder Ozwell E. Spencer then goes missing.
          • The pharmaceutical company Tricell makes rapid progress in the field of B.O.W.s based on the information obtained from Wesker.
          • Funded by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) is established to fight threats from B.O.W.s.

          • Krauser infiltrates the Los Illuminados cult to obtain a dominant species "Plaga" parasite sample, and in order to gain the cult's trust, kidnaps the President's daughter Ashley Graham at the order of the founder Osmund Saddler.
          • Leon who is an active agent of the United States is sent to rescue Ashley and goes to a village governed by the Los Illuminados cult. He comes to know the threat of the Plaga.
          • Leon has a reunion with Ada who aims for the capture of the Plaga sample at Wesker's orders.
          • Leon and Ashley succeed in the removal of the Plagas planted inside each of their bodies.
          • Ada obtains the dominant species Plaga sample, and returns to The Organization.
          • Leon annihilates the Los Illuminados religious organization and returns with Ashley who he rescued. He submits a report about the Plaga known as the "Leon Report".

          • As agents of the BSAA, Chris and Jill go to the mansion where Spencer lived in seclusion, but find he has been killed by Albert Wesker. In the battle with Wesker, Jill throws both herself and Wesker out of the mansion’s window, and over the side of a cliff.

          November 23
          • The BSAA stops the search for Jill Valentine, and she is officially declared dead. Then, a grave without her remains is built.

          • The BSAA West African Branch begins its operation to capture the B.O.W. dealer Ricardo Irving.
          • After noticing the actions of the BSAA, Irving releases the "Type 2 Plagas" and turns the civilians into "Majinis". At the same time, a man who was injected the Uroboros Virus attacks the BSAA Alpha team which is lead by Dan DeChant.
          • Chris Redfield arrives in Africa, and starts the operation after he meets his partner, BSAA agent Sheva Alomar.
          PROJECT Umbrella - The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium


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            Ivy section completed.

            IVY / POISON IVY / IVY +YX

            When the t-Virus leak accident occurred in the Arklay Laboratory, the virus infected a plant in the dormitory and a monstrously huge flesh-eating plant was born. After it was analyzed the plant was called "Plant 42", and after successful miniaturization through selective breeding, gained independant walking ability and became a B.O.W. named "Plant 43", known as Ivy.

            The Ivy has high environmental adaptability power and can take in and adapt to harmful substances around it. As an example, in a short time it adapted to the toxic "P-ε gas", and an individual named "Poison Ivy" which was able to exhale toxic discharge itself was ascertained.

            As for the faults of the Ivy series, movement speed is slow, and because its body is a plant it is vulnerable to fire. Increasing its resistance to fire was quickly given up due to the body problem, however the proposal to improve its movement speed was submitted several times and led to the development of the "Ivy +YX".

            By combining the Ivy with a human gene, huge improvement was observed in the endurance, offensive ability and mobility of the Ivy +YX. However, mass production was shelved as sufficient capability could not be demonstrated in any environments other than warm climates. Afterwards several Ivy +YX prototypes ended up in the hands of Javier, and were used as substitutes for guard dogs of his private residence.

            POISON IVY
            The Ivy took in the "P-ε gas" and the bud portion discolored purple. Although the "P-ε gas" was developed as a weapon to weaken B.O.W. resistance, the environment adaptability power of the Ivy exceeded the effect of the gas, and the Poison Ivy was produced as a result.

            This mysterious prototype plant was created by Umbrella with the goal of improving the mobility of the Ivy, by incorporating a human gene. The lower half of its body is formed in a shape similar to that of a human, and movement speed is increased compared to the regular Ivy.

            *DIRECTOR's VOICE
            Personally, Ivy is one of my favorite creatures in the series. Imagine an immobile plant, which is at the lowest level of the food chain, now able to move and hunt other creatures, isn't it amazing?
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              A translation of the opening narration of BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR. Quite different from the official bastardized translation.


              国際企業アンプレラ製薬が開発したTウイルスが人間をゾンビに変え瞬く間にラクーンシティを死の町に変えた のだ。

              事の重大さに驚いたアメリカ合衆国とアンブレラ製薬は極秘のうちにラクーンシティを焼き払った 。

              In 1998 a catasrophe struck the American Midwestern town of Raccoon City.

              The T-Virus which was developed by the international corporation Umbrella Pharmaceuticals changed humans into zombies and turned Raccoon City into a town of death in an instant.

              The United States of America and Umbrella Pharmaceuticals were shocked at the seriousness of the situation and reduced Raccoon City to ashes in absolute secrecy.

              However, a similar incident has already occurred in another place...
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                CHRIS REDFIELD (page 035)

                25 years old at the time of 1998. Height of 191cm, weight of 80.5kg, and blood type is O. Claire's older brother, he is an honest and strong-minded character like his younger sister. He has a very strong sense of justice and does not hesitate to go against orders in order to carry out his righteousness.

                Chris was a member of S.T.A.R.S., but came to investigate the Umbrella Corporation and its connection with the virus during the Mansion Incident in July of that year, and made his way to Europe at the time of the Raccoon City destruction in September.

                Afterwards, Chris's location was unknown and he was informed that Claire was captured on Rockfort Island by the efforts of Leon. However, when Chris arrived at the island, Claire had already escaped with Steve. Chris learned that the destination of the seaplane which the two boarded was the South Pole, and set out for the South Pole in pursuit of his younger sister.

                Chris infiltrated the Umbrella South Pole Laboratory and obtained information on t-Veronica in the process of searching for Claire. After his reunion with Claire, to prevent the spread of the virus, he and Claire fought with Alexia and defeated her.

                By the way, in "Game of Oblivion", Chris wears a former S.T.A.R.S. uniform. He sneaked it out when he was discharged, and seemed to wear it with respect to his comrades who died in the Mansion Incident.
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                  So Darkside's Timeline has Birkin's death on September 20th again. Fairly categorically?

                  Also there's a bit of inconsistency with October 1st isn't there? When Jill awakens she announces it as "October 1st. Night." Thus surely meaning the destruction of Raccoon is on the morning of the 2nd at sunrise?
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                    Originally posted by [STARS]TyranT View Post
                    So Darkside's Timeline has Birkin's death on September 20th again. Fairly categorically?

                    Also there's a bit of inconsistency with October 1st isn't there? When Jill awakens she announces it as "October 1st. Night." Thus surely meaning the destruction of Raccoon is on the morning of the 2nd at sunrise?
                    Yeah, this timeline is unique in that it actually says his death occurred on the 20th rather than "20-23" or the 23rd. However, it appears to just be a matter of convenience rather than him outright dying on the 20th, or a mistake.

                    The October 1 date is a mess altogether. Jill's statement can go either way depending on what time during the night you think she wakes up. Some sources state 1st, others state 2nd.
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                      Alexander's Memoirs incoming. As always, the "official" translation is trash.

                      "ALEXANDER'S MEMOIRS"

                      My father Edward discovered the Progenitor Virus in cooperation with Lord Spencer, a fellow aristocrat, and repeated research for military application.
                      Before long, research results began to appear, a variant of the Progenitor Virus generally called the T-Virus.
                      Father established Umbrella Pharmaceuticals to camouflage that research.

                      I, the son, specialized in genetic engineering and pushed forward a top secret project to support father's research.
                      However, my research ran into difficulties in the middle of the project and father has passed away.
                      In my reign, we greatly fell behind other researchers in T-Virus research and the Ashford family name, which began from the great founder Veronica, has fallen on the ground.

                      At this rate, Spencer will control Umbrella.
                      I must advance the project immediately so that Spencer does not realize.

                      After considering everything, I decided to prepare a large-scale laboratory and equipment for the transport terminal using the abandoned mine remains of the Antarctic.

                      Within the facility I will build identical rooms based on the blueprints of my mansion which the late Trevor left.

                      For confidentiality, I decided to call this top-secret project by a code name.
                      The founder of the Ashfords, the beautiful Veronica whose reincarnation I hope for.
                      Research results worthy of her name will no doubt bring glory to the Ashfords again.
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                        From the INSIDE OF BIOHAZARD THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES. Essentially CAPCOM's only outline of the "canon".

                        CHRONICLES OF THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES (page 182-185)

                        The "BIOHAZARD" series that produced many products is listed below. Here, we introduce the truth of the story that can be seen throughout the series in the form of a chronology. Among the chronological table, the bold-faced item is the incident described in this product "Darkside Chronicles". In addition, the abbreviation at the end of each item describes the product name.

                        "BIOHAZARD" List of Series Products

                        BIOHAZARD [BH1]

                        Released March 22, 1996 (PlayStation Version)
                        The memorable first product. The Survival Horror where members Chris and Jill of the Special Forces S.T.A.R.S. confront fear to solve the consecutive bizarre murder cases in the mansion in the mountains. This incident is commonly called the "Mansion Incident". It was later ported to the Sega Saturn and PC, and elements were added and partly changed in "BIOHAZARD Director's Cut" and the GameCube version "biohazard" used as a full remake were released and won favorable reception.

                        BIOHAZARD 2 [BH2]

                        Released January 29, 1998 (PlayStation Version)
                        The second series product. The story in which Claire, the younger sister of the main character from "BH1" and rookie police officer Leon plan to escape from Raccoon City where a virus leak accident occurred after the Mansion Incident. By adopting the new "Zapping System", the player was able to follow each story of Claire and Leon. It was later ported to many hardware such as the PC, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and GameCube.

                        BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE [BH3]

                        Released September 22, 1999 (PlayStation Version)
                        The third series product. The story describing the escape drama of Jill who was investigating Umbrella in Raccoon City, set almost at the same period as "BH2". Many new systems were added, and the mini-game "THE MERCENARIES" which becomes familiar after this product can be played after clearing the original story. It was later ported to the Dreamcast and GameCube.

                        BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR

                        Releasted January 27, 2000 (PlayStation Version)
                        Becoming four products in total of the series, this is an extra edition with an action shooter system which is greatly different from the main volume. The story in which the main character who lost his memory aims to escape from Sheena Island where a virus leak accident occurred just like Raccoon City.

                        BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica [CV]

                        Released February 3, 2000 (Dreamcast Version)
                        The fourth main volume series product that was released to make use of the Dreamcast for the first time. A battle that unfolds on the stages of a solitary island in the distant sea Rockfort Island and Antarctica, the main character is Claire looking for her older brother Chris. A system was adopted by which the player character changes to Claire in the first half of the game, and changes to Chris in the second half. The "BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica Complete Version" that added various elements was later released for the PlayStation 2, Dreamcast and GameCube.

                        GUN SURVIVOR 2 BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica

                        Released November 8, 2001 (PlayStation 2)
                        A product which became an action shooter "GUN SURVIVOR" extra edition of the above-mentioned. As you can see from this title, the fundamental world-view is the same as the above-mentioned "BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica", but there is no direct relation with the main volume series. In addition, before the PlayStation 2, an arcade version operated from July that same year.

                        biohazard 0 [BH0]

                        Released November 21, 2002 (GameCube)
                        The fifth product of the main volume series developed for the GameCube. The product which describes the activities of newcomer S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca. This incident which strikes just before the Mansion Incident is called the common name "Ecliptic Express Incident". Introducing the assistant character of the first product as the leading role is like a lateral biography, but there is much information shown to supplement the mystery of the Umbrella Corporation connected with the whole series and other series products.


                        Released February 13, 2003 (PlayStation 2)
                        Am extra product equal to 8 series products in total. It describes the seajacking case of the luxurious cruise ship Spencer Rain using the t-Virus theft in the beginning. It was introduced as an "extra edition" in the "GUN SURVIVOR" series, but the world-view is the same as the main volume series.

                        BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK

                        Released December 11, 2003 (PlayStation 2)
                        The product which describes the story of average citizens who are going to escape from Raccoon City in the same time axis as the main volume series "BH2" and "BH3". The Internet was accessible and the cooperative play of two or more players was attained. "BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE2" to which many new elements were added was released on September 9, 2004, it is another story which uses the same player characters.

                        biohazard 4 [BH4]

                        Released January 27, 2005 (GameCube Version)
                        The story where Leon who became a United States agent fights for the rescue of the President's daughter, becoming the sixth main volume series product. It is greatly different from the conventional series products at various points. For example, the old main enemies were zombies infected by a virus, and the new type of main enemy were humans controlled by a parasite. In addition many new systems were adopted, such as the camera always being behind the main character Leon when it was formerly fixed camera angles. It was ported to the PlayStation 2, Wii, PC, etc. In addition, as for Krauser who appeared in "BHDC", he appears for the first time in this product.


                        Released November 17, 2007 (Wii Version)
                        A new action shooter game, different from the "GUN SURVIVOR" series. The story is a historic summary of the main volume series products, and the scenarios of "BH0" "BH1" "BH3" could be relived. As a new addition, the scenarios provided also supplement the information between the main volume series, and the process of Umbrella's collapse from "GS4" to "BH4" becomes clear.

                        biohazard: DEGENERATION [BHD]

                        Publicly Shown October 18, 2008 (Movie)
                        The feature length movie. It is a story that describes the appearances of Leon and Claire who challenge the bioterrorism which occurs in the U.S. Midwestern Harvardville. Although it is not a game software, it can be called an important product which connects "BH4" of the main volume series to "BH5". As of Janurary 2010, it was released on each media of DVD, Blu-Ray and UMD.

                        BIOHAZARD 5 [BH5]

                        Released March 5, 2009 (PlayStation 3 Edition, Xbox 360 Edition)
                        The seventh main volume series product. After Umbrella's collapse, bioterrorism with leaked biological weapons began to occur frequently all over the world. The story features Chris who belongs to a counter bioterrorism force and challenges the bioterrorism that occurs in the African Kijuju Autonomous Zone. Although the basic system follows the previous product "BH4", many new systems are adopted including multiplayer between two people via online cooperative gameplay and top-and-bottom screen division. It was later ported to PC.
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                          CAPCOM's translators are dumb as fuck.

                          VIRUS MEMO

                          There is not much time.
                          I will instruct how to use that in question.
                          For the sake of synchronization, constraint is not needed.

                          The sample which I handed over is one of the variant strains.
                          It has an interesting property.

                          Injection is hypothesized to be completed at least five minutes before the event.
                          Permeation is quick but still requires several minutes.

                          If even a tissue fragment remains, even if it results in death, the virus will reconstruct body tissue and revive.

                          In animal experiments, 70% changed into what is called a "strengthened state."
                          Muscular strength and cardiovascular ability were enhanced upon survival.

                          The virus acts to overcome the cause of death.

                          Strenghtening of the body was not seen in the remaining 20% that were revived.
                          10% did not revive.

                          Revival probability is approximately 90%.
                          Although I have not tested it on people, it's not a bad gamble.

                          I don't know what you'll use it for, but I know you'll use it well... good luck.
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                            Great job.

                            BTW, I tried finding information on PU about what type of Hunter is the one seen in Resident Evil: Revelations. Not the Farfarello types, but the ones that attack Terragrigia. I already read the Hunter sections at PU and looked up every type of them available. It seems that there are no updates in regards to mentioning what type was seen in Terragrigia. Unless I missed something there.
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                              Originally posted by Pikminister View Post
                              Great job.

                              BTW, I tried finding information on PU about what type of Hunter is the one seen in Resident Evil: Revelations. Not the Farfarello types, but the ones that attack Terragrigia. I already read the Hunter sections at PU and looked up every type of them available. It seems that there are no updates in regards to mentioning what type was seen in Terragrigia. Unless I missed something there.
                              They're just mass produced Hunters. Presumed to be MA-121, neither Alpha or Beta.
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